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  1. Germany: Hallo zusammen Mir ist auf gefallen das es im Tower 3D Pro in EDDF und EDDM noch immer das starke ruckeln und zupfen da ist und das noch da zu mit eine ganz neuen Grafikkarte. Die ich mir am Montag den 27.04.2020 um € 175,-- gekauft habe und zwar ist das eine MSI Gaming Geforce GTX 1650 Aero ITX mit 4 GB Arbeitsspeicher und jetzt kommt mal so eine frage ich ndachte es sollte dann besser werden weit verfehlt. Jetzt soll mir bitte keiner sagen das diese Grafikkarte auch zuschwach ist denn wen ja danmn bitte mal zur Kasse. Auch mit der neuen Grafikkarte dachen die Fehler Punkt 9, Punkt 1, 2 und 5 vermehrt auf. Daher wird dringenst geraden einen Update zu machen vor allem das Haupt Programm und EDDM und EDDF. Bevor es jetzt wieder los geht mit dem vielen Fehlfragen wird gebeten vorher zu denken und dann zu antworten den zwei User konnten mir bei Pinkut 6 Helfen und daher ist es mal abgeschlossen mit dem Terminal Cargo S. English: Hello everybody I noticed that in Tower 3D Pro in EDDF and EDDM there is still a lot of jerking and plucking and that too with a completely new graphics card. The one I bought on Monday, April 27th, 2020 for € 175, - and that is an MSI Gaming Geforce GTX 1650 Aero ITX with 4 GB RAM and now comes a question I thought it should be better then far missed. Now no one should tell me that this graphics card is also too weak, because if so please check out. With the new graphics card, errors 9, 1, 2 and 5 are also becoming more common. Therefore it is urgent to update the main program and EDDM and EDDF. Before we start again with the many wrong questions, we ask you to think in advance and then answer. The two users were able to help me with Pinkut 6 and that's why it's finished with the Cargo S terminal.
  2. Actually, I meant that I do every installation with Admin and that I have no problems because it works great for me. Steam or not. You just have to look exactly what the installation software shows. That's right from you but some people don't look at what the computer shows him on the monitor and that's the same problem again and again. Most of what I notice during the installation is that I always look first where the game is installed because I have two types of installations a 😄 where my Tower 3D Pro is on and under H: I have Steam games folders and there are games on it which is over 2 GB. So I don't garbage my main hard drive and I still have enough free space.
  3. I just saw this post. and read that we already had where I think. Then someone told me that Real Coloer should always be run as an admin. I have been doing it since I had such a problem for the first time. I always install it as admin rights and it works. My tip would be to run all installations as admin, then there will be no such problems.
  4. Not that the Cargo Real Color are made so that they are separated from the passenger.
  5. Then only one question is why are no Real Color ADD-Ons like JFK, LAX, LAS etc. just asked in passing? But still learned something new. For example, I didn't know.
  6. This answer from you is accepted thanks and great that you give me such a great answer that helps me a bit.
  7. I don't think the loading gates around taxiway S16 are classified as heavy gates. If you try a smaller cargo plane like a 73F, will it work? I don't know anything about a Boing 73F. So far, what I've found out is Boing 75F. Must correct me but the Boing 73F is only available with Airlines 11, CGF and 5O, FPO. I just remembered that the Boing 75F is also a small plane or I was wrong about it but unfortunately not the one I tried UPS set on Terminal Cargo S but again the same problem S16 remained empty. Now the question if I took UPS, 5X and FDX, FX with the airplane 75F and still Terminal Cargo S S 16 remained empty. What can that be and where is the error? @hexzed thank you I should try with 73F but there are only two airlines with the Boing 73F Bulgaria and FRENCH POST only these are available. That you have now written me the right Airplanes I immediately tried it and what came out of it see picture. Wow what see my eyes hexzed I can only say thumbs up you are a help to me I would never have thought. Another question why is that not possible with the UPS and FDX even though it is also a 75F smaller airplane? Has a new update been made for every airport that I always look at in the forum op, but there are no new updates yet? Can you also make a B73F with UPS and FDX? I know now so many questions come to me but I don't want to ask them that way. But one thing is very important to me. I like it when the airport is a bit more busy and there are not 100 planes every few hours, there is a possibility that I can only do it with the Schedule Creartoer but I don't know how to program something like that can? Who could help me to program something like that I really like the real airplane lines. from the respective airport. So I liked two people about this great answer and help Praise that shows me again how to fix errors or what planes there are in Crago. Big praise and respect @hexzed and @battlehawk77. MfG Michi10
  8. It hits my own flight plan, which I wanted to make after real operations, as it did on the homepage of Frankfurt Airport. There I found the real airline, if you need the link you can do it under: https://www.frankfurt-airport.com/de/am-flughafen/airlines-a-z.html I would like it to be as real as possible, but one thing that is very important to me is to have cargo planes from the respective air lines inside. If only one operation is permitted, please do not always push everything on my computer, because it meets all requirements regarding the game. Computer retailers earn almost a whole lot of money just because of this problem and I don't have the money for that, I don't earn over € 2,000, but I'm almost at the limit with the money. The graphics card has already broken my neck 10 times, so I can currently not afford another or new graphics card. This is only the case for cargo flights with the aircraft type. These are still the B76Y, B74Y, B74N although I look them up in the plane exactly as I have to state in the schedule. Unfortunately, this always remains the same problem and still has to confirm it, even if the #R is still not working, it becomes quite problematic. The only thing that works is T #, D #, A, #, E #, G #, K # etc. this working with the plane, 77F, 74Y, 76Y, 75F etc. without any problem I have tried so far in all other airports have no problems with confirmation. I am talking about that in Terminal Cargo S the terminal station S16 at the start of the game there is not a single cargo plane in this said picture which I would like to attach to you again. Exactly applies, but that is exactly the problem he is given but it does not appear after restarting the game 10 times here I can only say there is no way to and from the terminal.Therefore I looked at it again and again and I noticed these errors. Therefore it was not in the sense that someone feels attacked here, but it is only annoying that you do not see such errors and that is simply not acceptable. I know some of you are probably asking yourself how so I take it very carefully I always like to look at such documentaries and reports and therefore I know a lot about the whole thing. That's why yesterday I got so angry with some people who thought it was right, but they were wrong. There are exactly 19 parts to that at Mitendrinnen Airport Frankfurt and I saw it exactly and I like to look at the Mayday alarm in the cockpit and I got a lot with it and therefore I can reach for such things. I like the NTSB, AAIB, etc. best. So I was as annoyed with landing on runway 18 as it is possible when the plane is 250 to 400 meters high, so there is a crash, so the question is what there go. Then it is written but normally shouldn't it be possible? Then there must be a mistake inside, otherwise I can't imagine it. Just like in EDDM the ring game in Terminal Cargo N unfortunately continues, but in reality there is no such thing. Plus something in Terminal 1 C if I have a plane for a pushback, he stays inside until another Anders plane wants to go to that gate, then he finally drives out to the taxiway and this can even happen after playing for 1 to 2 hours go. Therefore, I ask you to take a closer look because I noticed the errors the first time I started the game and then I just thought it was okay, but it can't be now after a few more tests I still saw and noticed these errors . It was also written here. I should look in the log file to see if an error is shown. Unfortunately it cannot be confirmed. No errors or errors. I'm really sorry. Therefore I thought before the accusations come again it is up to my computer is unfortunately in a Saggasse. Because all stress tests from computer retailers turned out negative, meaning that he felt far more the requirements of what was actually necessary. None of the other games have such problems, unfortunately it is not the computer for me. The hardware is not the cause of the problem either. So now I have written everything again before I start again here stops the madness, I say that is my opinion and if my opinion does not suit it is his problem. Also I will address it here now. The only thing that asked for exactly is battlehaw77 and what is also very specific is not something others can just write such a madness about what does not even fit the topic I would seriously think about it before what is going to happen then I come to the point then finally take a look at the Mayday everything is shown and explained before what is written so my tip is on the edge. So on my part everything is said good luck in troubleshooting. MfG Michi10
  9. @DeltaVII Please watch the film about YouTube in the middle of it - Frankfurt Airport Exactly what you write is not correct and it is really so that planes can land and take off on the runway. Point 4, 5 and 6 will still be called a problem with me and it will remain until you finally see the error. I'm not paying that much here just because you think it's okay. Fixes the errors in EDDM and EDDF. Also I will no longer buy graphics cards what I bought there because graphics cards would not even cover the costs of the respective graphics cards. The computer retailer said exactly that it is a PROGRAMMING ERROR that you have to fix. Point 4 the error remains. I would like to see that as a video and evidence. Regarding this, I will email this to Feelthere. That you are not even examined in more detail for these errors.
  10. Germany: Hallo zusammen Ich habe in den Letzten Tagen hier im Forum schon geschaut ob jemand die Fehler geschrieben hat über den Flughafen Frankfurt Main EDDF. Mir sind da Fehlern auf gefallen.und das nicht wenig. Punkt 1. Das laden des eddf-schedule läft nicht richtig. Punkt 2. Die Crash sind noch wiet aus schlimmer wie in EDDM Punkt 3 Seit wann bitte gibt es einen Crash beim Laden wo das Flugzeug noch fast 250 bis 400 Meter ober den Boden ist. Das gibt es in wirklichkeit nicht. Dies war bei der Landebahn 18 und Terminal_RemoteW Leider konnte Ich da kein Bild machen da es mir zuspät eingefallen ist. Punkt 4. Cargos z.B: RMC, #R, ROYAL CARGO, Royal Air Maroc Cargo, Maroc mit dem Real Color des Flugzeug B76Y werden nicht geladen da wird die komplette Schedule geschrettert. Ob das jetzt mit #T, #R usw. ist immer das gleiche Problem mit den Flugzeug der Boing 76Y, 74Y, 74N und 77F hier müsste man den IATA Codo an stat # mit einer Zahl oder Buchstabe versehen. Das einzige was klabt ist die Airline AAC, ABW, CKK, GEC, LATAM Cargo usw. um nur einige zu benennen. Punkt 5. Das Ringelreier Spiel get weiter so wie in EDDM und zwar beim Terminal Cargo N und Removet W. Auch in den Besagten Terminals werden Flugzeuge uber den anderen Gate hinaus geschoben hier wurde die Farstrassen verknüpfung nicht ruchtig eingestellt. Dies wäre mal genau zu Prüfen. Punkt 6 Interminal Cargo S (S 16) dies bleibt Leer. Siehe Bild. Punkt 7: Die Start und landebahn 07L und 36 werden nicht ganz aqngezeigt vom Bodenrader. Siehe Bild. Dazu gleich noch ein Fehler die Start- und Landebahn 36 kann nicht angefahren werden oder gelandet werden diese ist unbrauchbar. Punkt 9: Bevor jetzt jemand schreibt und das schreibe Ich jetzt mal und zwar mein Rechner hat alle Anforderungen was das Spiel braucht und das wurde vom Computerfachhandel Bestätigt es ist das Spiel was die Grafikauslastung verursacht und zur überhitzung führt die gehöt in der Programmierung geändert da hat sich ein weiterer Fehler eingeschlichen den das sieht man sogar wen ich 5 Flugzeuge habe das es zum Total stocken kommt und das habe ich in JFK, LAS, LAX, EDDM, noch nie gehabt. Punkt 10 wer hat schon mal über YouTube Mittendrin - Flughafen Frankfurt angeschaut Ich habe es mir angeschaut und es war sehr Informativ. Wie zum Beispiel der Tower den ganzen Flugafen Sieht und nicht das man gleich eine Haus mauer sieht dieSehen den GESAMTEN FLUGHAFEN Der Main Tower (offizielle Schreibweise: MAIN TOWER) ist ein Wolkenkratzer in der Innenstadt von Frankfurt am Main. Er wurde am 28. Januar 2000 eingeweiht. Mit 200 Metern Höhe (mit Mast: 240 Meter) ist er zusammen mit dem Tower 185 das vierthöchste Hochhaus in Deutschland. Das wehre Super wenn Ihr das um etwas höher machen würdet dann sieht man soger bis zum Terminal 2. Punkt 11: Nach meinen Information über den Flughafen Frankfurt gibt es das Terminal 2 D und das Terminal 2 E nicht Terminal 2 DE getrennt. Bitte ändern. Punkt 12 und das jetzt mal wirklich was ist mit den Testern los haben die was am Auge das die solche Fehler nicht finden? English: Hello everybody In the last few days I have already checked here in the forum whether someone wrote the errors about Frankfurt Airport EDDF. I noticed mistakes, and not a little. Point 1. Loading the eddf schedule is not working properly. Point 2. The crash are far worse than in EDDM Point 3 Since when has there been a crash at the store where the plane is still almost 250 to 400 meters above the ground. There really is no such thing. This was at runway 18 and Terminal_RemoteW Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture because it occurred to me too late. Point 4.Cargos e.g. RMC, #R, ROYAL CARGO, Royal Air Maroc Cargo, Maroc with the Real Color of the aircraft B76Y are not loaded because the complete schedule is saved. Whether this is with #T, #R etc. is always the same problem with the aircraft of the Boing 76Y, 74Y, 74N and 77F here you would have to add a number or letter to the IATA codo at stat #. The only thing that claps is the airline AAC, ABW, CKK, GEC, LATAM Cargo etc. to name just a few. Point 5. The Ringelreier game continues as in EDDM, namely at the Terminal Cargo N and Removet W. Also in the said terminals, planes are pushed over the other gate. This would have to be checked carefully. Point 6 Interminal Cargo S (S 16) this remains empty. See image. Point 7: The runway 07L and 36 are not quite shown by the Bodenrader. See image. There is also a mistake. The runway 36 cannot be approached or landed. It is unusable. Punkt 8 im Terminal 1 B oder C da wird das Flugzeugt zum Starbahn nicht hinaus geschoben siehe Bild: Point 9: Before someone writes and I am going to write now and that my computer has all the requirements for what the game needs and this has been confirmed by computer retailers. It is the game that causes the graphics load and leads to overheating which has changed in the programming Another mistake crept in that you can see even if I have 5 planes that it comes to a total stall and I have never had this in JFK, LAS, LAX, EDDM. Point 10 who has ever looked through YouTube in the middle of Frankfurt Airport I looked at it and it was very informative. How for example the tower sees the whole airport and not that you see a house wall right away you can see the ENTIRE AIRPORT The Main Tower (official spelling: MAIN TOWER) is a skyscraper in the city center of Frankfurt am Main. It was inaugurated on January 28, 2000. With a height of 200 meters (with a mast: 240 meters), together with Tower 185, it is the fourth tallest high-rise in Germany. The weir super if you would do it a little higher then you can see up to Terminal 2. Point 11: According to my information about Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2 D and Terminal 2 E are not separate to Terminal 2 DE. Please modify. Point 12 and the really what's going on with the testers who have something in the eye that does not find such errors? MfG Michi10
  11. @EliGrim Thank you for this tip now I only understand that with the command I've never known but that's a very good tip I have now done that. Unfortunately I couldn't think of this command again, thank you very much EliGlim.
  12. Hello everyone Now a question like that every time there is that with the tmp and cache on it is not my problem I can find it quickly but what makes me very stupid is the cache where is it? It should be in the game then somehow on the hard drive or in the menu so now the question can someone tell me where I can find the cache?
  13. Hello @Darthbater I think with point one I can only say that it is correct here it seems to be important to do more reviews to fix such errors faster. Point 2 - 3 I do not think that it is so easy to insert this into the programming or that it works there I have a bad feeling. I would like your point 4 on the spot Points 5, 6 and 7 that was already written somewhere, if I can still remember I do not know if it is still in the forum where. Point 8 I think they only retract their landing gear at 500 meters or 1000 meters. Point 9 there is I still know it from KLAS Los Angelas. Item 10 is already available as a download LAS, EDDM, Paris, New York etc. please take a closer look or use the search function. Points 11 and 12 This has to be clarified with Steam whether it is feasible but I have already had some experience with Steam and its update, which are sometimes not so reliable with the update. Point 13 how much traffic density is still necessary LAS is the denser and harder to get to grips with and from it it already looks as real as it really is. That with point 14 that does not even defend in reality is impossible and also difficult. You should rather do more in the mistakes like for example from the terminal to the runway and from the terminal to the gate and the crash in the terminal and runway to the gate improve in Munich still bristling with mistakes and what's new now is the problem between 23 : 00 a.m. to 02:00 a.m. with the graphic Error still persists see entry EDDM: Sorry if I was a little strangy but that only brings more mistakes and the game can then really kick in the bin because more and more mistakes are added and the others have not been fixed. MfG Michi10
  14. Unfortunately I was a little too quick to send it, but I don't think that makes a difference anymore. In the NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL, I forgot one thing in GeForce surround, configure Physx. Please change the resolution the higher the pixels, the less stress the graphics card has and the textures come across a little better. Since I recommend the middle setting so the graphics card does not run the risk of getting hot, I just tried it on mine and lo and behold the strange flaking is gone. Since please do something with caution about a single wrong setting and you've shot the graphics card. People who have an older graphics card please buy a new graphics card because the hustle and bustle for older models no longer get the latest drivers. It is recommended to buy a brand new one for € 200, - Geforce GTX 10XX higher with gaming function Another setting and this is made directly on the graphics card.
  15. Yes, I still remember that but will test a little more. Please reinstall your graphics card driver and update your graphics card. But what I can say is the anti-analytics should normally be white. See my setting in Tower 3D / Pro. Please switch off the reflection and light reflection, the light reflection should be made in a different setting not in the game because I don't know who has everything Nvidia there is another setting. And also whoever Windows XP / 7/8/10. Then you have to load a very specific file. Then please download this file here the link to download: https://www.heise.de/download/product/gpu-z-53217. People who have Nvidia have a special attitude. Please go to the bottom right of the picture where you see the drawing of the Nvidia please do not use the left mouse but the right mouse button and then he opens a very long list. See image: If you have that then please look for Nvidia control panel waits a few seconds that can be different from the computer that I can not say it takes 10 seconds for me. Start this now Nvidia control panel then a window should open see picture: Then you are looking for the surround, configure Physx see picture with the rode frame. Please go in then it should look like the picture: Es gibt drei Einstellungen Automatisch Geforce GTX 950, Geforce GTX 950 und CPU. Manche haben da CPU stehen das ist aber nicht Radsam bitte stellt es auf Automatisch Geforce GTX 950 hier such die Sofware die richtige Konfiguration für den GPU Geforce XXX XXXX welche In Euern Rechner drinnen ist. Vür die anderen was kein Nvidia Grafikkarten haben bitte ich den Hersteller der Grafikkarten an zu schreiben AMD Redon den mit dieser Grafikkarten kenne ich mich Überhaupt nicht aus daher bitte ich um Entschuldigung. Now just confirm everything and restart the whole computer and then it should work without problems. I hope it did not work for others either, I would have to look more closely but mostly I need the basic data of the computer: CPU, RAM, graphics card, motherboard, operating system virus protection program, dxdiag, msinfo, all current drivers please via pn or e- Mail. Since I am somewhat familiar with the computer, I know exactly how mine already has its maken and can always be there against taxes. Since I built mine myself. MfG Michi10 I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
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