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Tower2011 - KDFW - some taxiways appear to not work with instructions/not work correctly


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I've noticed a few weird issues with DFW and the AI following my taxi instructions (which could be incorrect).


Issue 1

I've issued an aircraft some instructions to taxi to 17R via L EG. Eventually i told that aircraft to line up and wait. That aircraft then crossed over 17R and circled back to 17R via EF, then 'lined up and waited'. I had a similar issue with an aircraft I sent to 18L via WG, this aircraft crossed over 18L then circled back to the runway via WF.


example instruction for this issue is something like "AAL0032 taxi to runway 17R via K EG". The aircraft then taxis and holds short of 17R. Upon the 'AAL0032 Line up and wait' command, the aircraft crosses over 17R at EG then turns around via EF to line up and wait on 17R.


This issue is reproducable on both 17R and 18L.


Issue 2


A different issue i've encountered is the various cross over taxiways between the aprons and Taxiway K and Taxiway L.

So far I've found that K9, K8, K6 and K5, when included in taxi instructions to the apron will cause the AI aircraft to just hold in place. What is interesting is if I tell an aircraft to taxi to apron via K or L, the aircraft will use these various taxi ways with out specification, though most of the time they use the center most (EJ, K8, EM for example) taxi - to - apron cross over point closest to their gate.


Now I could be instructing these arrivals wrong so please correct me if I am. Here are some examples -


1 - Aircraft arrived on 17C, exited runway on M3 - instructed aircraft to "Taxi to Apron via K8" as the arrival gate was on the north side of C concourse. Aircraft just held in place at M3. I had a lot going on and would have had a deal as there was already another arrival running out 17C and yet another arrival about 3nm out for 17C. I had to close the game here, didn't want to lose a load of points :).


2 - aircraft arrived on 13R, exited at A3 - instructed aircraft to "Taxi to apron via A L K6" as the arrival gate was on the south side of the A Councourse. Again, the aircraft just held in place at A3. A further instruction of "taxi to apron via A L" worked fine, but i had to hold the aircraft in place on L to let some departures use EJ to get onto K and L for 17R.


I haven't had many arrivals to the B or D concourses so I'm not sure if those are affected in the same way.


Please let me know if I need to supply any further information.

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ACK! sorry Log will come along soon.


EDIT - I'll do ask requested - delete the log file and reproduce the issues.


small update on issues, will show in log file as well. -


Issue 1 - reproducable

Issue 2 - work around for this issue is using the Outside taxiways by the apron/terminals. E.g. on the west side of the field giving something like F G5 instead of G G5 works, on the east side of the field giving something like L K5 instead of K K5 works.

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okay, log file should be attached here as towerlog.zip


Updates from further testing -


Issue 1 - actually not an issue, I'm just impatient and it took a while for the aircraft to follow my instructions. Not sure what info the log file contains but look for AA1363 off of 13R. Took a while to follow my instructions to A terminal. honestly not really an issue, just curious as to why it takes a bit to follow instructions.


Issue 2 - great example of issue 2 is AAL9435. instructed to taxi to 17R via L EH. Once at the runway told to line up and wait. aircraft entered the runway and turned north going up the runway a bit before turning around to face the proper direction. Looks like it had to hit the EF/17R intersection before finally completing the 'line up and wait'.


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Hi Blaker35,


Your second issue is because taxiway EH is not at the end of the runway. Try issuing to 17R via L only OR Taxi to runway 17R AT EH via L EH.


What is happening is you are giving it a taxiway before the end of the runway, therefore because you have given it to the complete runway the only way to line up is to taxi a little down and turn around, make sense?


With your first issue, this is known. Because the taxiways are so complex it takes a little while for the AI to figure out. Sometimes they don't move at all. I like to incorporate it into the game "aircraft unable to move for unknown reasons". Try working around it and see how your workload goes.



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Thanks for the feedback on the second issue. I'll try the AT version. Honestly its not a big deal. I just flew through DFW the other day and was interested in how they seemed to line RJs up on EF and other a/c up on EG. While the aircraft I was a passenger on sat at EG for a bit, 3 RJs went off via EF and another aircraft went off via EH. Wanted to try that to smooth my outbound :).


Also, thanks for the feed back on the first issue. My workaround is to send those aircraft up the 'outside' taxi ways (e.g. F or L), hardly any pause when I use those.


I'll try both of these and report back.

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