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  1. I have been int the fltdk for many pushbacks. Some crews start to push as soon as the clearance is given. "Gnd push back approved- brakes off, start push". Other times the crews have asked for pushback clearance when their not fully ready to apease the "On Time Performance" gods. Are we going or not?? So differences in the commencement of the physical pushback vs the time the pushback was requested can be quite different at times. In fact It makes it more realistic expecially if you have to handle a slow pushback. Kev
  2. As I have said before, when making a schedule that doesn't load properly, I always load it into Excel as a comma deliniated file. Any mistakes in typing, etc. will show up there as the entries in the columns that are wrong will easly show up as they will seem different to the rest of the entries. It is a good practice to run filters on each column & scan down the entries. Any odd ones will whow up there as well. Kev
  3. For some unknown reason, that is the title of the release of YMML. There have not been any changes to my knowledge KevM
  4. Loads for me in Brisbane Australia in about 8 seconds and after that is as fast as I need it. I am on a coax cable coneection then through a WIFI so lose a bit there. I noteced that the prices are in AUD. That is a big help. Kev M
  5. I usually inport the file into an Excell spreadsheet and use the various find/search filter butons etc to see what is out of place. If you import the file as a comma deliniated file, the colon will stick out as there will be a misalignment of the data in the columns. Kev
  6. @hexzed That's what I have done in the past. Usually increment the flight number by one, provided it doesn't give duplicate numbers for the same operator. If so, I find some a unique number. This mostly happens to US domestics & some Foreign flights. I am interested to see what happens. @DeltaVII I am doing SFO and there only seems to be QF & BA that do through flights. I'll give it a go & arrange the Arrival to be early in the hour and allow about 1.5 hrs transit and see what happens. I do hourly schedules with each hour starting from about 45 mins before the hr. and includes the playing hr + 4 hrs i.e. a total of five hours. Thanks to both for the info Kev M
  7. A quick question for the schedule guru's (I'm being lazy) Can the program handle an arrival and a departure with the same flight number and operator in the same session. e.g. BA 590 Arr 19:02 from HNL BA 590 Dep 19:59 to JFK This would be in the same hour session. I am assuming that for this to work, the arrival time would have to be first and a reasonable time lag (transit time) for the departure. I would imagine that it would get confused if the times were not in that order. This is for a realistic Retro schedule that I am creating. (well, as realistic as possible) All info helps Kev M
  8. @nyergesdesign Gabor, When I intially installed EDDM RC I did not require a key. The initial install only required me to extract the files to the Textures folder and worked fine. I purchased the RC file in Apr 2018 via BMT Micro. I am updating all the RC files that I have and now need a key to install EDDM SP1.exe. which of course I don't have. Can you help?
  9. @Eric G Welcome to the world of Tower. With all the banter that goes on, the guys on the forum are very helpfull to all. I am sure there will be other home made retro schedules appearing over a period of time and of course @EliGrim schedules are a great way to start or use all the time. Enjoy the experience Kev M
  10. SFO at the momement but any retro (or real) schedule can be mofidied for any airport providing you don't care too much about schedule realism. @andredragt and @DeltaV Thanks for the info I will try that method Kev M
  11. For the game Guru's I am creating a retro schedule using a combination to real and fictitous time tables from various sources. As there is a lot of wide body A/C in the retro pack and limited W/B bays/gates at the A/p's in the game, is it possible to assertain how many bays are W/B bays at each terminal from the game log of each A/P. If so it would make it easier to schedule the W/B A/c such that there is always a bay available. Kev M
  12. I noticed in the latest and last RT airlines.txt file that the 707 is shown as AIRBUS 707 whoops!!
  13. Ron One last Reply I have a relatively new and fairly powerful setup. If I remember rightly, It took me a couple of goes to get the other screens to stay on the 2nd monitor. Once they wer there all was fine after that and still is. One other thing is that this is the only game that stretches my PC as far as heat is concerned. It makes the CPU & graphic card work hard. Perhaps your CPU/GPU/RAM just does not have enough grunt to run 2 screens at a resonable frame rate. Sounds like it might be time for a new PC. Kev
  14. Just a quick thought but probably a red herring but could the problem be a difference in resolution settings between the monitors as it look like they might be different types/sizes/ resolutions. Just a thought. Kev M
  15. Dowloaded and ran Sp1a it work fine with the amended radar screens. Kev
  16. @ATC AlaskaGuy & others, have a look ath these sites http://timetableimages.com/ttimages/complete/complete.htm http://www.departedflights.com/ Note that http://timetableimages.com/ttimages/complete/complete.htm site. has a link to http://www.departedflights.com/ I am thinking about making a schedule around late 70's early 80's that can use most of the retro liveries although some poetic license will be required, depanding on the airport selected, e.g. Ansett 744's in SFO, LAX. in 1980 Kev
  17. I have downloaded the Sp1 non steam version from BMT micro and the DBRITE still shows the runway heading of about 090-270. Maybe the updated release reached the steam version release but not the feelthere release so far. Don't know about the terminal problems. kev
  18. With the imminent release of the retro airlines & aircraft, is it time to start thinking about some schedules My tuppence worth are: 1. Try to incorporate as many of the aircraft as possible. 2. Make the schedule not too complicated so that item 3 can be appreciated. 3. Select an exisitng airport that is suitable to operate and see the airraft on the runway etc. to appreciate the liveries. The schedule would be ficticous but there are some web sites with the old timetables available for reference as a guide. There are a mulitude of schedule creators on the forum & I sometimes use some of them as a basis for creating my own versions. I'm throwing this open for suggestions so there is a good schedule for the retro a/c so the work put into them can be appreciated. Kev
  19. Thanks Ben, I see what you mean about keeping them in a column to get it to work properly. I think I will stick to excel.😃 Kev
  20. @WildCard Thanks for the info Daniel. To add to your information I guess the easiest way to re sort the arrivak times is to import them into an Excell spreadsheet. Sort the times latest to Earliest, then save as a c.sv file, then rename as a .txt file. Does anyone know a way to sort notepad++ files not by the first entry in a line. i.e be able to sort the file by arrival time??? This would make it mush easier Kev
  21. Here is a typical excel spreadsheet that I produce for all my airports. This one is EKCH but the others are in the same format. Under the Runway heading the B4 etc are the taxiway exits used. I run it on a laptop as a third screen to show what is comming up and how much traffic to expect and how to handle the traffic. Kev EKCH Laptop Schedule.xlsx
  22. It is basically like the US. Chapter 11 system but certainly not the same. In Australia a company who is losing money and can not support its creditors can call in administrators before they totaly fail. The administrators attempt to either reserect the company or find a new buyer/investor. In Virgin Australia's case it was having difficulty keeping the airline afloat due to various reasons which I can't go into here. The covid19 grounding was the nail in the coffin for VA at this stage. Please be aware that this is a very rough description and my understanding as a non legal person, but I hope it might explain things a little. Kev
  23. You will need to add the operators to the airlines.txt file if they are not there. Also check that the airports that they operate to/from are in the airports.txt file. Kev
  24. @Psst6407 In tower 2011, the A/C always vacate in the direction of the most terminals. What I did was delete enough GA parking spots until there was one less than the number of bays at the terminal. Presto, all A/C arriving on 08L turned left when exiting. It makes it easier to give taxi commands. From memory taxiways L & G were always a problem. I ignored the intl vs domestic flights but gave HA intl a different ICAO & IATA to differentiate between them. Not having real color it made no difference to the look of the aircraft. I used to use 08R for carg A/c and they went straight to the cargo terminal no problems. Hope this helps Kev
  25. Don't complain about old & new liveries. That's realistic. Sometimes it takes years for an airline to repaint all the aircraft. Mostly done during major layups. The odd one in the old livery adds realism to the game. I like it. 😁
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