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  1. ok .. thanks vic, i can't find the purchase info for tracon! ... i guess it was erased some where along the way ... i have pretty much every other receipt from the end of 2013 on ... that's what i was sending to you ... i'm thinking that doesn't satisfy your request of proof of purchase.. @ stuall ...sorry..i didn't mean to hy-jack your thread ...
  2. @kevin ... updates? as in: correcting the inability to create one's own air space?... the editor is really just a means for the customer to correct the mistakes one invariably finds... such as: wrong altitudes upon STAR entry, etc.... feelthere really do need to 'freshen' things up a tad ...
  3. Looks great! I think this 'community' would be a lot more vibrant/active if other members with aspirations to develop their own airspace could actually do it (as advertised). You seem to have found a way. As it is ... it's pretty quiet around here.
  4. " Is it happens all the times?" :-! Hmm .. the answer may be in the question.....
  5. When you say " editing the code was necessary at some points." Do you mean you had to manually code for the runways .... that's the 'achilles heel' with the editor ... and i've tried w/ notepad++ ... no can do ... too bad ... i suspect the majority of those attempting to create their local sectors have hit this wall and as a result it's made for a less robust community imo ... ..continued success!
  6. Not sure if this will help ... but there you go ... i noticed the two VOR's you were looking for ... i'm still wondering how you managed to get as far as you did with creating the air space !!!!Gran Canaria.bmp
  7. It's not you ...it's the program. There are some (very few) that have managed to create their own sectors ..they are the exceptions...you are the rule. There appears to be no support for this. So unless you care to devote most of your waking hours to programming... (apparently via notepad++) you must be content to edit the product that is shipped ... regardless of the advertisement. You know ...the part where they suggest you can create your own sector... etc. (One of the main reasons I personally purchased this product.) Be assured... you will find plenty to edit with the finished product you already have. This is a missed opportunity to be sure.
  8. Hey Vic... Release Toronto's Pearson Int'l Sector and all will be forgiven .... ;-)
  9. Just a quick heads up re Norcal (Bay Area) Flights coming in on the RISTI FOUR Star are @ 60,000' ; should be 6,000'... from the SAC Navaid. Easy to fix w/ the editor.
  10. I've added a few more waypoints to my scenario to help with vectoring for the final... I choose to have everything coming in from the east (se,ne) come down the "chute" .. so.. RIIVR 2 I treat as a straight in arrival and I will feed the oldee and seavu arrivals into that.. those last two arrivals are flying on an intercept route that's nice to take advantage of...I'll turn them in (250deg) just as they are approaching the line between RIIVR and LUVYN... I do keep them higher though..@ 10,000...then I'll clear them for an ILS approach around FUELR... the extra altitude allows for easier handling of the north and west arrivals destined for 24R ...IOW, I can bring them in a bit tighter knowing I have vertical separation. Similar to you, anything coming in from SLI I'll clear them for BASET but give a "..turn left heading 250" well before BASET to intercept GAATE at 7000...maybe lower... With the SADDE arrivals..I'll usually clear them direct to SMO and resume the arrival ... that seems to be a help when overseas flights from Asia are making their way in...
  11. Hey Japhus... I went looking for the same thing after finding these two traffic flow images ( some time ago) for Toronto's Pearson Int'l .... very cool and representative of a typical day (or in this case I think 4 hours) The arrivals are in red ... note the 4 arrival streams ... I can't locate the same imagery for LAX. Alas..I've tried everything I know to create the Pearson Tracon through Tracon2012! sector creator but to no avail...I just can't get around the 'runway problem'. Greg
  12. Hmmm..... interesting..I too have Tinnitus (since my earliest recollection).
  13. One thing I wanted to add regarding SP is sometimes my inability to understand what it's saying. Some of it's pronunciations are creative to say the least. One way around that for me is to open a couple of google tabs ....on one page I open wikipedia world airline codes ....on the other i open wikipedia airport by iaco codes. While I have a few minutes I look up the various dep/arr airports and find any airline calls that I'm unable to pickup from SP. It adds a little more depth to my game play. Cheers
  14. Hey Japhus ... I do use SP and I don't experience any problems other than sometimes I release the 'TAB' button too soon... Obviously the busier it gets the more taxing on the system (and on me!)...I find it does need to catch up at times...I just try to leave myself plenty of room. It has never been 'stuck' though. To operate multiple airports you need only toggle on/off each (active) runway at whatever airport(s) you choose to control...
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