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Tower 2011 - overshooting stopping points


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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but all landing aircraft are overshooting the stopping point next to a runway and departing aircraft are lining up without permission.


This can easily be reproduced on Miami 09. As the plane comes in trouble is already showing on the ground path. It extends beyond Tango onto Sierra. Even after I give the instruction to follow Tango. "FRT2190 TAXI TO TERMINAL VIA T"



Instead of stopping at the stopping point, it blindly moves onto Sierra and waits there before moving off back to Tango and then to the terminal.



I would expect it to go Tango 3 (potentially stop), Tango, Yankee onward:



Instead it just goes Tango 3, Tango, Sierra (stop), Yankee, Tango, Victor onward.


Am I doing something wrong? Because this is very annoying when you have departing traffic on Sierra.



Windows 7 64-bit, 32GB, 2xGTX 660 Ti (331.65)


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In fact it only happens on single digit runways.


I also have to specify "TAXI TO RUNWAY 09", which is wrong according to the manual page 33. It should be "TAXI TO RUNWAY 9".


Futhermore if I modify the afx file and change:

<knot x="-3531.022705" y="1318.984375" z="0.000000" gatetype="1" gateroad="9,27"/>


<knot x="-3531.022705" y="1318.984375" z="0.000000" gatetype="1" gateroad="09,27"/>

The planes do stop at Sierra entry.

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I tried modifying the 'road name', but that gives "no Approach lines found selected runways!!" followed by a crash.


For the moment I'll stick with modifying the gateroad entries.


Please advice on a more permanent fix.

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I purchased two days ago from Wilco Publishing. I installed Tower 2011 Multiplayer SP4. There is also a SP2 on their site, but that gives me "<Code>AccessDenied</Code>".



54bb2668ef0a7730dada5395e6811691  Tower2011m-sp4.exe


I don't have the Real Traffic add-on, so if you want me to try it out I would be happy to receive a copy. :razz:

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Redownloaded and reinstalled. The same problem occurs.


The one thing out of the ordinary during the installation is:

Please resolve the following:


A newer version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable has been detected on the machine.


This happened to me the first time as well, but I did not think about it.


Another detail which may be important, it reports itself as version 4.777.955.

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