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  1. Nice one Craig, thanks for sharing. Sequencing was the reason I put exit gates out of the sector on my wish list for Tower 3, I note from what I have seen it is a big part of moving efficiently. Graham
  2. Thanks Gabor, I posted it more for amusement than rather a bug report, as mentioned it was the first time I had seen it and hasn't happened since so I put it down to "one of those things". Thanks for looking all the same, enjoying the airport.
  3. Hi Kev, Once an arrival contacts you they are already on final, you only need to give a "Kookaburra 123 Runway 25 Left cleared to land, unless you want to switch runways. In that case give them Enter Final XYZ. Not played multiplayer so don't know that one. No save function I believe the DBRITE are 5 mile rings (I hope so as that's how I separate heavies with mediums or less following) I think you can enter information (type in) on strips, not something I have tried though The way I have determined direction on take off with a new release is to sit there with an excel open and enter each departure and record which direction it went (ie N-NE-E etc). Then when I play I have the spreadsheet alongside my Tower view with just two columns of the spreadsheet visible for easy reference.
  4. Hi All, Had to close down the tower in turkey due to safety reasons.... Never seen that before or since, oh and the settings were on clear. 🙂
  5. Salad


    Hi MJKERR, yes you are the controller so therefore have to issue instructions accordingly. If you see potential conflict areas issue a "Hold Short of XX" (although holding short sometimes blocks the intersecting taxiway but that's another story). Whilst it is unrealistic for aircraft to ram each other because the other is in its way, you will find a controller will issue something like "wait for the company traffic to pass and follow it" or something similar. That is they will generally always know which aircraft will have priority when approaching intersections. For example, if I have a BAW come off at A9E I will have it taxi via B, if the next is a BAW and comes off at A10E I will have it go via A so that there is no conflict. Also I will issue a Hold Short of C to the one that came off A10E just in case I am distracted elsewhere. With your example of aircraft taxiing on Foxtrot conflicting with Bravo, just give one the command to hold short of the other ie Aircraft on Foxtrot "Hold short of taxiway Bravo" and so on. In your first example give the second aircraft arriving at A10E a hold short of either Echo or Bravo if the other will conflict it there.
  6. Thanks for that Ron C, the chart I found whilst researching Dubai on release which is here... https://www.skybrary.aero/index.php/Airbus_A380_Wake_Vortex_Guidance -Graham
  7. Ron C, That's how I like to play it also, I have attached my list which I use. As you can see I just gave them indicate which direction they will go on departure (game wise that is). I keep the spreadsheet in simple two column form alongside the main window of the game for quick reference (also includes other RJTT & EGGL on the other tabs). My taxiways which I don't have documented are identical to yours at KLAX, although I've never tried pushback facing a particular direction, didn't know that was available. I have used the work around by giving it a different runway than intended just to get it to face the way required. T3D Directions.xlsx
  8. Thanks for that MJKERR, out of curiosity when does the 90 seconds start, commencement of takeoff roll or when the wheels leave the runway?
  9. I have aWake Turbulance Catagories.docx sheet with the times on it but I go off another I found which has distances. Much easier than looking at the clock I can use the range rings as a guesstimate.
  10. Great schedule James, I've worked 0500-0700 "interesting" using both runways for arrivals and trying to squeeze departures in between. My goodness me don't they take forever to vacate as well as line up. It almost ended in tears a couple of times... Got through 0700-0900 results... Just one issue, BAW233 at 0845 hrs shows up twice but with two different aircraft types. Thanks again, what a blast!
  11. LOL hard to do it all on your own. I have an excel just sitting offs creen with a list of destinations and the direction they will go after departure. I really hope the next version has the sector exit gates but that's another story... I wasn't aware of the rule re waiting for touchdown before allowing a departure, must try it although I fear I will fail miserably.
  12. Thanks for the work and comprehensive notes James, looking forward to having a go at this. I generally try to run as close as I can to reality (real world controllers would have a good laugh, but hey...) I also try and line up departures so that they alternate between going north/south and allowing required distance between heavies etc. It actually works quite well. Graham
  13. You are such a tease Vic 😀
  14. I am certainly no expert at ATC but I believe what we are hearing is correct. It is pronouncing Heat-row (no "TH" sound) as this does not come across on radio, same as three pronunced as tree and so on... The way the computer AI reads it may sound a little off, same as some of the airlines it attempts.
  15. Great find andredragt, thanks for sharing. Good info on departure sequencing and wake turbulence categories.
  16. From the link provided above by Craig:-
  17. Hi Tom, The way I do it for that set up is all departures down B-P (Even turn some of them to run wrong way so they don't trip over each other eg. out of terminals 6 & 7 taxi A-M,NorZ-B-P. The trickier ones are B Terminal and the like, you just need a bit of patience to get them through. All arrivals just use B-A. The tricky part is the timing, try to get a departure across 22 and a departure off 13 at the same time between arrivals!
  18. I use the "Take next available exit left or right" straight after giving cleared to land, haven't had any issues.
  19. Hi Gavin, Recently picked up Tokyo, should have purchased earlier as it is far better than I thought it would be. Thank you again for such comprehensive schedules, plenty of work to do with those.... Just a note on the procedures, I have been watching FlightRadar24 (well, working from home allows these little luxuries) and note the north flow is interesting. All arrivals on 34L & 34R. Departures to the east are off 34R (no departures from 34L or 4) and departures to the west are off 5. A shame Tower3d pro doesn't have the SIDS in it as in real life they head out into the bay and loop back over the arrivals on the 34's. To compensate I give them a 120 heading after departure and once they're high enough turn to 220, then hand off to departure. Increases the workload but isn't that what its all about? 😁
  20. Hi bcooley66, thanks for the schedule, good work. EliGrim, I know what you're saying, I gave the 0800 a shot and went down the tubes. I like to do it so that the north departures leave from the north (24L) and the southern leave from over there (25R). Adds a lot to the workload but in this case too much. Practice, practice, practice.... 🙂
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