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PFC Throttle Quadran / FUIPC calibration

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Bonjour M. Richter.

Following your instructions, I downloaded both DLL for PFC.

Could you indicate to me in witch file to place them ?

Other problem : FUIPC 4.929 does not seem able to gauge the PFC 737 throttle quadran.

There are always one or more axes witch does not function.

For me there is both throttle and revers them and I saw on the forums that many simmers had the same problem.

Is there a simple procedure to gauge this throttle quadran ?

Thank you for your help.

Best regards




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1. you don't use both version, only the one that is needed for your hardware (Hid version for USB hardware)

2. the file (dll or dll + mrco) goes just into FSUIPC's Modules folder, e.g. if the FSX folder is C\:FSX so it goes into C\:FSX\Modules


This is a copy out of PfcHid.dll User guide.pdf that comes with the Hid version, so make sure you have a registered FSUIPC4 version

Install FSUIPC first according to its own instructions. You need FSUIPC3 (at least version 3.90) for FS9, and FSUIPC4 (at
least 4.52) for FSX and ESP. If you are planning to customise your use of any of the facilities on your PFC HID device you will
need to purchase a Key for FSUIPC and register it. So doing will actually also allow functions on other PFC HID devices to be
utilised even though direct support is not yet provided in this driver.
After installing FSUIPC correctly, simply copy the PFChid.DLL file into your flight simulator Modules folder.
That’s it!
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