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  1. Because I like the paint and before was not yet Malaysia Airlinesdrinnen. so I have them inside.
  2. Hello everybody After the patch I still noticed some mistakes. This time in Terminal 2 GH and LH: 1. Aircraft Direction Runway as the tug needs what the aircraft wegschiebt from the gate fst always 10 minutes 2. The Ringelspiel with the aircraft has not gotten better but worse that there is not anywhere. Would I sit in there then I would be full of puking the whole plane of this Ringelspiel. 3. The crash is the purest disaster. That comes when one plane over another way to push out is when you have 5 aircraft and others also want to start because it is so blocked by the other, through the curves of the other plane then man has ever crash a turn calculates are the loose -2500 points so that's it really is not going to play the tower anymore. Now, finally, the crazy game in Terminal 1 is gone and now it is in Terminal 2, this is a joke or a joke, but unfortunately I can not use that that does not even happen in the Real Weld. That's why I took a picture so see picture. You only make other landing ports but the mistakes are not fixed as this is a joke for me that I can not share right now. That's where the fun stops with me. Who is responsible for this airport? MfG Michi10
  3. Since I can only agree with the Riskin. If I could only do one thing in his post without getting too close to him, see the picture with the CLH7789 near Taxiway D3. If now there is still a plane to take off then it would be a crash now and that is in every terminal 2. Some tugs do not let even the pushing out of an airplane out of it, a whole row of planes is shot down and the minus stand is the same -10000 points so there is still a huge problem. Yes that´s right.
  4. What did you get up and running?
  5. @Braf123456 Yes that's right
  6. That would be great if that would come. Then I have an idea how to do an area where to write the real * and then it could be for the programmers and what the aircraft Reapant do to read like a checklist.
  7. No, there are EVA Airlines and also DHL Cargo. Where I have one more say the DHL, FDX, UPS, EVA Cargo and the B777. Have I ever seen here in Vienna when I come to the airport on August 27 I look if I can take pictures because fly my girlfriend on vacation.
  8. But I found it on the internet see picture B744, B777
  9. Yes I had to buy the Real Color RT Tower3D Pro because it disappeared in my email why I have no idea. Now it works and I have all the aircraft I need only EVA Cargo Still missing.
  10. Hello I noticed that some eddm_airplane missing me as for example B74N, B77F_3S, B73F_ag of Boing and also the A20N ETC. I can not find and do not know if it is a WIDE BODY JET, REGIONAL JET, Prop, NARROW BODY JET or TURBOPROP? Does someone have the new eddm_airplane?
  11. @cwalfy1I had to uninstall the Steam DLC and reinstall it. There was an error loading the store. @Braf123456Question: Where should I post it? There have been problems with the Tower 3D daber this post is either deleted or closed. Auserdem at the top where the angegehäftet Does the writing in the posts with me not.
  12. Since this update comes up this problem and that from 20:00 clock that is now a joke or a mistake. All drivers from the PC are Updated
  13. Really the Real Color are not yet unlocked. Unfortunately, I do not know how to please here two post in a power for it I apologize.
  14. But that was yesterday. See picture below. Exactly that what is marked in gray are the changed data from EDDM see picture. But only with the MByte it is not 69 Mb but 68.5 MB.
  15. Hello after the update from 08.08.2019 are still some small mistakes inside. This time in Terminal 2GH there are still problems with the smugglers. Some tugs do not work as they should. The ertse where me the same time an error has occurred and although close to the taxiway D1 in Terminal 2 GH the second at the top is played carousel I would not like to sit inside there is a very bad if you look at it exactly and one other plane would like to runway the crash is already there and -500 Pk deduction that's not. The second where not a mistake is sitting again in Terminal 2GH near Taxiway D3 as a Svchlepper pulls the plane from the terminal to the map enddabe here are still some crash performed and then sint it -3000 Pk deduction. The third is still in the vicinity of the taxiway D3 because the plane is not pushed out. Another one can not even drive in to the gate. The fourth thing that still annoys me is that it's at the loading track and runway when one plane has landed and another plane is about to land. It crashes very hard here -1000 Pk. Since it would be better if you leave the aircraft driving a little further to make the others when rolling out space. Is so my tip Germany Hallo nach dem Update von 08.08.2019 sind noch einige kleine Fehler drinnen. dieses mal in Terminal 2GH da gibt es noch immer Probleme mit den Schleppern. Einige Schlepper Funktionieren nicht so wie es sein sollte. Das ertse wo mir gleich mal ein Fehler aufgetreten ist und zwar in der nähe vom Taxiway D1 in Terminal 2 GH das zweite ganz oben hier wird Karussell gespielt Ich möchte da nicht drinnen sitzen da wird ja einem ganz schlecht wenn man da mal genau schaut und ein anderes Flugzeug möchte auch zur Startbahn ist der Crash schon mal da und -500 Pk abzug das geht doch nicht. Siehe Bild Das zweite wo nich ein Fehler sitzt ist wieder in Terminal 2GH in der nähe von Taxiway D3 da zieht ein Svchlepper das Flugzeug vom Terminal bis zur Map ende dabe werden hier noch eineige Crash durch geführt und dann sint es -3000 Pk abzug. Siehe Bild Das dritte ist noch mals in der nähe vom Taxiway D3 da wird das Flugzeug gar nicht rausgeschoben. Ein anderes kann ja nicht mal reinfahren zum Gate. The fourth thing that still annoys me is that it's at the loading track and runway when one plane has landed and another plane is about to land. It crashes very hard here -1000 Pk. Since it would be better if you leave the aircraft driving a little further to make the others when rolling out space. Is so my tip MfG Michi10
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