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  1. From the link provided above by Craig:-
  2. Hi Tom, The way I do it for that set up is all departures down B-P (Even turn some of them to run wrong way so they don't trip over each other eg. out of terminals 6 & 7 taxi A-M,NorZ-B-P. The trickier ones are B Terminal and the like, you just need a bit of patience to get them through. All arrivals just use B-A. The tricky part is the timing, try to get a departure across 22 and a departure off 13 at the same time between arrivals!
  3. I use the "Take next available exit left or right" straight after giving cleared to land, haven't had any issues.
  4. Hi Gavin, Recently picked up Tokyo, should have purchased earlier as it is far better than I thought it would be. Thank you again for such comprehensive schedules, plenty of work to do with those.... Just a note on the procedures, I have been watching FlightRadar24 (well, working from home allows these little luxuries) and note the north flow is interesting. All arrivals on 34L & 34R. Departures to the east are off 34R (no departures from 34L or 4) and departures to the west are off 5. A shame Tower3d pro doesn't have the SIDS in it as in real life they head out into the bay and loop back over the arrivals on the 34's. To compensate I give them a 120 heading after departure and once they're high enough turn to 220, then hand off to departure. Increases the workload but isn't that what its all about? 😁
  5. Hi bcooley66, thanks for the schedule, good work. EliGrim, I know what you're saying, I gave the 0800 a shot and went down the tubes. I like to do it so that the north departures leave from the north (24L) and the southern leave from over there (25R). Adds a lot to the workload but in this case too much. Practice, practice, practice.... 🙂
  6. Also select the calm? option from the weather drop down. If you choose normal, stormy etc. you are at the mercy of wind direction. Graham
  7. Nice gesture Vic, stay safe everyone. It's just starting to really take off down under, moving into shut down phase very soon.
  8. As mentioned Gil speed is a good tool for separation. It's best to be confident in your calls so you don't get too fixated on one area of your scope. Keep scanning the whole picture and try and think a few moves ahead; when Seagull 123 reaches ABC I'll turn him to 270 etc. Always use positive separation too so that if you do miss a call you still have your 1,000 ft separation ie if working LAX arrivals keep the two streams 1,000 ft apart in your calls until you get them established.
  9. Nice post Pete thanks for that. I will have to change my set up it's a little different than I thought. I can see when they're landing 34 on my way to work, I would have thought it was more common in Summer with the hot northerlies. Graham
  10. Hi All, Something else that comes to mind is delays (optional). This would mean that the same schedule would not play out the same over and over. There could also be a myriad of reasons for being delayed at the gate; wrong food trolley delivered, waiting on late passenger, flight attendant's make up smudged etc. Arrivals could also be delayed, although they probably wouldn't need a reason. Graham
  11. Good one Vic, the future sounds promising!
  12. Hi All, Thank you Feel There for inviting users to have an input in the next incarnation. Having read through the wish list to date I am repeating some items however the following is my list, bearing in mind that it is a wish list:- Wake turbulence categories - enforcement of wake turbulence rules along with "Heavy" & "Super" call signs Exit fixes on departure strips - this would help decide sequencing and runway selection for departures Actual gate on arrival rather than just terminal (either gate no on arrival strip or highlighted via mouse click) Use of high speed exits on runways Maintain speed until exiting runways Expedite vacate runway command Immediate take off command Misc ground movements - towing between apron, hangars gates etc. Ability to request increase spacing from approach (particularly for single runway air fields) Push back direction Set weather at start (also maintaining random preference) so that preferred runway configuration can be used in other conditions besides "clear" Holding pads Re-working of Real Traffic & Real Color - We have all seen on message boards the amount of confusion this causes for new players (and some old). I would hate to think of how many players may have been lost to the game due to giving up in frustration Ground radar to update in increments rather than real time Ground radar targets appear as blips rather than aircraft icons (admittedly this would be hard to figure aircraft direction) Scoring system overhaul - admittedly I don't pay too much attention to it but it would be of interest to have a break down per airport still maintaining a total overall Moe, Larry & Curly to be banned from operating the tugs - eliminate the instances of push back from some terminals spinning around and sometimes pushing back onto grass verges. I had an AFR at JFK one time push back off its track and finished up taxiing to Manhattan via the Van Wyck Expressway. Weather effects performance of aircraft Love the storm effects, however just a passing showery rainy day would be nice too Ability to change the order of flight strips by dragging up or down Requests from aircraft for different arrival/departure runway (bonus points if able maybe?) eg if you're set up at JFK with arrivals on 31L, Jetblue (not all of them mind you, that could get tedious) may request 31R which would be closer to gate Cross runway XX command I note that mention has been made of the distance an aircraft will check on, if this was to change I would still prefer the aircraft to be visible on radar as it is now, then checking in at the suggested distance. Aircraft calls again after XX minutes of no action to remind you that they are still waiting. This also applies to anything on final that has not been dealt with prior to executing missed approach Well... it is a "wish" list Thanks for reading, Graham
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