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P3D v2.2 detected as X-plane 9 by FSAirlines

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I'm not very sure if I should be asking for help here. But I asked for support both in the FSAirlines forum and with a private support ticket more than a month ago and no reply, nor solution, has been provided yet. So I also ask here just in case I can get any clue on how I could make the FSAirlines Client run in P3D v2.2, or v2.3.

I'm running FSUIPC 4.936 with P3DVersion: 2.2.10438.0. I tried P3D v2.3, but I got some incompatibility issues with some of my addons and decided to go back to 2.2.

When I set the FSAirline client to use FSUIPC as the communication method it detects my simulator as "X-Plane 9", which obviously is incorrect and won't let me to register my flights. If I set the FSAirline to use Simconnect then I get an "Unkown version" for the simulator with the following error:


SimConnect:2.2 [ needed: 10.0]

I'm running Windows 8 on a Mac Pro 2013 (no chance of installing Windows 7 on newer Mac Pros) and I only use Windows for flying simulation, so only simulation-related software is installed.

Any help or hint will be much appreciated, although I know that I am asking help for a 3er party application and, very likely, you won't be able to help much. But thanks so much for your interest anyway.

Kindest regards,

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Sorry, this is certainly a bug in that application and needs to be reported to the publisher or author.


I was really expecting that reply. But due to the lack of feedback from the authors I tried here, "just in case". As I said, I appreciate your time to read and reply this post.


Thanks so much.



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