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GPSOut for Sky Demon in FS9

John Fee

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[EDIT by Pete: moved from original thread in support forum so it is retained for others to benefit]


Sky Demon is a real world VFR flightplanner which creates a moving map display using GPS data.


In FSX it is relatively easy to set this up using a virtual serial port and OpusFSX (primarily an FSX weather program).  The RealityXP GNX500 together with OpusFSX provide the GPSOut data for Sky Demon.


I would like to use Sky Demon with FS9 but am not sure how to proceed. From the FSUIPC Advanced Guide it seems that FSUIPC GPSOut is designed for VRInsight devices via WideFS.


I run a multi-monitor system with Sky Demon and FS9 on the same PC.  So I need to send GPS data from the PC via VSP to Sky Demon. In the first instance I will use the default GPS rather than Reality XP GNX500.

I'd welcome your views on the feasilbility of this, and if feasible, the best way of setting it up. 


Thanks and regards,



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I have managed to link FS9.1 with SkyDemon using the GPSOut program.  I run W7 x64.


SkyDemon is a real world VFR flightplanner and moving map display with extensive European, US, Australia/NZ coverage. Being designed for real world navigation with Garmin receivers it is regularly updated. It is not cheap but can be used both in the aeroplane and in a simulator under the same licence. 




My method:


1. Install SkyDemon and run the program. Install maps. Exit the program.


2. Create a pair of virtual serial ports using Eltima software - there is a free trial period. I tried other software including the MixW program included in the GPSOut.zip  without success. The Eltima program involved 4 clicks and worked first time. Download the VSP driver to a temp folder.


3. Run the downloaded Eltima virtual serial port driver - vspd.exe. Select two pairs of COM ports - I chose COM8 and COM9. Click 'Add pair.'


4. Run FS9.1 and create a test flight using the MS flightplanner i.e. a GPS flight. Make sure this shows in the GPS as a purple track.


5.  Open SkyDemon.  Under SetUp/Device Connectivity Options, check 'I have a Garmin handheld device'.  Set port to COM8 (the first of the pair in your VSP setup).  Do not change anything else.


6. Still under Setup, go to /GPS Navigation options in the drop down menu.  Set port to COM9 (the second of the pair in your VSP setup). I left the other options at default values. 


7. Close SkyDemon and FS9.1.


8. Install GPSOut 2.61 - available for download from http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html - follow install instructions carefully.


9. Open GPSOut.ini and scroll down to Port. Set this to Port=8 or whatever was the first of your pair of virtual ports.  Save. 


10. Run FS9.1 and open at the departure airport for your test flight.


11.  Open SkyDemon and click on 'Start GPS' top right. 


I've tested this GPSOut program with the default GPS and the RealityXP GNS500 units. Not surprisingly they both work although the default unit lacks many RNAV funtions including the LPV function. 


For the benefit of less experienced users, if you are running Windows 7 you can avoid trouble by installing all programs on the root folder e.g. C:\SkyDemon. It is usually best to avoid using the C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) folder. Also, in W7 best to run all programs as administrator (right click).  I do not know about Windows 8.


Thanks for another gem, Pete. I've looked at this GPSOut for many years wondering....


[Addendum by Pete: thanks for posting your solution. I should also add that registered users of FSUIPC4 can also do this with FSX or P3D using the GPSout facility built in]

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In my system I have made two small amendments for FS9.1.


To get virtual radar altitudes showing in the Sky Demon Navigation Page (i.e. the 'in flight' page), set this in GPSOut.ini:





Remember that altitudes will not show in the Navigation page until the aeroplane is moving. The default settings for sentences are sufficient in my FSX system. 


I have also set Speed=19200 in the GPSOut.ini, and in the /GPS Navigation options I have set baud=19200.

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