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  1. 707FAN

    Custom Schedule Problems

    For the new custom schedule makers some interesting facts. For the old hands I know this is nothing new but it might help the newbies to custom schedules to understand how easy it is to get something wrong & how hard it is sometimes to find it. Waking at 3:AM with the answer is usually a good start!!!! Ah, the dreaded syntax errors with the various .txt file. I regularly make custom files but don't publish them as there are enough out there. BUT I have found these to be the most common errors that I have made with the .txt files: schedule.txt 1. wrong aircraft type 2. a ; instead of a : in the time list. 3. with non US airports, forgetting to change the code from ICAO to IATA in the arr/Dep list. 4. Duplicate flight numbers (the program does not like that very much) terminal.txt 1. Forgetting to put a comma after each entry in the terminals. airports.txt 1. Making sure that the airports listed in the schedule are listed in the airports.txt file & adding them, if needed airline.txt 1. Making sure the odd bod airlines (the interesting ones) are in the airlines.txt file, researching them and adding them if required. There are 9 columns in the flight schedule & lets say you download a days operation from JFK using flightaware , that could be up to 1000 individual pieces of operational data. All this data has to be massaged into the correct format with NO mistakes. That's 9000 pieces of info to get right with no mistakes. Whew!! Occasionally I have had excel put in a few character of its own for no reason. They have to be sussed out and removed in the .txt files. Have fun making custom schedules. Kev M
  2. 707FAN


    Craig I was under the belief that in tower 2011 there was a file that showed the recognised speech words. I thought this also applied to 3D. Obviously I was wrong (again) Where do you find the speech recognition status in Win 10? Kev M
  3. 707FAN


    @Someguythere Listening to your video, you appear to be saying runway twenty six. Try saying runway two six. ( distinct words spoken clearly) The speech engine in the game does not like multiple numbers. i.e flight AA1234 will not recognise american twelve thirty four but will recognise american one two three four. There is a list of what numbers the program recognises but I can't remember where it is. Maybe someone might be able to help with the list location Kev M
  4. 707FAN

    UK voice training...?

    @EliGrim Basically for Takeoffs/landings, the sequence is "Aircraft, Runway, cleared for takeoff/ clear to land. Coming from Tower 2011, I had a problem with the command also. In Tower 2011 you did not have to give the runway identifier. It took a bit of getting it through my thick head. Now it comes automatically. Kev M
  5. 707FAN

    LEBL Bugs

    @Pedantic G I think you're right. When you look at the info on BCN it says between 2300-0700 RWY 2 for arr & 7R for dep. I tried using 2 for arr & 7L for dep but not enough time between arrivals to get them off 7L. Also a little bug in ATC Joes schedule . VA487 21:34 dep , VA475 15:28 arr, both should be BA not VA.. VA does not fly anywhere near Europe. Schedule checked with FlightAware. Kev M
  6. 707FAN

    LEBL Bugs

    I ran 0600-0700 using the 7's for both T/O & ldg mixed. All A/c taxied to the 7's with not problems. I then ran 0700 (0646) to 0800 using 25L for dep & 25R for arr. All A/c taxied as requested including departures from the remote stands on both terminals. If there is a problem it seems to be with rwy 2 departures. For @Gabor & @atcJoe. EY Etihad operates regularly into LEBL using A332 A/C. They are not in schedule nor in the master RC list. Something for the next RC revision. I have added EY to my schedule. Kev M
  7. 707FAN

    LEBL Bugs

    Ref my previous post. Thanks fro the replies. I will run the same time scenerio again but this time allocate rwy 7L to all the associated departures and see what happens. And remember to dump a game.log this time. Kev M
  8. 707FAN

    LEBL Bugs

    More LEBL problems 1. All the A/c listed in the strip & shown on the ADIRS screen except RYR2744 did not push back. Ignore the ===against the rwy allocation as they occurred after I attempted to move the strip to the main screen. 2. RYR2744 called for pushback, was allocated RWY 2 and showed the taxi via E1,J,K. all good. After PB, Was given RWY2 but could not find the taxi path after that. Sorry no log as I was somewhat peeved at this and forgot to get the log before I restarted the game again I think here has been enough of this non taxi problem highlighted to give Gabor enough evidence to seriously look at this problem. It appears terminal 1 north side whether on a gate or on a remote stand has the problem. RYR 6341 and VLG8036 are on remote stands and it looks like they could taxi fwd without a pushback. At first I thought that might have been the problem but the others are at the terminal. Basically LEBL is not playable with these problems. @Gabor PLEEEEse fix as this looks like a gerat airport to control Kev M
  9. ATCControl-Joe How is the best way to contact you as I have found a couple of little quirks with the LEBL schedule. Noting serious but maybe some minor corrections. Kev M
  10. 707FAN

    Newer flight number style

    @winsaudiThanks Wayne, I was looking for this. This is what I was trying to explain in my opening post. On the subject of the common txt files I agree that there should be one common file for all airports. I have made two "Master" files i.e. airlines and airports where I put all the changes in one file. As you say, it does mean copying them to all the airport files which of course I tend to forget to do when I change airport out of the blue. Also like you I spend many hours "fixing" the RT schedules for each airport. Not complaining, just commenting. For the Dev's. With the next version, it would make it much easier if there was a series of 'master' files that read across to all airports and were the common source for all add on airports. That way one amendment would be reflected across all DLC's. We live in hope.😉 Kev M '
  11. My old favourite has been SFO even back in Tower days. As others say, if the problems can be fixed (next version) with the aircraft exiting the runway quickly, I will go back to it in a flash. Kev M
  12. 707FAN

    Newer flight number style

    Yeh at present it doesn't see these flight numbers because they are not in the schedule BUT in the future if they become the norm and the old type flight numbers are dropped, then how will the program handle a flight number of RYR96EK. instead of FR 9741. It might be something for the next program release. Also I can"t find out why these numbers were initiated. I can only think it was to stop confusion over similar flight numbers. c'mon who can answer this.😊 Kev M
  13. 707FAN

    Newer flight number style

    How does tower 3D pro handle the new style flight numbers rapidly appearing around Europe. An example is OE322 /LDM77ULaudamotion ATC uses the new format for communications with the aircraft.i.e this aircraft is LDM77U as far as ATC is concerned. I have tried to find more info on this without much success. Can someone please enlighten us simmers on what the story is on these number formats. Kev M
  14. Thanks Joe, That is going to save me a lot of work. Looks good
  15. 707FAN

    LEBL Runway and taxiway charts

    Thanks for all the replies it is appreciated. There is no such thing as too much info on these sorts of things. Now to sort out the schedule as I have noticed that there are several hi profile airlines missing from the schedule i.e SQ & EY. Also CX is not in the schedule but given that they only recently started operating into BCN that can be expected. I am not complaining. All in all a good job done by Gabor and all those who helped get the airport released. Kev M

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