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FAQ: MAP! by feelThere


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Q. The displayed distance to/from airports is incorrect.
A. MAP! displays distances in kilometers (km) and miles (m) ... not nautical miles (nm).

Q. I have the original release version of MAP!. Should I uninstall this before installing MAP! network edition?
A. feelThere recommends that you uninstall all prior installations of MAP! (ie, the non-network edition) before using MAP! network edition.

Q. The flight time and distance to/from airports is incorrect.
A. MAP!'s shown value for flight time and distance are based upon the flightplan loaded into FS's flightplanner. There may be differences between MAP!'s display and predictions shown on an aircraft's primary navigation device.

Q. The route the aircraft is going to fly is just a curved line.
A. MAP! shows the great circle route between the aircraft icon and destination airport. The sold line following the aircraft icon is the actual route flown.

Q. The local departure and arrival times are incorrect.
A. MAP! receives local time information from FS. See the Departing and Arrival Airport Timezones section in the manual.

Q. The screen showing the aircraft icon over the world map does not display.
A. Both the host and client computers must have 2GB of RAM in order to display the world map's large graphic file.

Q. I use PMDG aircraft and I can't see the MAP! display.
A. Some users of Precision Manuals Development Group (PMDG) aircraft report MAP! displays behind the D2 cockpit panels. If you experience this problem the line of code noted below needs to be added to the MAP! section of the aircraft's panel.cfg:

gauge00=EFinfo!FINFO, 0, 0, 600, 450
gauge01=EFinfoH!FPL, -20, 0, 10, 10
gauge02=EFinfoH!FPL2, -20, 10, 10, 10

NOTE: the added code is the zorder line.


Q: How do I re-download the product?


if you did purchase from feelThere you need to contact BMTmicro with purchase information (date, creditcard, email address) -

call 800-414-4268 (USA/Canada) / +1 910-792-9100 (international customers).

once you collect your installer burn it to a disk and write the key-code on the disk (top, not the 'read side').

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