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Tracon 2012 - Gorman 4 - Departure Bug - Fixed!


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While using the LAX sector I noticed that flights leaving via the Gorman 4 departure that said they were climbing to 3000 always flew straight away from the runway and never made the right turn to Gorman (GMN).


I believe I found the solution.  It appears the 2nd leg of the SID route is marked "Target Marker Only" which causes flights to ignore the right turn command.  Once I cleared that check box in the editor my flights starting making that right hand turn every time.




If you choose to make the same edit please make sure you make a backup of your LAX sector first in case something goes wrong.  Better safe than sorry (I hate re-installing).



To fix the "no right turn" issue you must use the airspace editor to open the LAX sector file. 


Then you use the drop down window to open the SID routes. 


Then you highlight GORMAN 4 so the various legs appear in the right hand window. 


Then you highlight the GMN_24_25 leg and you'll see a check mark in the box marked "Target Marker Only". 


Finally you clear the "Target Marker Only" box of it's checkmark by clicking on it once. 


You now have to save your sector file, I suggest you name it something like LAX TEST so you don't overwrite the original.






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