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TRACON 2012 - Communication locks up, Not the sim.


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Ok so this is a great sim and I love it minus the fact that at random times the dialogue box gets stuck trying to send messages to only one aircraft. I'll call an aircraft and issue a command and everything goes fine but I'll try and call another aircraft and the first one seems to be in the dialogue box and want go away. Sometimes I can hit "send" and that helps but not all the time. I've tried a couple of different things and some work and some don't work at different times. I can't reproduce this but it does happen every time I play and at different times, it's very weird. I can attach a log if somebody can tell me where to look, I looked in the TRACON2012 folder and couldn't find anything with a .log file ext.


Again it's a wonderful sim except for this one issue.


Windows 7 Home premium

I7 3.4 GHZ processor

64 bit

16 GB ram

Geforce GTX 760




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This sems to be a thing with Tracon, it has been brought to attention before. I get quite often. If an aircraft wont respond to speech commands, click on the aircraft in the arrival/departure list. It should show in the communications panel. It normally responds OK after that.

Let me know how you get on

Kev M

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