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  1. Kl408


    Vic, could you pls hire someone to check your email before it's sent to us... "Dubai out now" looks great but going to the LFPG page when you click the link???? Embedding a link is not rocket science now is it 😉 Willem PS just kidding about the hiring part, I don't mind if you check them yourself 😉
  2. Kl408

    ADIRS on a Second Monitor

    yes , if you have the pro version that is.. expand button is in the upper right corner of the adir's window
  3. Ah, that makes perfect sense.. I didn't know 4-letter designations were accepted by the program so it looked kind of strange... Tnx for the effort you put into this and I'm sure gonna give it a try..
  4. Sure gonna try this one too but I have a small question: your terminal has the following line in it: Terminal_Cargo: AAR.,CAL.,CAO,CKS,CLX,CPA.,DHK,ETH.,FDX,GEC,ICL,ICV,KAL.,NCA,QAC,QFA.,RJA.,SLQ,SVA.,TAY,THY.,UAE.,UPS,ABX,GTI,RUN Why do some airlines have a . and then a , while others only have a , as separator?? Just opened the airlines and that file has the same "feature"....
  5. If looking for a shortcut, there's a plus sign in the lower left corner to add games. Yoh Willem
  6. Kl408

    Tower 3D! Pro - Graphics Requirements

    Well, the minimum specs , according to the feelthere website , include 2Gb video memory zo 1.5 would be cutting it really close.... I would only try this if i had another system that's capable of running it for sure so i would be able to play the game regardless..... Grtz Willem
  7. Kl408

    problem with realtraffic on EDDM

    Be sure to download the latest version of real traffic...after kmco sp6v7 was released so for eddm you need at least sp6v6. Use the original downloadlink to get the latest version.... Grtz Willem Uit je vraagstelling neem ik aan dat je meerdere add-ons hebt dus waarschijnlijk nu een "oude" versie van RT. Die wordt bijgewerkt als er een nieuwe luchthaven word uitgebracht dus elke keer als je die koopt moet je RT ook opnieuw downloaden en installeren.. Mocht je link verlopen zijn dan kun je ff een mailtje naar bmtmicro sturen..
  8. Kl408

    Tower!3D Pro - EDDM - Wayfinding

    Non Steam and the same error right below the message that 196 unused assets were unloaded to reduce memory usage.. Don't know if those two events are related but....... The error comes back once after every (failed due to no available terminal) attempt to allocate a gate to an incoming plane Doesn't harm the gameplay in any way as far as I can tell though. Grtz Willem
  9. Kl408

    How are folks enjoying EDDM

    Real Color does NOT give you new airlines but new liveries, Real Traffic does... If you own Real Traffic then you need to download and install sp6v6 from the original link.... Grtz Willem Kevin , Real color geeft alleen de mooie kleurtjes , voor de echte namen en vluchtschema's heb je toch echt Real traffic nodig...
  10. Kl408

    international airport

    All we have been led to believe is that EHAM is a really serious candidate... I think... Hope.... Dream.... Ahh never mind 😁 Grtz Willem
  11. Kl408

    Custom (REAL) Traffic #5 -- KLAX ver 2.0!

    Non-steam , files same as Flightsimpilot, RT reinstalled. Hangs 63 when starting before noon, after that time normal start... Yoh Willem
  12. Kl408

    Tower 3d Pro Wind Indicator

    And there are those that still maintain the earth is flat, so there you go ; -)) Grtz WILLEM
  13. Absolutely, if it improves the possibility to have more incoming flights because of more empty stands then by all means make the change.... User selectable is even better seeing there are a lot of homemade schedules available... Tnx Willem P. S. You guys haven't forgotten about EHAM now have you; -)
  14. Kl408

    Tower 3D Request

    Finally someone sensible to talk to, I've said it once I've said it twice... EHAM, not a doubt 😁 Yoh Willem
  15. No login or central database I'm afraid. The serial is provided in an email you receive after purchase... I'm not sure if bmtmicro has those records handy but they may be willing to help if you know the accountnumber you paid with and the date you bought the product... Good luck Willem

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