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Adding a schedule to KMIA


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Yes.  You need to know the two-letter IATA code for Amerijet, which is M6. However, Amerijet does not appear in Real Traffic or the default airline file so you would have to add it to the "airlines.txt" file.  The file entry would be:




Then you would have to assign AJT to the cargo terminal at MIA (or any other terminal you want). The terminal assignments are found in the Tower "airfields" folder.


Then you need to create schedule entries in the "schedule.txt" file found in the databases folder.  A typical line for a flight from MIA to JFK would be:


MIA, JFK, 727, M6, 1001, 12:00, 9:00, 180, M6


where 1001 is the flight number (you can pick any 1- to 4-digit number as long as it is not duplicated), 12:00 is the arrival time, 9:00 is the departure time, and 180 is the flight time in minutes (I just assumed three hours flight time; you can look it up on FlightAware to be more accurate). The arrival and departure times are local 24-hour time; they will appear in Tower according to their UTC time.  MIA is -5 UTC.


To create arrivals, just switch MIA and JFK in the above example but use different flight numbers.


You can add as many of these lines to "schedule.txt" as you wish.


That's "all" there is to it.

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