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  1. Nice work Battlehawk77; enjoying your hard work. Thanks Cobber!
  2. Salad


    Have you updated to the latest real traffic?
  3. Salad

    Statistics controller time inop

    I believe if you play multiplayer only the host's hours are recorded. I don't know myself as I haven't played multi but I think I did read it somewhere. Graham
  4. Salad

    New commands for Tower3D! Pro?

    aoz, Try giving them the HOLD AT command for somewhere not even on their path. The example I gave with KLAX no planes will cross 24L when they land on 25L to get to their terminal. That way they just trundle all the way without stopping.
  5. Salad

    New commands for Tower3D! Pro?

    aoZ, A work around for the crossing item is to issue a hold for somewhere beyond the runaway. Eg if a plane lands on 25L at LAX tell it to hold short of 24L after you give taxi instructions. This seems to overwrite any other hold. It will then gladly trundle across 25R without stopping. Maybe not the "done thing" but it works.
  6. Salad

    Screen resolution during rain storm

    Are you sure it's not just the water effect running down the window?
  7. Salad


    Nice one Ron, thanks for that.
  8. Salad


    Interesting Ron, I gave it a shot controlling like that last night. Certainly adds to the workload, however my geography isn't too good with US airport codes (I come from a land downunder) so only do the obvious ones such as SFO, SEA etc north & ATL, DFW etc to the south. The ones I am unsure about I hold off departing on the "other" runway until I see which way it has turned and allow appropriate separation.
  9. Salad

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    I think a good idea with the one version; seems to create a lot of confusion having two different ones.
  10. Salad

    Community Poll - Tower!3D Product Survey

    Also waited for the Pro version to come out.
  11. Salad

    Is this my screw up or a game issue?

    You can be unlucky too when an aircraft spawns just as the arrival is taxiing in; DING! All part of the fun though.
  12. Salad

    KMEM Runway Operations

    Good find hexzed, thanks for that.
  13. Hi Craig, Thanks for producing these for the community. Certainly non-stop action in the schedule I have tried that's for sure. Everything worked "as advertised" out the box also, no errors or anomalies. Graham
  14. Salad

    So, do you all....

    Nice discussion you started here CL30; wonder if I could continue it by asking does anybody allow for wake turbulance catagories? I like to allow 5 miles/3000 ft when a small follows a heavy. Too hard to stay on top of though when it gets really busy, just want to get them out. Graham
  15. Salad

    So, do you all....

    I let them land and taxi across at KLAX. As for departing on opposite sides of the airport, that's where my geography is not so good with the airport destination codes. I tend to stagger departures on alternate sides by at least 500ft to allow turning either way. Now if we had exit gates on the strips for the next version of tower....

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