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  1. @EliGrim I have just tried it and it seems good. I make my own schedules but never publish them. I am currently working on RJTT to make it useable. I dont seem to be acle to PM you on the subject. KevM
  2. @EliGrim I have just tried it and it seems good. I make my own schedules but never publish them. I am currently working on RJTT to make it useable. I will PM you on the subject. KevM
  3. I asked the same questions maaany years ago but never got an answer Kev
  4. @ATC AlaskaGuy @hexzed Only an opinion. I'll keep out of it. Kev M
  5. @Dana Rippeyand the worst. I have made all my purchaes directly from feelthere/ ATC suite (not via steam or any other retailer) via BMT micro and have never had a problem with installation providing you install everything in the correct folders. There are lots of topics on this on the forum. One thing though & I am shouting KEEP YOUR DOWNLOAD EMAILS & file hard copies of them. And record ALL the details on a different place if possible. You will need the info in the future at some time, even to just download the latest RT files. Kev M
  6. I was a little dissapointed also or perhaps I was under the misconception of Retro meaning older types and airlines and types not seen today. I was looking forward to constructing a custom timetable based on the late 60's & 70's with heaps of Pan Am & TWA 707's, BOAC VC10's, DC8's and various early 747 operators , Eastern & Delta L1011 etc, all operating out of airports like JFK, SFO etc. Considering that most of the airports modelled in Tower are US airports., I thought that more older US operators would get higher votes. For Europe, inclding the UK the likes of Lufthansa 707;s 747-200;s etc would be more prominant. All BOAC types as well. I don't understand the Ansett 747-400 getting so many votes as they only operated out of one airport (YMML) that is modelled in Tower. I guess my aviation memory goes back to far these days. I await the flack 🤢 Kev M
  7. You guys have huge patience
  8. @thepropilot747 Just my observations from the custom schedule that I have made (not published). When making a custom hourly schedule is to have a departure (even if it is made up) slightly before the start hour. 10-15mins. The program will start from that departure and maybe an arrival will spawn as well. The program seems to need a departure to kick it off. If you put a departure right on the start hr, or one minute in, them it should start from there. There are lots of forum topics on where all the relevant files should go. Kev M
  9. @hexzed That's exactly what I do and I also compare the airports file in case any new ones have been added. If so, I add them to my existing file and save that as a master file. This then gets moved over the the DLC airports as required. Kev M
  10. Hate to be a party pooper but two airlines that I worked for both left the nav lights on at all times unless someone turned them off during maintenance (quite often me). So it is quite normal for some operators to leave the nav lights on all the time whilst the aircraft is at the terminal/ramp. Kev M
  11. Looking through the list, I am surprised that the Pan Am 707 is not on the list. They were everywhere!!!
  12. I have been on about this for some time. It seems to being ignored by ND. Kev
  13. I dont run 2011 anymore but from memory, the schedule text file is the same format as tower 3D (pro). For twr 3D I use my own schedules or one of the custom schedule made by others. I still have some old tower 2011 files on a stick. If I can open them I will and have a look to see if the schedule format is the same. I can't send you the files as they are copyright from the creator and I cant find any of my custom files. Honestly, except if you really want the 2011 airports, move over to Tower 3D PRO, even with the oddities with it. Kev
  14. As A general rule I wait until the aircraft appears on the dbrite screen then leave it for a couple of seconds before giving the "contact departures" call. Sometimes even longer if clearing another A/C for T/O immeditaley after that departure. Reason. in real life, you would wait until the departing aircraft should be on the departure controller radar before issuing the contact dep command. Kev
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