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  1. 707FAN

    LFPG - Paris CDG Airport is OUT!!!

    @SAMedic I have had to contact bmtmicro several times using cservice@bmtmicro.com. Even on Sunday Night here in Aus (Saturday night late in US) and have received replies in a matter of minutes to a couple of hours max. They seem to be available at all hours and will get back to you fairly quickly. Give then the ProductID number and the product password that they gave you when you downloaded the product. They will reset your password then, unless there is further problems outside of their control. Kev M
  2. 707FAN

    Tower3dPro - Runway alert on Intersection Departure

    Thanks Gary, It was good in the old days of Tower 2011, when we could adjust the aircraft landing speed & length etc. Perhaps in Tower 3D Mk2 we might be able to tweak some aircraft performance parameters. Kev
  3. 707FAN

    Tower3dPro - Runway alert on Intersection Departure

    Mel YMML I shot a REX off YMML Rwy 16 from Taxiway E. When it started to move I cleared an A/C on 27 for t/o. It passed the 16/27 intersection before the REX was airborne. Got pinged 500 pts for that. Also the long landers are a problem on 16. A 788 & 789 take further to land than an A380. Very strange Kev
  4. Here is 2 airlines.txt call sign changes that makes the pronunciation better 1 QANTAS- pronounced CANTAS in tower, add a U to the call sign i.e QUANTAS. It then pronounces it correctly 2 TIGGOZ (YMML) - pronounced T I G G (each letter spelled out) OZ in tower, Change to TIGOZ. It calls it TIG (as in tiger) OZ but it is better than the original way. Try it. Kev M
  5. 707FAN

    Troubleshooting chart

    @Jason-118 , @blacklabelbraai & any others interested. I have noticed the hesitations as well and assumed it was looking for particular files and checking them for syntax etc. I realise the log file does give the reason for the stoppage but having a quick reference might also help finding the problem quickly. When I get time I will load an airport such as KMCO or KMEM and make some dodgy files one at a time and try to see which one it stalls at and at what %. From there I can start a t/shooting table to kick off with. It might be a bit of fun . Kev M
  6. 707FAN

    Troubleshooting chart

    I have done some major work on YMML schedule, terminal files etc. When tested I got the dreaded 9% stop on startup. I T/S it to a problem with the airplanes file. All fixed there!! Having read many posts about crashes, startup problems etc. it appears that the critical startup areas are 9%, 63% around 78% from memory. I know that the 63% stop is a problem with the schedule file. So what am I on about??? As there are a large number of users developing schedules and altering the airport files etc. and they have come upon loading problems due to wrong syntax in one of the files. I know I have. I am suggesting that a troubleshooting table be devised identifying the startup problems, what they indicate, and some fixes. This could be expanded to include crash problems as well. The format might be: where the load stops, %, reason, items to look for. Perhaps in xls file. This could be a sticky in with the current sheet, new schedules etc. as a reference post. I am happy to kick it off, but need info from the gurus like Hexhead, PedanticG and others to what to include in the troubleshooting chart. Perhaps FeelThere Vic or Ariel might like to contribute. It might stop some repeated posts that they have to investigate and reply to. Wide open for ideas. Whether good or bad. Kev M
  7. 707FAN

    United 7M9

    Scoob, your right so technically we should remove all 7M series aircraft from all the schedules until they fly again. LOL 😊 Kev
  8. Gavin Thnks mate, well done getting this out so quickly. Kev M
  9. 707FAN

    YMML Melbourne video

    A couple of commands need adding to YMML to make the speech more Aussie authentic: First contact quite often is started with good day, pronounced gday Hand offs especially in Brisbane sometimes end with "seeya" Also late at night when the traffic is low, sometime the taxi command is "XXX gate XX via which ever way you want to go" or similar. Looking forward to Mel (YMML).😊 Kev M
  10. 707FAN

    Micrphone Push to Talk Problem

    @ Eligrim Thanks, It was turned on by default. On the old machine it used to come up and annoy me something chronic. This one does not give the sticky keys warning on the screen. I will try it and get back if any more problems. I checked the notification s part for sticky keys and it was turned off. The reason why I did not see the sticky keys message Why didn't I think of that?????? Kev M
  11. 707FAN

    EGKK Issues & suggestions

    Hello Razvanrudy Welcome to the forum. There is heaps of info on the forum but sometimes it takes some searching to find it.. For EGKK (Gatwick) Ben is right 08L/26R is only used as he says. Normally it is a taxiway as the game uses it. This is normal. If you scratch through the forum on EGKK you will find lots of operational information and links to various information pages showing how the airport operates. It is a good airport to operate but remember not to use 08L/26R in normal ops. Also it's a good idea to sign your posts with a name. Over time it makes it a little more personal. Enjoy Kev M
  12. Hi, New computer, new problem. I am throwing this in looking for any quick fixes at this stage. When I press the PTT (left shift) it mostly gives the usual sounds of the "plick and "plop" when the key is released. Speech recognition works most of the time (more training needed there).Intermittently when the PTT is pressed the sound is different,(hard to explain). The speech is recognised, and when released, there is no "plop" sound and the command is not recognised. I need to hit the "send" button for the speech to be sent and recognised. It is if the PTT release is not being recognised. It is intermittent and so far unpredictable. Yes I have tried the old keyboard that worked fine on the old computer. Same result. No real t/shooting has been done so far. Just looking to see if anyone has seen this before. Kev M
  13. 707FAN

    game crash EGKK

    Hi, Ran exactly the same scenario tonight under same conditions and all worked well. No problems. Now a happy Tower player againπŸ‘πŸ‘ Kev M
  14. 707FAN

    game crash EGKK

    Peter, I am running Win 10 64 bit. Normally I have no problems if I do a cold start of the computer before running tower. which I did this time. Although I have noticed a couple of glitches on other programs at times. I think the video card (which is quite old now) is starting to fail. For Vic, I will retry the same time etc. and see how it goes. Kev
  15. 707FAN

    game crash EGKK

    Running EGKK and had a program crash Info attached Any ideas. I think it is a windows crash rather than a program crash as i have been running EGKK for a while with no major operating system problems. That' s put a hole in a good night of running tower. UUUmhh Kev M output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp

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