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  1. @EliGrim Thank you for this tip now I only understand that with the command I've never known but that's a very good tip I have now done that. Unfortunately I couldn't think of this command again, thank you very much EliGlim.
  2. Hello everyone Now a question like that every time there is that with the tmp and cache on it is not my problem I can find it quickly but what makes me very stupid is the cache where is it? It should be in the game then somehow on the hard drive or in the menu so now the question can someone tell me where I can find the cache?
  3. Hello @Darthbater I think with point one I can only say that it is correct here it seems to be important to do more reviews to fix such errors faster. Point 2 - 3 I do not think that it is so easy to insert this into the programming or that it works there I have a bad feeling. I would like your point 4 on the spot Points 5, 6 and 7 that was already written somewhere, if I can still remember I do not know if it is still in the forum where. Point 8 I think they only retract their landing gear at 500 meters or 1000 meters. Point 9 there is I still know it from KLAS Los Angelas. Item 10 is already available as a download LAS, EDDM, Paris, New York etc. please take a closer look or use the search function. Points 11 and 12 This has to be clarified with Steam whether it is feasible but I have already had some experience with Steam and its update, which are sometimes not so reliable with the update. Point 13 how much traffic density is still necessary LAS is the denser and harder to get to grips with and from it it already looks as real as it really is. That with point 14 that does not even defend in reality is impossible and also difficult. You should rather do more in the mistakes like for example from the terminal to the runway and from the terminal to the gate and the crash in the terminal and runway to the gate improve in Munich still bristling with mistakes and what's new now is the problem between 23 : 00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m. with the graphic Error still persists see entry EDDM: Sorry if I was a little strangy but that only brings more mistakes and the game can then really kick in the bin because more and more mistakes are added and the others have not been fixed. MfG Michi10
  4. Unfortunately I was a little too quick to send it, but I don't think that makes a difference anymore. In the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL, I forgot one thing in GeForce surround, configure Physx. Please change the resolution the higher the pixels, the less stress the graphics card has and the textures come across a little better. Since I recommend the middle setting so the graphics card does not run the risk of getting hot, I just tried it on mine and lo and behold the strange flaking is gone. Since please do something with caution about a single wrong setting and you've shot the graphics card. People who have an older graphics card please buy a new graphics card because the hustle and bustle for older models no longer get the latest drivers. It is recommended to buy a brand new one for € 200, - Geforce GTX 10XX higher with gaming function Another setting and this is made directly on the graphics card.
  5. Yes, I still remember that but will test a little more. Please reinstall your graphics card driver and update your graphics card. But what I can say is the anti-analytics should normally be white. See my setting in Tower 3D / Pro. Please switch off the reflection and light reflection, the light reflection should be made in a different setting not in the game because I don't know who has everything Nvidia there is another setting. And also whoever Windows XP / 7/8/10. Then you have to load a very specific file. Then please download this file here the link to download: https://www.heise.de/download/product/gpu-z-53217. People who have Nvidia have a special attitude. Please go to the bottom right of the picture where you see the drawing of the Nvidia please do not use the left mouse but the right mouse button and then he opens a very long list. See image: If you have that then please look for Nvidia control panel waits a few seconds that can be different from the computer that I can not say it takes 10 seconds for me. Start this now Nvidia control panel then a window should open see picture: Then you are looking for the surround, configure Physx see picture with the rode frame. Please go in then it should look like the picture: Es gibt drei Einstellungen Automatisch Geforce GTX 950, Geforce GTX 950 und CPU. Manche haben da CPU stehen das ist aber nicht Radsam bitte stellt es auf Automatisch Geforce GTX 950 hier such die Sofware die richtige Konfiguration für den GPU Geforce XXX XXXX welche In Euern Rechner drinnen ist. Vür die anderen was kein Nvidia Grafikkarten haben bitte ich den Hersteller der Grafikkarten an zu schreiben AMD Redon den mit dieser Grafikkarten kenne ich mich Überhaupt nicht aus daher bitte ich um Entschuldigung. Now just confirm everything and restart the whole computer and then it should work without problems. I hope it did not work for others either, I would have to look more closely but mostly I need the basic data of the computer: CPU, RAM, graphics card, motherboard, operating system virus protection program, dxdiag, msinfo, all current drivers please via pn or e- Mail. Since I am somewhat familiar with the computer, I know exactly how mine already has its maken and can always be there against taxes. Since I built mine myself. MfG Michi10 I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
  6. @MrMatt24, @EliGrim Try the game settings I was able to solve it in there and I was able to play for 3 hours without any problems. @hexzed Right and that is the case with every airline company with the A380 plane.
  7. @hexzed As promised, I managed to close the pictures. It all happens in Terminal 2. And there are 5 planes crashing all the time and then there are 2 planes crashing together again and that takes about 3 hours to complete, so there are a total of 20 to 25 crashes and when I take the 500 hundred times I'm down to over 10,000 to 12,500 points in minus and that's really no fun anymore. And the next thing that is very strange see this picture that has still not been fixed. This shows up in Paris, Dubai, London, Los Angeles and so on. If you start at 11:00 p.m. then it comes within 5 minutes. I have reported this since 08/09/2019 and now someone else has reported it on 08.11.2012 from @Eligrim. So now I ask the whole forum and the person responsible: What is being done? Why was the error not fixed whether it was a few months ago? Why was no feedback made on these error messages? Who is responsible for this airport EDDM? Why haven't the testers seen such errors? MfG Michi10
  8. This is not a problem, but only one thing I like. The cargo aircraft terminal continues at the back and up to Taxyway M there are parking spaces for the cargo aircraft. Yes I can try to get the lights on. I know a according to the Google Maps EDDM satellite pictures that at Terminal 2 there are parking spaces for planes that stay longer and that are pulled back to the terminal with the push truck. Something should be possible.
  9. Hello everybody At EDDM Munchen Airport there are still errors inside Terminal One is a tug that is not in its correct position and therefore no aircraft with the types A320, A319, A321, B737 and B738 as well as B739 can. Then andree planes drive out over the other gate and it's never that far with the crash. The other problems have not been fixed either, so I would like to point this out again, please remove the problems and errors. Then I found a mistake please pay attention to the position of the lights at the rear, wing and the lower as well as the upper lights of the A380, B747, B789, B788 and A346 where it is almost true with the A346 the error is not so to see. This mistake was due to two other airports in Paris and Dubai. With the Real Color. And the new aircraft. See picture of the A388: Only when there is flash you can see it in your own review Tower 3D Pro. MfG Michi10
  10. Because I like the paint and before was not yet Malaysia Airlinesdrinnen. so I have them inside.
  11. Hello everybody After the patch I still noticed some mistakes. This time in Terminal 2 GH and LH: 1. Aircraft Direction Runway as the tug needs what the aircraft wegschiebt from the gate fst always 10 minutes 2. The Ringelspiel with the aircraft has not gotten better but worse that there is not anywhere. Would I sit in there then I would be full of puking the whole plane of this Ringelspiel. 3. The crash is the purest disaster. That comes when one plane over another way to push out is when you have 5 aircraft and others also want to start because it is so blocked by the other, through the curves of the other plane then man has ever crash a turn calculates are the loose -2500 points so that's it really is not going to play the tower anymore. Now, finally, the crazy game in Terminal 1 is gone and now it is in Terminal 2, this is a joke or a joke, but unfortunately I can not use that that does not even happen in the Real Weld. That's why I took a picture so see picture. You only make other landing ports but the mistakes are not fixed as this is a joke for me that I can not share right now. That's where the fun stops with me. Who is responsible for this airport? MfG Michi10
  12. Since I can only agree with the Riskin. If I could only do one thing in his post without getting too close to him, see the picture with the CLH7789 near Taxiway D3. If now there is still a plane to take off then it would be a crash now and that is in every terminal 2. Some tugs do not let even the pushing out of an airplane out of it, a whole row of planes is shot down and the minus stand is the same -10000 points so there is still a huge problem. Yes that´s right.
  13. What did you get up and running?
  14. @Braf123456 Yes that's right
  15. That would be great if that would come. Then I have an idea how to do an area where to write the real * and then it could be for the programmers and what the aircraft Reapant do to read like a checklist.
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