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  1. Hate to be a party pooper but two airlines that I worked for both left the nav lights on at all times unless someone turned them off during maintenance (quite often me). So it is quite normal for some operators to leave the nav lights on all the time whilst the aircraft is at the terminal/ramp. Kev M
  2. Looking through the list, I am surprised that the Pan Am 707 is not on the list. They were everywhere!!!
  3. I have been on about this for some time. It seems to being ignored by ND. Kev
  4. I dont run 2011 anymore but from memory, the schedule text file is the same format as tower 3D (pro). For twr 3D I use my own schedules or one of the custom schedule made by others. I still have some old tower 2011 files on a stick. If I can open them I will and have a look to see if the schedule format is the same. I can't send you the files as they are copyright from the creator and I cant find any of my custom files. Honestly, except if you really want the 2011 airports, move over to Tower 3D PRO, even with the oddities with it. Kev
  5. As A general rule I wait until the aircraft appears on the dbrite screen then leave it for a couple of seconds before giving the "contact departures" call. Sometimes even longer if clearing another A/C for T/O immeditaley after that departure. Reason. in real life, you would wait until the departing aircraft should be on the departure controller radar before issuing the contact dep command. Kev
  6. I am with @Ripskin. I only buy the RC for certain airports if it contains a livery that is not in the original. I.E I bought LPFGRC for the CX 748 frt for YMML as it is not in the YMML RC pack. Kev
  7. @VenturaGuy101 & @ashman99 & anyone who cares 😁I have 3 master files, master airplanes.txt, master airports.txt & master airlines.txt. When a new RT is released I park the new files in a seperate folder. I then compare the new files to my master files and amend the master files accordingly. I then use the master files as the relative files in the airports, renamed of course. The main trick is to make sure you use the new airplanes manifest files that come with the new RT version and dont attempt to amend them at all. This keeps the master files up to date & doesnt overwrite any esisting files,especially custom terminal & schedule files. Just copy the master files accross to the airports and rename them. Kev
  8. I have to eat my words Have a look at this site for one http://www.timetableimages.com/ttimages/complete/complete.htm Kev
  9. This could be interesting as some of the A/P's have changed since those days also getting schedules might be interesting. I wonder how many old timetables are floating around in peoples houses tucked away in drawers, cupboards etc. Some really interesting items might come to light. Nothing like a good old 707 or a DC8 trailing lots of black exhaust smoke behind it. I wonder if that will be simulated Kev
  10. Thanks for all the replies and they say what I thought the situation is. To operate YMML realistically, all the international flights should operateo to/from term 2 as it is the only one with CIQ facilities. I will put up with the white Jetstar 788's to have them spawn. (pretend they are leased A/c without the Jestar livery) I think the following is already in the wishlist for the next gen tower. "The facility of separating operators flights to go to designated terminals where they operate domestic and intnl flights." Kev
  11. OK, I have now given Jetstar 788 flights new ICAO & IATA codes and assigned them to Terminal 2, (Intl term). They spawn but as expected are white. I am trying to understand the purpose of having the Jetstar 788 in RC but not having a heavy gate at the Jetstar terminal as quoted above to accommodate them. How are we supposed to get Jetstar 788's to arrive n depart without doing what I have done with the codes & terminal file? I appreciate that there is a huge amount of time and effort put into producing the DLC airports and the RC files but to me having an A/C type that is common at the A/P and not having a gate to accomodate them is a big oversite. Ques, is it possible to modify the RC file to pick up the amended ICAO/IATA codes to get the livery back. Kev
  12. Thanks, At least I know what to look for in the future if I add an airplane to my list and it shows up as a default, I should be able to track it down and by inference I will assume all airplanes in any of the airplanes.txt file are in the pack & manifect files. Kev
  13. I was doing some file housekeeping and found that the ymml airplanes.txt file does not have the 74N in it. CX operates the 74N into YMML. I found it in the LPFG airplanes.txt file and tranferred it over to the YMML airplanes.txt file. I have LPFG RC for that reason. Also changed the ymml schedule to reflect the 74N. All worked good. A nice CX Livery 747 instead of a whte one. Looking at the other airplanes.txt file I found several differences from A/P to A/P. I would have thought a common airplanes.txt file would have been the go. Ques, can someone confirm that all the aircraft types are in the airplanes_pack1& the airplanes_pack1.manifest file. What I want to do is bring my airplanes.txt file up to date and include every aircraft type. I know that if the airplanes.txt files and the Pack files dont correspond, the program doesn't load. I realise this is a Gabor area but any infromation will help. Kev
  14. @crbascott and @hexzed I am loosing the plot. Sorry. I will make up a private ICAO n IATA codes for JST international and put them into the Scheduel file & the terminal file. Kev
  15. Running ymml the other night I noticed that 2 Jetstar departure did not spawn. MEL,CGO,788,JQ,67,12:00,14:30.1.JQ MEL,HKT,788,JQ,17,12:00,14:50,1,JQ Looking at the log, it shows "Airplane dropped, no international terminal JST67" , same for JST 17. Without checking I assume all the JST arriving intl flights get dropped as well. There was space at the international terminal in both cases. Ques, how does the program know that these flights require the use of the international terminal? Terminal 2 in the case of ymml, and how do you get the aircraft to operate out of terminal 2 without changing the ICAO, IATA code to fool the program. I notice that all the QF internationsl flights depart and arrive at the QF domestic terminal (term 1). I can live with that. Attached is the log, and terminal .txt. Jetstar intl no terminal log ymml_terminal.txt
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