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MakeRunways in conflict with a file used by PMDG's T7

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Hi Pete,


Recently I installed PMDG's Boeing 777 and, by chance, I wanted to update diverse files by using MakeRunways because of a couple of new airports being installed. However, as far as I know your application needs to be installed in the FS main directory and writes its results therein, too. However, after shifting the files to a different folder, I got an error message when firing up FSX from "RAAS Professional" claiming to miss the file "r4.csv" (I had im mind that such a file belongs to Radar Contact).


After searching for this specific file inside the FS there was no result, but I found this one after repairing the T7 after that. For me it's clear that PMDG is to blame for such an error (okay, they obviously used a third party package), its also evident that those guys usually are taking ages before fixing such errors (if ever).


As I know that you are one of the most responsive developers in the FS scene (really!) I like to ask you whether it is possible to add a dialogue into you app asking for the location where to store the resulting files. Of course it is possible to rename this particular file before running MakeRunways, I'm only not sure whether I can bear that in mind... At least it could help other users of RC4 shifting the files to the right place.


(Well, while posting I thought about writing a script doing that, however I would prefer the other solution)

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However, after shifting the files to a different folder, I got an error message when firing up FSX from "RAAS Professional" claiming to miss the file "r4.csv"


R4.csv (one of the files created by makerwys.exe) is used by many applications including RAAS which is used by the 777 as you found out already, that file is it not exclusive to Radar Contact. Put the files back that you moved and the error will go away.

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Thanks Andy, :oops: it's obvious that I didn't think about comparing the files. I would have seen that the structure (not necessarily all of the content) is identical. That means I just saved the latest version away in order to take the original (but outdated) one from PMDG/RAAS. Well, this means that those guys are using three different and overlapping datasets now - interesting.

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Just to add to this, RAAS, as used in the PMDG T7, is a product by FS2Crew. To the best of my knowledge it doesn't update the dataset itself, but there may be something in the manual about updating it manually. Even with the "locked" versions that come with other aircraft, you should still have a copy of the manual available via the Start Menu (or some other convoluted and incomprehensible method if you are using Windows 8! ;) ) 


If you want to find out more about it, the full product (including a link to the support page for it) can be found here: http://secure.simmarket.com/fs2crew-raas-professional.phtml

Ian P.

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