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  1. If they really wanted to get it right, the white strobes should come on when the aircraft is cleared to the runway as in RL. (LUAW or clear for Take off). Also remove the tail anticollision light (red) for normal aircraft and the fuseleage top anticol light on T tail aircraft. Basically normal A/C have one light on the bottom & one on the top . T tail have one on the bottom & one on the top of the tail. Kev
  2. Ariel I know you would come through. Thanks Kev
  3. Is the current version sheet going to be updated to reflect the EGKK Sp1 and the RC EGKK Sp1 Kev
  4. I tried signing up using edge, it then said that the info was being submitted so maybe it was sucessful. For Ariel, I regularly delete the cookies but if above fails I will give it another go. Kev
  5. Is the Sp out for EGKK yet? It doesn't seem to have made the curent version list as yet. Kev M
  6. Hi, vic or Ariel I continually try to sign up for your newsletter but when I put my email address in, the system seems to go into a continuous loop, asking me repeatedly to input my email address in two seperate :Join up" screens. I dont not get any newsletters from Feelthere, probably because of this. Any ideas
  7. I will make a new post on this subject
  8. @EliGrim Thanks for the reply re the cores. I also use FSX & would like to utilise the cores for that as much as possible. Kev M
  9. I have noticed that my computer runs quite hot with Tower, even using ymml. No problems with overheating though. I have not tried KLGA though. Ques. How doe you associate CPU threads to the game using the task mamager?? I might try it as I have an AMD CPU with lots of threads. Kev M
  10. @cHabu From my memory working there a long time ago (Ansett was still operating) & looking at google earth this is the setup 1. W1 is QANTAS (QF) maintenance 2. W2 is Virgin (VA) maintenance 3. W3 is gneral aviation and REX (ZL) parking. There is no terminal in the W area to my knowlwdge but as I say, it was quite some time ago. Kev M
  11. @ATC AlaskaGuy One change to your airlines list HDA, KA, DRAGON, Dragonair, Hong Kong is now HDA, KA, DRAGON, Cathay Dragon, Hong Kong. Kev M
  12. It it possible to have one big RC pack with all the airline RC files within it. Therfore there would only be one example of each levery, aircraft and operator in the pack. This pack could be called from the individual airport files or mabe renamed and added to each airport file by the user. For amendments, ND (gabor & his team) could update the big file and charge for the fresh RC pack. That way they get their payment for their work as they do now and us, as end users, get the newest RC liveries in one file set. One advantage for ND is when a new Airport or livery is released, they only have to update the one set of file/s and not have to create a complete new set of files for new airports or liveries. I don't know how this could be integrated into Tower, but it might be something for the next generation. If one did not want the new liveries, then they don't need to purchase the update but I think from the posts above, most are interested in the latest liveries. Kev M
  13. Fordy, I just found an error in my schedule. When I fix it and am happy with it, I will flick accross to you via PM Kev M
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