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Problem reading value of flaps axis

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Dear All,


I'm afraid this problem may have nothing to do with FSUIPC, but...I just want to confirm that with you guys. Maybe you can help me on this.


I recently bought a "home made" throttle for 737, which is very well designed and in general (seems) to be a good product. I managed to configure everything with FSUIPC, including the flaps, from 0 through 30 degrees, except for final, 40th degree.


I'm not managing to settle the 40th degree for two reasons: first, because when I reach the end of the axis the value read by FSUIPC starts to flutter like a crazy butterfly (and in a range with strong variations); second, because after the 30th decree the axis values start to increase instead of decreasing. See:


Flaps 0 (set 387)

Flaps 1 (set -3771)

Flaps 2 (set -8452)

Flaps 5 (set -12483)

Flaps 10 (set -14563)

Flaps 15 (set -14083)

Flaps 25 (set -15473)

Flaps 30 (set -15603)

Flaps 40 (returns to appx. -2000, fluttering up to approximately -6000).


It appears to be a problem with the flaps lever, right? The question is: is there something in FSUIPC that would help me solving this? That is, to "change" or to correct the value that the system is reading when it reaches the end of the axis?


P.S1: I have already tried to calibrate this axis previously in the windows calibrator, with no success.

P.S2: I'm new in the forum, so I apologize in advance in case this post is presented in the wrong place.


Look forward to hearing from you, in case you have any clue how to help me on this.







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1) make sure you use latest FSUIPC version 4.934


2) you don't say from which Offset you get those values or to which Offset the Throttle writes those values


3) check this info to calculate the values the throttle has to write

0BDC, 4, Flaps control, 0=up, 16383=full. The “notches” for different
aircraft are spaced equally across this range: calculate the
increment by 16383/(number of positions-1), ignoring fractions.
See also offset 3BFA below.
N.B. Do not expect to read this and see 100% accurate values.
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