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  1. I tried MCO 1348-1500. RWY 36L & 35R. About 26 arrivals (I might have missed recording the runway on a couple of them) only 3 were to the wrong runway, 2 JBU, 1 AAL. I moved the AAL from 35R to 36R & allowed the JBU's to land on 35R & taxi via twy J. In some ways it eased the flow to Airside 1. All A/C traveled CCW instead of arrivals & Departures going opposite direction form/to Airside 1 terminal. Not bad really & did make to a little easier as it lowered the traffic on 36L as most arrivals are on that side. Kev M
  2. Interesting, MCO might be a good one to try this on as the terminals and runways are on opposite sides of the airport. I will try it & see if the aircraft spawn to the most suitable runway to their terminals Kev M
  3. 707FAN

    TOWER!3D: Real Color KBOS for KPHL?

    I have an excel spreadsheet of all the RC's that I have on my system. The sheets show the list by pack number and aircraft types & airlines in each pack As I say it is not complete but I am willing to post it if it does not contravene any copyright rules. It would be good if someone could fill in the gaps & it could be kept as a reference document on a sticky post. For Gabor (ND) or Vic (feelthere)do you have any objection to posting a spreadsheet of the RC airlines/aircraft per RC pack & updating it as new/revised RC packs are released? I await your reply Kev M
  4. Even this sight is not complete. Dragonair HDA, KA shows up in their list. It was renamed to Cathay Dragon some time ago. Put in Cathay Dragon & there is no record found. I always think you need to research many info sites & work from them using what you know & the mixture of info they give. Kev M
  5. 707FAN

    So, do you all....

    I try to taxi them in request order but try to look at where they are at the terminal. If 2 A/C are near each other but not on adjacent gates I normally get the one closest to the runway to pushback first then clear the other to pushback. that way one is not taxiing behind the other A/C on pushback. It makes it a little quicker to get them moving. Also in the case of MCO, where there may be several P/B requests in one terminal but a loner in another terminal, I will get this one moving irrespective of its order in the queue to keep things moving. Kev
  6. 707FAN

    Downloading Tower 3D Pro problem

    Thanks Ariel I will wait patiently. Kev M
  7. 707FAN

    Downloading Tower 3D Pro problem

    Vic, The downunder natives are getting restless & there is a lot more of us now. (I will even include NZer's) . How about considering a YXXX airport. YSSY, YMML, or even YBBN. YSSY has been suggested before & has a fairly interesting runway arrangement, separate terminals and an ever increasing variety of operators. I believe there used to be a problem getting the OK to use non US airport graphics. Was that only for twr2011 or does it still apply, or have I got it wrong, again. Kev M
  8. 707FAN

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    Thanks guys, now if we had the AS Airbus liveries in pack 11 (SFO) we could slowly change the VX IATA code in the schedule over time to AS to simulate the repainting & even leave one of two as VX to simulate aircraft that have not gone through the repaint program. I worked for an airline that took over 2 yrs to repaint the fleet as they only did the repaint during major maintenance. It might add interest to have the odd one still in the old colours for a year or so. Something to think about. Kev M
  9. 707FAN


    Well ranted. I agree. Having been with this "game" since 2011, I have seen a number of cynics come and go but if you look around the forum now, there is a steady number of what I would call "true supporters" of FT & ND & what Vic, Ariel & Gabor & don't forget the others who have produced airports as well, are trying to achieve. Kev M
  10. 707FAN

    Downloading Tower 3D Pro problem

    Mike, I am in Brissie also. I have been doing the tower thing since 2011. Very early. I have always purchased through ATC suite or feelthere via BMT micro, the distributors. I have had occasions where I have had to go back to BMT to refresh the download links. Like you, I though that of a weekend here you would not expect a reply until the next US work day. No, I have received replies from Barb on Sunday afternoon. Their service is good on that respect. Remember BMT micro is a large organisation supporting lots of software world wide. I guess it is in their interest to have weekend staff on duty to answer queries. Also always keep your download emails for future reference. YOU WILL NEED THEM. (sorry of the caps but trying to make a point). Get RT & RC & enjoy the sim. There is a lot of guys on the forum how are very helpful Kev M
  11. 707FAN

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

    Thanks, I should have checked that. I haven't worked SFO for quite a while. Just for clarification, does a VX A320 flight pick up an Alaska livery or a Virgin America livery? Kev M
  12. 707FAN

    Voted Schedule- KFSO

  13. 707FAN


    Thanks Ariel That will be great It has been a long time coming 😉 Kev M
  14. 707FAN


    Ariel, All understood. I thought that might have been the case. I see that Sky King has updated the date by adding another post, but as you say, you don't want it clogged up with additional posts. This keeps the update info clean. Is it possible to put the info into another format, maybe pdf, or such, and attach it as an additional post to the sticky with perhaps the wording of "updater files updated to reflect new XXX airport or whatever the change is. That way the updater posts get a new date stamp. It would give a record of the updates via the posts date stamp. The .xxx updater info files can be downloaded/opened as we wish. Anybody got a better idea, plse put it in here. Kev M
  15. Vic, You can't go on vacation!! Who will we throw stones at while your away. I Guess Ariel will have to cop it while your away. Have a good one. You deserve it for putting up with us. KevM

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