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  1. 707FAN

    Micrphone Push to Talk Problem

    @ Eligrim Thanks, It was turned on by default. On the old machine it used to come up and annoy me something chronic. This one does not give the sticky keys warning on the screen. I will try it and get back if any more problems. I checked the notification s part for sticky keys and it was turned off. The reason why I did not see the sticky keys message Why didn't I think of that?????? Kev M
  2. 707FAN

    EGKK Issues & suggestions

    Hello Razvanrudy Welcome to the forum. There is heaps of info on the forum but sometimes it takes some searching to find it.. For EGKK (Gatwick) Ben is right 08L/26R is only used as he says. Normally it is a taxiway as the game uses it. This is normal. If you scratch through the forum on EGKK you will find lots of operational information and links to various information pages showing how the airport operates. It is a good airport to operate but remember not to use 08L/26R in normal ops. Also it's a good idea to sign your posts with a name. Over time it makes it a little more personal. Enjoy Kev M
  3. Hi, New computer, new problem. I am throwing this in looking for any quick fixes at this stage. When I press the PTT (left shift) it mostly gives the usual sounds of the "plick and "plop" when the key is released. Speech recognition works most of the time (more training needed there).Intermittently when the PTT is pressed the sound is different,(hard to explain). The speech is recognised, and when released, there is no "plop" sound and the command is not recognised. I need to hit the "send" button for the speech to be sent and recognised. It is if the PTT release is not being recognised. It is intermittent and so far unpredictable. Yes I have tried the old keyboard that worked fine on the old computer. Same result. No real t/shooting has been done so far. Just looking to see if anyone has seen this before. Kev M
  4. 707FAN

    game crash EGKK

    Hi, Ran exactly the same scenario tonight under same conditions and all worked well. No problems. Now a happy Tower player again👍👍 Kev M
  5. 707FAN

    game crash EGKK

    Peter, I am running Win 10 64 bit. Normally I have no problems if I do a cold start of the computer before running tower. which I did this time. Although I have noticed a couple of glitches on other programs at times. I think the video card (which is quite old now) is starting to fail. For Vic, I will retry the same time etc. and see how it goes. Kev
  6. 707FAN

    game crash EGKK

    Running EGKK and had a program crash Info attached Any ideas. I think it is a windows crash rather than a program crash as i have been running EGKK for a while with no major operating system problems. That' s put a hole in a good night of running tower. UUUmhh Kev M output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp
  7. 707FAN

    Airline callsigns lists

    Having re read your original post, it appears you are looking for a list of airline call signs for a particular airport as a quick references perhaps. I make a spreadsheet for each airport with the following info on it. in this order. I sit it beside the airport diagram etc on the desk until I am familiar with all the odd call signs. ICAO, IATA, CALL, AIRLINE, then perhaps terminal and any other relative bits of info. Where to get the information. Wikipedia each airport, it usually has a list of airlines operating to that airport-- gives AIRLINE names for reference from schedule.txt. pull out the IATA for each airline. copy to a spreadsheet. from airport terminal.txt copy the ICAO files to the same spreadsheet. This gives the ICAO for each airline. from the airline.txt copy either the ICAO or IATA files listed for each airlines listed in the files above with all their data. It will contain all the info you need. Massage the info into whatever format you want and print a list of those airlines operating to that airport. It is best not to try and make custom airlines.txt for each airport as it gets very messy to control. Probably the best way is to try to maintain a good full listing, amended as required and use this as a master file and copy it across to each airport, amending the name as applicable. Make use of Excell or similar to massage data. It makes it easier than trying to collect it all togther manually. Don't try to amend the airplanes.txt file that come with RT files as they are interlinked with other files. It will fall over. Hopefully this might help a bit Kev M
  8. 707FAN

    GPU Usage?

    A handy thing that I have found and I have quite an old video card, is if your computer has been running for many hours doing word processing, spreadsheets, other games etc. which leaves left over bits in RAM etc. a good cold reboot before running T3D makes sure that you have all the CPU, video and RAM resources available for the game. I never have a crash (except Aircraft) if I start the game from a fresh boot. Kev M
  9. 707FAN

    Tower 2011 Airport Design Editor

    Yep, If you have the manual, look on page 69. Item 7 Knot Properties under Roads/Routes Setup Editor. At the gate type selection, you can select what type of holding point (taxi hold line). The second dot point explains it. It took a bit of finding my old Tower 2011 manual to find this. KevM
  10. 707FAN

    Tower 2011: Change runway exit

    Dan This had me scratching my head a bit. I have the tower 2011 manual but it is too big to attach even zipped and can not find any command to specify a particular taxiway or direction to vacate the runway. I think that is why I had to delete bays on the wrong side of the runway to get the A/C to turn towards the terminal at some A/p,s. I don't know if the speech files can be amended as in Tower 3D but perhaps others might be able to help there. When tower 3D came along I virtually abandoned Tower 2011. Do you have the 2011 manual? Sorry if I am not a great deal of help. Kev M
  11. 707FAN

    Airline callsigns lists

    The list can get fairly long. The hardest part for me is to keep up with the newcomers, LCC's going bust and mergers. Not to take anything away from Gabors hard work but I notice that the airlines.txt list put out with each new A/P does still contain a number of defunct airlines and a couple that have merged or their data has changed. Would it make sense to start an airlines sticky post like latest schedules post etc. where any changes to airlines can be listed and as individuals we can update our own airlines.txt files. I don't think this would have any copyright implications as the .txt files are not owned by anybody to my knowledge. Kev M
  12. @battlehawk77 After all the confusion over my posts in other ares, I came across a duplicate flight number OAK,LGW,789,DI,7074,12:27,12:00,1,DI JFK,LGW,789,DI,7074,22:33,12:00,1,DI Flight aware show the JFK-LGW flights as being predominately 701X flight numbers. Kev M
  13. Pete, No I didn't try the continue taxi but will if it occurs again. From memory, there was nothing in the immediate area of the pushback. I will remember that for future reference. Craig Sorreee. I was really pointing out an anomaly and was asking Battlhawk77 if he wanted any funny things such as double flight numbers etc. brought to his attention via the forum or via PM;s Perhaps I should have worded it better. Kev M
  14. @battlehawk77 I had a no pushback today. Wednesday schedule NRS7013 06:12 dep did not pushback. From the ground movement/parking/docking chart it looks like it was from stand 13 or 15. I had to delete it. All other PB's worked fine. Good airport. I liked it on Tower 2011 but this Adds another level. Ques. For these sorts of queries do you want them on the forum or PM's. Kev M
  15. @wombat169 As general LGW knowledge it is known that RWY 26R/08L is not normally used. But to those not familiar with the airport I can understand the confusion. If you want to use it as a taxiway, it is taxiway ZZ. Have a look at http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php%3Foption=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=93&Itemid=142.html There is heaps of info there and some good charts. Below is an extract from this document. Underlined is the relative information. USE OF RUNWAYS a) Special runway utilisation procedures are detailed at GEN 3.8.4. b) Departure Wake Vortex Separations The following pairs of holding points for Runways 26L/08R are considered to be the same point for the purposes of departure wake vortex separation: c) Use of Runway 08L/26R i. Runway 08L/26R is a non-instrument runway and will only be used when Runway 08R/26L is temporarily non-operational by reason of maintenance or incident. Runway 08R/26L is closed regularly to allow maintenance to take place. Dates and times are subject to change, latest details are advised by NOTAM and airport notices. ii. Runway 08L/26R cannot be used simultaneously with Runway 08R/26L because of insufficient separation between the two. For this reason also, extensive safeguarding procedures are required (see d ii) before Runway 08L/26R can be activated and the runway is not available on request by pilots. Lighting for the closed runway and parallel taxiway will not be visible on approach. d) Restriction of Operation i. During Runway 08L/26R operations, delays may occur to aircraft taxiing on the aerodrome due to the following: Runway 26L Runway 08R Holding points Mike 1/3 and Alpha 2/3 Holding points Juliet 1/3 and Hotel 1/3 Holding points Mike 1/3 and Bravo 1 Holding points Juliet 1/3 and Golf 1 Holding points Alpha 2/3 and Bravo 1 Holding points Hotel 1/3 and Golf 1 Holding points Bravo 1 and Charlie 1 Holding points Bravo 1 and Yankee 1/2 Hope this helps Kev M

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