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Tracon 2012: No airplanes???


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I seem to have planes appear only about 10% of the time when I play this.  What could be going on?


For example:


I just ran the LAS airport as arrival only on maximum traffic and got not a single airplane through an hour of gameplay on both the 1200 and 1300 times.  Other times that I have played, some planes will show up, but not until about 20 minutes in to the simulation, and it definitely doesn't seem like "maximum traffic."  They come in an order that requires little to no sequencing.


I was hoping to play around with arrival sequencing with this game.  Is something wrong with my install or the software for it to be operating like this?  Is there a way to make my own arrival sequence, such as have two streams of planes at ten miles in trail come in non-stop from two post positions? The little info that I've seen on setting up a scheduler looks to me like it's done manually and programming knowledge is required.  


I'm lost.  I just want to play!  Please help!

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I think the time you specified is for the midnight shift. Page 16, Time is UTC. So try using 17:00 which puts you in morning rush hour.

Also the simulator needs some 'warming up' time as the dome starts empty. The first ~15 minutes you just accelerate through.

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