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ERJ 145 - Yoke, Contrails, Fast Lighting, VC Resolution


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Does anybody know how to get rid of contrails left behind the ERJ while flying??  It looks rediculous and I wish I could just get rid of it permanently. 


Is there any way to get rid of the yoke in the cockpit??  I know there are "NO YOKE" house aircraft however I paid good money for my McPhat repaints and there are yokes in those aircraft.  All the yoke does is block my view of the nice glass panel, also annoying. 


Is there a fix for the fast strobe lights on the ERJ?? The flashing lights on the ERJ blink so fast, it looks silly and unrealistic.


Finally, my biggest problem and issue, especially after paying what I did for this model is the fact that my VC doesn't look up to par with the pics as advertised as well as other people on Youtube with this same Feelthere ERJ.  I literally sat there for about an hour and switched between different graphics configurations that would at least let me read the writing on all the cockpit panels, but nothing worked.


FYI...I downloaded ERJv2 with SP4.  My system specs are Intel Pentium processor P6100, 3GB DDR3 Memory, Intel HD Graphics, I know, not much of a system but, like I said in the beginning of this post, my Carenado King Air 200 LOOKS AWESOME, definitely worth the money. 


My final gripe is the fact that this forum will not allow files more than 20kb in size to be attached.  I tried posting a pic of my VC however, my Photoshop will not even save pics that small. 



* edit: references to other developers' aircraft removed as against forum rules.  please review forum rules.  d.scobie (aka, scoobflight).


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My VC resolution is very grainy and pixelated.  Definitely not the resolution as advertised nor like the ones on Youtube.  For example, I cannot read any of the text on button or switches on the throttles consel or OH panel in VC mode,  Even the larger 'ERJ 145' on the center top of the cockpit panel looks boxy or pixelated and not clearly readable.  IS THERE AN EASY FIX OR SOMETHING I'M MISSING?? I have tried different combos in config editor 'GRAPHICS', restarted computer and FSX, not sure if its an installation problem or what.  I have Windows 7. 

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What is you resolution?


Do you use only one monitor?


If you would like to see a specific screenshot (JPG) I could do one.


Are your grainy frm McPhat, Feelthere house livery or both?


What is your Windows / version?

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My Windows res is 1366x768, the FSX is 1360x768x32bit.  I have a one monitor laptop.  The grainy/boxy is both liveries, house and McPhat.  Funny thing is, the virtual cockpit looks great at night with the panel lights on.  I have switched panel lights etc during the day to see if that works but it doesn't.  At night with panel lights on, everything looks great and as advertised including the "ERJ 145" in the center top of the cockpit main panel.  But as soon as it becomes daylight, everything looks low res again.  I have messed with the panel lighting during the day and it doesn't help.


Here are some pics of my night and day virtual cockpit.  I hope this link works.  The ones during the day are not nearly as clear and as detailed as the ones at night.  I want to get my DAY VC as detailed as my NIGHT VC and I have seen pics and videos of high res ERJ VC on Feelthere as well as Youtube but not sure why mine aren’t as good.  Appreciate the help!



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I have Windows 7 Home Premium, full screen, the panel still does not look good if I zoom in.  I was thinking maybe you were on to something so I played around with the display settings in FSX (Bilinear, Trilinear, Anisotropic, Anti-Aliasing etc), including switching between full screen and FSX Windowed mode etc and nothing seems to fix the quality of the daytime VC. 

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What does it look like in FSX "windowed" mode?


List here the resolutions that are available on your laptop display?


List here the resolutions that are available in FSX Options/Display section.


Maybe the developer can tell what is missing for you in DAYlight VC .. because you Nighttime VC is OK?

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In FSX "windowed" mode, I have the same problem, everything looks "pixelated/boxy" and I can't read any of the text on the overhead or throttle panels when in VC mode.  My night time VC looks pretty good to me, at least I can read the text on the overhead and throttle panels in VC mode and it seems to have more detail, unlike during the day in VC mode.  Also, the 2D panels look really nice and as they should look, day or night.  Its just VC/day that I'm having the problem with. 


Here are two pics of the overhead panel, one in VC and the other 2D.  The 2D is nice, smooth, detailed and you can make out the text for the different switches and buttons.  The VC, on the other hand, you cannot read the text and the quality seems very low. 








My Windows res are...

1366x768 (What I have it set to now), 1360x768, 1280x768, 1280x720, 1280x600, 1024x768, 800x600.


My FSX res are...

1024x768x32, 1280x720x32, 1280x768x32, 1360x768x32, 1366x768x32 (What mine is set to now), 1024x768x16, 1280x720x16, 1280x768x16, 1360x768x16, 1366x768x16


I tried contacting the developer who emailed me back telling me to get on this forum.

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laptop for FS ... well this usually doesn't work.  there are VERY VERY VERY few laptops made that can correctly run FS.  what you are describing and pictures shared exactly like the computer is underpowered for FS (see below) and/or the settings are incorrect (see below).


what videocard is installed?  is the videocard 'on board' the CPU? is the videocard using 'shared memory'. is the GPU driver up-to-date?  if the driver up-to-date was the driver correctly installed after the old driver being correctly uninstalled (ie, cleaned completely from the computer)?


what are the laptop's specifics?  the OS tells us little.


need to know -


  • CPU
  • computer's memory
  • GPU (graphics processing unit) & memory


are FS's and the GPU's resolutions on the same setting?

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My laptop surely isn't the greatest, in fact, I have been thinking of buying a separate gaming desktop specifically for FSX.  However, I have two other payware aircraft installed and they are absolutely fantastic graphically inside and out with no problems or issues whatsoever.


My videocard is a simple Intel HD Graphics in which I updated the driver a couple of weeks ago but I did not UNinstall the old one.  I simply wrote down the version of the old videocard driver and made sure the new driver version appeared in the properties after installing it.  Whenever I use FSX I also restart my computer with a clean startup.  I do believe my videocard is 'onboard' and definitely uses "shared memory".


My laptop is...


Manufacturer:   Gateway

Model: NV55C

Processor: Intel Pentium CPU P6100 @ 2.00GHz 2.00GHz

Installed Memory (RAM): 3.0GB

System type: 64-bit

Windows 7 Service Pack 1

Intel HD Graphics

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  • 1 year later...

Guys..I'm new here..I'm trying to use the feelthere erj145 ok fsx..but on a laptop!! Nothing is working other than the aircraft full power takes off..pfd, eicas, mfd, rmu..etc allll black

Is it the specs of the laptop or wrong setting or what..

Please help..I'm using this aircraft for training

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