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Tower 2011 Traffic jams


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How do i keep traffic jams from happening. And how do you clear them. For instance at KSAN a plan landed and was sitting just off the runway waiting for instruction and a 767 stopped taxi right at it like it didnt have the clearence. Neither plane would move.  How do you fix this. Ive had it happen before when planes come together or something.  Its annoying to have to restart the game to clear it.  Is there a way to clear a traffic jam or simply a plane that has the clearence but wont taxi past another plane???????  I would attach a pic of it but the max is a 20kb pic. Are you kidding me 20 kb?!?!?!

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first of all, it's your job to make sure this doesn't happen by steering them all clear from eachother but that obvious fact aside, if it does happen you will have to delete one of the planes by using the DELETE command.... It will cost you points but the other plane will than continue taxiing....

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The only way to clear the jam, .. is to use DELETE command e.g. DELETE AAA123, to DELETE one of the aircraft involved in the jam.


There is a penalty of course i.e. -200 points


It's discussed on page 44 of the Tower manual.





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