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    2 comments BMT micro: I emailed them on a Sunday afternoon in Australia (late Saturday night in the U.S.) for a password reset. Not expecting a reply until U.S. back to work on Monday. I received a reply with an hour & the password reset. Good service. Tower SP33c: SFO Taxiway F1 now works good & I think the speech engine seem to understand quickly spoken speech much better. Good work. Kev M
  2. Boeing designations, schedule & Real Color

    I have had a weekend away from Tower with my other interest (model railways). I can see Wayne & Craig's point though. For visual correctness, the various sub categories do make the visuals more realistic. I really don't think performance between various sub models is a big thing because in the real world the variance in T/O & landing distances are dependent on many factors, weight, temp, derate etc. even where the terminal is located. Here in Brisbane, if it is low traffic most of the international arrivals on 19 roll right through to the end, because that's where the terminal is located, even 737's roll though. QF & VA domestics tend to stop as quick as they can because thats where their terminals are. 99% of the 737's here are -800's with winglets, so I guess I am biased. One last one, why don't we depict the airbus A320's & A330's with P&W, RR, CFM & IAE V2500 engines fitted. They are all sub categories and have slightly different visual identities, also A320's non NEO, with the small winglets & those with the sharklet later winglets fitted. Enjoy Kev M
  3. This applies to Boeing aircraft only Reading lots of topics on real color and the various Boeing sub model designation, I am suggesting that the sub models be dropped from the schedule.txt files. Each A/C type has basic models with variants for winglets, non winglets, long range, ER etc. i.e 772,77L, 737M, etc, They are all basic models on the same airframe. I notice that ATC Joe usually uses the basic models in his schedules. I have been using this method on all my home made schedules since Tower 2011. It would make it simpler for Gabon (sorry if spelt wrong) to make the RT aircraft file & the RC file & take away the problem with 77L v 772 as per the BA A/C in another topic. It would mean that if using a downloaded FlightAware file you would need to convert 73L etc. to 738 or as required. This is really a fairly simple search & replace operation. Think how much smaller the aircraft.txt file would be & the RC file would not have the problems with the BA livery or others. For information, Airbus has a similar designation for its models. the designation is 3 numbers designating model, engine, weight ie. A330-313. These are not shown in the Tower files. Please don't throw this suggestion out & for Craig, Wayne, Vic, Joe, & all the others that have valuable contributions to this site regularly, have a bit of a think about it. There I have had my rant for the week Kev M
  4. KSFO Taxiways commands

    I am having the same problem with recognition of F1. If F is busy I send any "heavys" for 28's via the scenic route, B G L. This gives the opportunity to hold outbound traffic on L before reaching F to allow any arrivals to taxi via F. It would be good if F1 was recognised by the speech engine though. Kev M
  5. Custom (REAL) Traffic #6 -- KBOS ver. 1.0 -- Intro 2018

    Joe. In another post you say "**Be sure to check out all my prior custom schedules for KLAX ver 1.0, KLAS, KLGA, KPHL & KLAX v2.0!" Short of trawling through the post on these subjects, is there an easy way to get access to all the dropbox files if needed in the future or someone gets the airport and wants to download the schedule files. Kev M
  6. Add-on Airports

    I tend to favor KGLA most of the time. RWY 4 Dep, 31 Arr What I have done is culled ATC joes schedule as follows:- 1. Allow the first 3 departures of each operator in each hour. i.e. if RPA has 8 departures in an hour, the first 3 is allowed into the schedule. The rest of the RPA departures get //on their schedule line. If an operator has 3 or less departures in each hour they are not touched. By allowing the early departures it tends to clear the gates for arrivals. 2. Allow the last 3 arrivals of each operator as above. Same criteria. This might seem to slow things down but as each session starts, it starts about 15 mins prior to the start time selected. This means that the previous hours arrivals spawn when they can & the departures commence. This gives the effect of having about 60-65 movements per hour. To me a comfortable amount to allow the sim to be enjoyed. Some hrs have small lulls in the middle but they are only for a couple of minutes. There is never a time when there is no movements on the A/P. If I want to increase the traffic flow, I just remove the // on the schedule line. Flight reinstated. Kev M
  7. KMIA - Miami - schedule update required.......

    John, The Tower 2011 graphic for MIA is way out of date. From memory it shows construction happening around the top terminal (AA). This has long been finished. I added many gates to this area from Google Earth & any other sources that I could get. It looked funny having A/C going though the construction area but it dramatically reduced the "no free terminal" situation and increased the traffic flow quite a bit. You could also make your own schedule up & make sure that any odd airlines in the schedule have terminal allocations or they wont turn up or depart.. Kev M
  8. SAN Issues

    I have seen it at KLGA from 31 as well. Full length T/O. It does not seem to be repeatable nor happen on all T/O's. It is difficult to get a log file as it is so intermittent & you only know it happens if you are watching the A/C at the split second that it does it. Even running a log file on every session may or not show up the spin if it happens. Kev M
  9. John, For the schedule files, any of the latest Tower 3D files for the applicable airports should work. For the others you might need to make your own. I made my 787 series, A350, series airplanes.txt. files and .apx & .apt files using the PlaneEd.exe functon in Tower 2011 using existing aircraft files. . They all worked fine. I use the 744 for the 47F as it is close enough for me. I don't think the Real Traffic EULA would allow me to post these files here. Kev M
  10. For you clever simmers out there, How is the best way to handle International flights that depart a different terminal to domestics by the same operator. e.g. UAL, AAL etc. international flight arrive & depart form different terminals, at some airports. e.g SFO. In Tower 2011 I handled this by assigning different IATA & ICAO codes to them i.e. United became UAH & UH for int. flights & terminal assignment UAH Etc. This worked fine. There was No RC involved so no problem there. Has anybody tried this in 3DPro? How does it handle two different ICAO/IATA codes in the airlines.txt file/ I think it will not be a problem. also the same of the terminal.txt file. BUT, what about the real colour files. It looks like the airplanes_texpackX.manifiest file can be amended OK but what about the airplanes_texpackX file. This is not easy to amend. Has anybody tried it as it would add another degree or realism to the sim. The same applies to operators of both cargo & Pax aircraft into the same airport. Kev M
  11. John & Wayne No not normally. RT will load the traffic files to ALL airports including those that you do not have installed. i.e I don't have KATL but have all the traffic files. Be Aware. It will override any custom files, i.e. schedules, terminal files etc. (.txt) that you have created for yourself. You need to copy those to somewhere else, load the new RT files & reload your custom files. using copy n paste. It will all work then. Sometimes RC files become a problem if the aircraft.txt file has changed but the RC file not updated. You get nice white aircraft. You might need to changes some aircraft types. i.e RC does not seem to have Republic E75's. or other E75's. Just change them to E70's & they show up in AAL colour scheme. Kev M
  12. Tower 3D Pro - Aircraft / Liveries

    Craig, re your list of RC packs & their airport relativity. Thanks, I have been looking for that for a long time to see which packs relate to which airport. Now for some E75 liveries. Oh well we can only hope. Kev M
  13. Taxiway F at KLGA

    Delta VII, Clearing RWY 4 Arrivals at a busy time is not easy. I load the schedule into an excel spreadsheet with the aircraft info etc. & run it on a laptop alongside the main computer. That way I can see what is supposed to be the traffic flow. At peak arrivals times I run RWY 22 for arrivals & 31 for departures. That way you can clear an A/C on 31 for T/O as soon as the arrival crosses 31. There might be a small downwind using 22 but in real life it would be acceptable. Also if you tell them to vacate at CY you can get a nice procession down B to the terminal and B6 (JetBlue) will now turn right at CY to go to terminal A. Kev M
  14. I worked in the engineering dept. of 2 airlines. One turned them off after shutdown, the other did not. It seems it us up to the operators procedures. The thing that annoys me more than that is the flashing beacon still on top of the fin as well as on top of the fuselage. To my knowledge no modern aircraft type still has the beacon on the fin & certainty none have the beacon on the top of the fuselage & the fin. A little job for Gabor to remove the fin beacon light. I should really start a new topic for this one Kev M
  15. Real Traffic update available

    Gabor, Can you please give me more info on what has changed in the KLGA RT file. I am using ATC joe's file and are having no problems with loading. It is nice to know what has changed in the updates in case it reflects on other custom files etc. Just a brief list of changes would be helpful. Kev M