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"TOWER has stopped working" message on Vista


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Recently installed and uninstalled TOWER 2011 on Windows Vista several times to only get the message constantly when I attempt to start the program.  I attempt to run the program as an administrator but it does not help.  The message says "Tower has stopped working".

Here are my system specifics requested and the tower.log file information.


  • your Operating system including 32 or 64 bit and the language:  Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit English
  • system memory: 3.00 GB
  • video card and it's memory: ATI  Radeon X1250 - 128 MB
  • did you install openAL:  YES
  • did you install Speech and set it up as it described in the manual:  YES
  • if you report gameplay problems or possible conflicts please make sure to attach the tower.log file from the main Tower! 2011 folder:  Can't attach file here is the copied version



Game started at: 2014. 6. 24.  /  19:40:52
TGA mgr init
settings mgr init
profile mgr init
Init 3d win
WinVersion: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium Edition Service Pack 2, 32-bit


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It is located on your graphics card is too weak for the game.
video card and it's memory: ATI Radeon X1250 - 128 MB

Mine is an NVIDIA graphics card with 2048 MB of RAM. Since it runs without any problems not with 128MB which is too weak and therefore can not work also.


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