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WideClient LUA Script

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this is copied from FSUIPC Lua Plug-Ins.pdf. As you can see on WideClient you just drop a Lua file into its folder and it will run as soon WideClient connects to FS. You also can run it before FS connects by naming it INITIAL.LUA .


Can I run Lua plug-ins on a WideFS client PC?
Yes. Such facilities have now been added. Since version 6.81, WideClient automatically runs any Lua programs it finds in its own folder (i.e. the folder containing the WideClient.exe being used). These are started only after WideClient is fully connected to FS on the server PC.
Additionally, WideClient will look for a Lua program called "Initial.lua" when it first starts up. This will run immediately, before any access to FS and FSUIPC is obtained, so it should not be used for anything dependent upon valid offset values. It can run other Lua programs, using the "ipc.runlua" function, but they will need to be located elsewhere—not in the WideClient folder—or else they will be restarted when FS is connected. The INITIAL.LUA program is not re-run later and is the only exception.
Note that the library support for Lua on WideClient is a subset of that provided in FSUIPC. The library document highlights those functions omitted in WideClient.

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