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Hi Pete and all,


Im having mixed results when programmimg LUA for use with the goflight WP-6 panel


An example is below


---------- GEAR LIGHTS
function NoseGearStatus(offset, value) --LIGHT 1
if logic.And(value,0x0000) ~=0 then --if nose red
    gfd.SetColour(GFWP6, 0, 0, 2) --set red light
    gfd.SetLight(GFWP6, 0, 0) --turn it on
elseif logic.And(value,0x0002) ~=0 then --if nose green
    gfd.SetColour(GFWP6, 0, 0, 3) --set green light
    gfd.SetLight(GFWP6, 0, 0) --turn it on
    gfd.ClearLight(GFWP6, 0, 0) -- extinguish if no lights
event.offset("941E", "UB", "NoseGearStatus")


Basically im testing the value of the nose uc light green and red status to decide if my button should glow red or green or extinguish.


Im getting the green light fine and off with aircraft power off. I dont get any red light though and wonder now if its possible to use a light to use 2 colours.


The offsets im using are correct and they are for the ifly 737


Hope you can help



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logic.And(value,0x0000) ~=0


this is testing bit 0 ( in HEX) of offset 941E or so i thought


No, it certainly is not. Bit 0 is actually a bit, a part of a byte, and you have no bits at all set in the value 0x0000. Zero is zero and contains no bits to "AND" with at all!  Bit 0 has the value 0x0001.


Please go to the FAQ subforum and look at the thread about bits and numbers. 



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