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  1. I already thought that the same mistake will appear somewhere. Only with me they do not accept the Ramp or Approche. Then it comes to the new crash really hammer strong.
  2. Hello everybody Since a new update came out, new bugs appeared: 1 Why are the planes, and indeed the freighters, no longer running on runway 13R, 4L or 22R? 2 If I want to drive an airplane from the runway direction terminal, for example, LAN XXXX Taxi to Terminal via A. It drives as I indicated, but on Terminal 8 it drives over R and S, why is that? 3. If I have a plane the A380 for example DHL XXXX runway 13R via A Q. Before that are the way driven and now turn the already in front of the taxiway M and not more Q PF what's going on there? You managed to do that with the crash, but that the planes could drive back and forth or they could not find the route, so this is really going too far. The planes are snouting at muzzle what is it now for an M is. We did not test the patch? Will he just go crazy? Then something new for you the AirBerlin and FlyNiki are no longer the have been discontinued. This was said in Austria in the media and is already fixed. Therefore, Germanwings has now taken over the flights from Air Berlin. FlyNikki was taken over by LauderAir and MyAustrian Airlines. Austrian Airlines is now baptized in MyAustrian Airlines. Tui has also taken over some flights from FlyNikki and Air Berline. After my search for the internet on the Internet I discovered something there is EVA Caraoge, you can look here for DHL Caraoge under this link: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frachtfluggesellschaft The nexte what is coming now is that Vienna International will soon get a 3 start and runway sommit then land not only B777, B763, A333, A346, A321, A320, etc. but also B 747 and the A380. Since Vienna International has been a hub for some years already. I ask you finally get it inb handle and it is time to make a new schedule. I would like to do it myself but I do not know myself in the programming or what commands I have to insert because there is no tutorial. MfG Michi10
  3. Michi10

    Errors found of airport JFK - Fehler gefunden

    Hello I think I'll play back my Tower! 3D Pro further but in KJFK the flaws are still rotating in the own axis, crash have become no less but more and the some terminals remain empty as well as at terminal 4 & 5 whether I now per day 100, 200, 300 etc have played no role it is only that it is half empty is at the terminal and no airplanes more come. See picture of terminal 4 always remains empty and that at full 4:00:00 hours or more hours, it remains purely empty. Germany: Ich dachte ich spiele wieder mein Tower!3D Pro weiter aber in KJFK sind die Fehler nach wie vor Flugzeuge drehen sich im die eigene Axe, Crash sind nicht weniger sondern mehr geworden und das einige Terminals leer bleiben sowie bei Terminal 4 & 5 ob ich jetzt pro Tag 100, 200, 300 usw habe spielt keine Rolle es ist nur das es halb leer ist am Terminal und keine Flugzeuge mehr kommen. Siehe Bild vom Terminal 4 bleibt immer leer und das bei voller 4:00:00 Stunden oder mehr STunden sind es bleibt reinfach leer. Both Last Post is also still the same where I now found a mistake some aircraft leave the terminal does not stay the stuck or stir not from the spot so there is a crash preprogrammed. Only the error was taken from your side but not fixed. The next thing I have to address is the runway as well as the runways times to look more closely because never in life crash it since when the aircraft are almost ca 1500 meters far away so I would say who you are more than 150 Neter closer since it would rather me but not so. What is still wrong is who runs an airplane and another load on the same track then there is also no crash here. As well as I noticed the pilots are driving yes from the runway to the terminal on sight as there is the jste crossing of the taxiway crash. MfG Michi10
  4. Michi10

    I can not play my Tower 3D Pro

    That has begun with the Real Color KLAS not all the aircraft with the real colors has until then everything worked up to this real colors from KLAS which as airplanes_texpack6 the other has completely deleted or overwritten. What has written in fat has been carried out and the 5 times.
  5. Hello everybody Since yesterday I can not play my Tower 3D Pro any more Real Coloers are gone and every plane crash with the other plane. This has since I bought with the KLAS RealColor yesterday and have been installed since the problem. Then when I go to finish comes also since yesterday this tutorial and nothing goes more. What's more, my KLAX Los Angeles does not work any longer Any missing files The TXT date are before Handen Philadelphia and tist stay at 27% also hang a new Installed has brought nothing, here missing some files. Only KJFK, KATL, KSAN functioning a wall-free. What I've tried: 1 uninstalled 2 New Installed 3 All Real Color Installed but to no avail now I do not continue. In the airport KLAX, KPHL and Tist he remains only at 27% and the arrow left turns and turns but nothing happens also no error message nothing. I can also no other airport if I have the one ended more choose nothing more it dips only the tutorial on and the KLAS Relase is nothing why and why I do not know since I yesterday the Real Color KLAS Installed since the function it no longer as it should be. Can someone help me the log are attached Germany: Hallo zusammen Seit Gestern kann ich meinen Tower 3D Pro nicht mehr spielen alle Real Coloer sind weg und jedes Flugzeug Crash mit dem anderen Flugzeug. Das hat seit ich mit dem KLAS Real Color Gestern gekauft habe und installiert habe seit dem Daucht das Problem auf. Dann wenn ich auf beenden gehe kommt auch seit gestern diese Tutorial und nichts geht mehr. Was noch dazu kommt meine KLAX Los Angeles funktioniert nicht mehr da Fehlen Irgend welche Datein Die TXT datein sind vor Handen Philadelphia und tist bleiben bei 27% hängen auch eine neu Installiert hat nichts gebracht, hier Fehlen einige Datein. Nur KJFK, KATL, KSAN Funktionieren ein wand frei. Was ich schon versucht habe: Deinstalliert Neu Installiert Alle Real Color Instaliert aber ohne Erfolg jetzt weis ich nicht mehr weiter. In den Flughafen KLAX, KPHL und Tist er bleibt nur bei 27% stehen und der Pfeil Links dreht sich und dreht sich aber nichts passiert auch keine Fehlermeldung nichts. ich kann auch keinen anderen Flughafen wenn ich das eine BEendet habe mehr aussuchen nichts geht mehr es taucht nur das Tutorial auf und das KLAS Relase steht nichts wieso und warum weiß ich nicht seit ich Gestern das Real Color KLAS Installiert habe seit dem Funktioniert es nicht mehr so wie es sein solte. Kann mir da jemand Helfen die Log sind im Anhang. MfG Michi10 output_log.txt game.log speech.log
  6. Michi10

    Errors found of airport JFK - Fehler gefunden

    Hello / Hallo I found there still uwei errors. The one is with the cargo aircraft from the cargo space to the runway they do not drive out, but only stand and move not a meter also the 10 times demanding the roll release but nothing from here Friehrt the whole game after 2 hours completely and it also catches very strak to jerk on. You picture where the problem is taxiway QD. Germany: Ich habe da noch uwei Fehler gefunden. Das eine ist mit dem Frachtflugzeug vom Frachtplatz zur Startbahn diese fahren nicht raus sondern bleiben nur stehen und bewegen sich keinen Meter auch das 10 Malige auffordern das er die Rollfreigabe hat aber nichts ab hier Friehrt das ganze Spiel nach 2 Stunden komplet ein und es fängt auch sehr strak zum Ruckeln an. Sie Bild wo das Problem ist Taxiway QD. The next thing I have found is that a plane is thrown around three times, there you as a pilot but dizzy. that's on Terminal 7. That's why so many crashes come together and the pilots do not go on sight the crashes quite already in the other flier that is in reality also not so. See image: Germany: Das nächste was ich jetzt gefunden habe ist das ein Flugzeug dreisig mal umher gedreht wird da wird man als Pilot doch Schwindlig. Das ist auf Terminal 7. Darum kommren soviele Crash zusammen und die Piloten fahren hier nicht auf sicht die Krachen ganz schon in den anderen Flieger das ist in der Wirklichkeit auch nicht so. Siehe Bild. MfG Michi10
  7. Michi10

    Errors found of airport JFK - Fehler gefunden

    Yes It is not only at terminal 4 but almost at every terminal 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. Also at the other airports such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, the terminal remain half empty. The cargo cargo aircraft QD do not make a pushback. They simply stay in place and stand. The turning around the own axis is still there and that leads always to Crash see pictures above the first post what is marked in the yellow circle. Then comes an airplane from KLAX to KJFK on runway 13R then I give as follow: DAL XXX and then on send. Then comes a few minutes DAL XXX - AZA Crash -500 point and that at each indicated RWY 13R Cleared to land, hold short of Taxiway KK For Crossing Traffic? Or is not yet a plane landed and I give a plane the start permit comes crashing out despite the crash if not the nich is not even 100 meters in the vicinity is that I also. There was an update but the errors are still not fixed. I have looked at a video and Mayday such a documentary about aircraft accidents and as I have seen it clearly: There is a machine landed and next to is on the runway 22R started one although they have not touched that is real estate and not so. nich what is missing at each airport, namely, the airplanes the shop only to the fueling there is also unjd although there is a parking area where only aircraft parking to be refurbished. So much for that. I have a link in there so you can see which Airlins there as zechlich gives. Germany: Es ist nicht nur am Terminal 4 sondern fast bei jedem Terminal 5, 6, 7, 8 usw. Auch bei den anderen Flughäfen wie Los Angeles, Atlanta bleiben die Terminal halb leer. Einiege Frachtflugzeuge von Frachtplatz QD machen keine Pushback Sie bleiben einfach an Ort und stelle stehen. Das drehen um die Eigene Axe ist noch immer da und das führt immer zu Crash siehe Bilder oben der erste Beitrag das was im gelben Kreis Markiert ist. Dann kommt ein Flugzeug vom KLAX nach KJFK auf Landebahn 13R dann gebe ich wie Folg an: DAL XXX und dann auf senden. Dann kommt nach einigen Minuten DAL XXX - AZA Crash -500 Punkt und das bei jedem angaben RWY 13R Cleared to land, hold short of Taxiway KK For Crossing Traffic? Oder ist noch kein Flugzeug gelandet und ich gebe einen Flugzeug die Start Erlaubnis kommt Trotzdem Crash raus ob wohl der nich nicht mal 100 Meter in der nähe ist das meinte ich auch. Es gab ein Update aber die Fehler sind noch immer nicht behoben. Ich habe mir ein Video angesehen und zwar Mayday so ein Dokumentar über Flugzeut Unfälle und da habe ich es gesehen ein deutig: Da ist eine Maschine gelanden und neben bei ist auf der Startbahn 22R eine gestartet obwohl die sich nicht berührt haben das ist Realietät und nicht so. nich was feht bei jedem Flughafen und zwar Flugzeuge die Laden um nur zu Tanken das gibt es auch unjd zwar gibt es ein Parkbereich wo nur Flugzeuge Parken um zubetankt werden. Soviel mal dazu. Ich habe da auch einen Link hinein gestellt so das Ihr sehen könnt welche Airlins es da zechlich gibt.
  8. Michi10

    Errors found of airport JFK - Fehler gefunden

    Yes whether there are now more aircraft or less play here no role. What about the terminals?
  9. Michi10

    Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    Okay I did not know that there was not any more.
  10. Michi10

    Reference Cards -- Commands & Airport Specific

    Hello Where can I find these Airlins colors and all this data? What is still missing is Austrian, Flyniki, Lauder, DHL Germany Wings, Pan AM is the main seat in New York, Pal, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Croatia and Hungary , Regards Michi10
  11. Hello everybody I noticed something in the Towrer 3D Pro at the airport JFK: At the terminals, I miss some airplanes which remain almost empty see picture. Then there are aircraft at the JFK which turn around your own axis so before it goes to the left it goes first to the right and then a crash is preprogrammed. I've already written this in a post. I've done exactly the same pictures. I've done exactly the same pictures. What is encircled in yellow Crash Crash Crash Crash Half empty terminal but overrall half empty of oll Terminal Please check with me Absence since still aircraft varnishing Lauder Air, Flyniki, Miami, Pan AM DHL Caroge, Emirates Caroge. What I noticed still is not all the planes at the moment I have looked for something and then I found the link: JFK Airport Airlines. MfG Michi10
  12. Michi10

    Have as a problem

    I did this with the Taxi to Apron via X and that worked but he does not stand he should stand at the Tx-apron but nothing, it just comes crash? Where is the game.log? Because speech.log I've ever found. Caution the game has been installed over Steam. Regards Michael speech.log
  13. Michi10

    Have as a problem

    English: The problem is who I have already zoomed to the stop are still with me 50% of stat the 100%. The nexte what is it is all blurred and for after three minutes of playing time, I suddenly feel the eye ache. Germany: Das Problem ist wen ich schon bis zum anschlag gezoomt habe sind es bei mir immer noch 50% an stat die 100%. Das nexte was ist es ist alles verschwommen und für nach drei Minuten Spielzeit tut mir auf einmal die Augenweh. What specific commands are you giving? You mention Taxi to Apron. Is this a plane that has landed, or a plane at the terminal? If it's a plane at the terminal, you'll need to give pushback instructions before it can head to a runway. I'm getting confused with the translation as well and I apologize. English: There is a plane landing. What is more comical The crash although the are not even 50 meters are close, the point deduction comes -500. So I always give it to DALXXXX TAXI TO APRON via Y X Z and then of course send as it is in the manual. But negative. If I only vulture as I can query all my commands? The weher at the Tower! 2011 better and even could still query all commands always. Only at Tower! 3D Pro is not or is there where another folder where is located * .txt file? Germany: Es ist ein Flugzeug was landet. Was moch komischer ist Die Crash obwohl die sich noch nicht mal 50 Meter nahe sind, kommt der Punkteabzug -500. So gebe ich es immer an DALXXXX TAXI TO APRON via Y X Z and then of course send wie es im Handbuch steht. Aber negativ. Wenn ich nur wüstet wie ich alle meine Befehle abfragen kann? Das weher beim Tower!2011 besser und konnte sogar noch alle Befehle immer abfragen. Nur bei Tower! 3D Pro nicht oder ist da wo ein anderer Ordner wo das sich befindet *.txt Datei?
  14. Michi10

    Have as a problem

    Fizii, That I have already found out so far but something neherer ran I would have it since I have otherwise with the eye problems or the camera must be a little further higher since I can not see the other aircraft. If I want to look around it is all blurred that should not be. For example, JFK airport is a building in front of the field of view but this is not really so the pilots have to see everything airplanes although yes a floor wheel left in the upper corner in the corner but I want to see all the planes, exactly so it is with Lax, Atl as there is always a crash. Then I have once tried to get a plane in Apron but it says with always negative to equal, but I have the manual with the commands taken but everything I want to give commands is negative. DALXXXX TAXI TO APRON via Y X Z and then of course send what comes as feedback Negative. What is wrong or is there something else missing at the command? No idea at the Tower! 2011 I had such a thing not. Now I do not get any further negative or crash. MfG Michi10
  15. Michi10

    Have as a problem

    When I go to the manual, here is nothing about zooming or other things. Sorry but this does not help me. There are only the commands, multiplayer installation, etc. But from the setting zero. 'Ve Read the whole manual and found nothing I've been looking for. But as I've already noticed a few things here, and mistakes about mistakes. Point 1 .: On each taxiway intersection the airplanes rotate 2 times around the own axis very clearly one sees it at the KJFK on the taxiway Y umnd FB ruchtung 22R. Then on Taxiway A and V as well as on the taxiway B and V. The nice thing is that it continues crashes in total 50 times itself counted that is no longer funny because here you go straight times in -40,000 point. Point two: If I give a plane the Starderlaubnisnis and I look at the way it starts So it falls to me right at the end of the runway on which also the plane so turn this once around its own axis. As well as the one who is closely watched the start, you can see that the plane crosses a tram at a short time and brakes 2 cm backwards. Very conspicuous from the runway 22R, 22l, 4l, 4R, 31R and 31L. The next and that is now really the overhammer every time I give the starter permit to a flight company and another plane has not even set on the runway is here even at the time it is a crash that is however in the real not so me Have me a video times viewed from the KJFK and there the aircraft on the runway 22R and 22L and there are also no crash the the come not even times into the traverse. Please check in the programming there is something wrong. Since wewe it super a patch with these troubleshooting to make.

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