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Hi Pete

My name is Danie and I am doing development work at Aviamech ( Epic agent in Africa ).

I am reading additional off-set FS2002 values and putting them into p-holes. ( FSUIPC_READ_N )

These new PH values do not have predefined names like the one’s in your list ( PH 1 to 152 )

How do I apply scaling to them ? What must I use as the “variable name” ?

Thanks for all your great work to date.

Kind regards

Danie Kuys

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How do I apply scaling to them ? What must I use as the “variable name” ?

The scaling facilities only apply to the FS Token Variables, because they have to be converted in any case -- FS supplies them as 8-byte floating point values, and just taking the integer part or whatever is generally useless.

When you access FSUIPC data directly, you are mostly on your own. You are generally reading 1, 2, 3, or 4 bytes of raw data, which could mean or represent anything. They are not even necessarily numeric. You have to do whatever manipulation you want in your EPL code.

The exception to this is, of course, when you specify "F" or "D" types, for the 4- and 8-byte floating point values. Since EPL cannot handle floating point, EPICINFO does it for you -- there you can provide a multiplier, as documented, so enabling you to avoid losing fractions. That's as much scaling as you get from EPICINFO.



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