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FSUIPC4 interface

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My name i Finn Moeller, I have FSX Gold and have the FSUICP4 installed in the Modules folder in FS, 

I am a programmer in Visual Basic 6 and programming is not a problem.

I have the FSUIPC SDK notes.

My purpose is to build a platform.

In order to make it work im starting with small testprograms.

So I have read the example shown in the notes about making a small program to extract the name of the aircraft.

I have written the program in VB as shown in the text and need the module  FSUIPC.Bas as mensioned in the notes. 

I cant find this module. its not included in the software I bought.

Also I read in the notes about FSUIPC Developer kit and cant find this.


Could you tell me how to get it?


With kind regards

Finn Moeller

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The FSUIPC.BAS file is most certainly inside the "UIPC_SDK_VisualBasic.zip" file along with the other files relating to VB. That ZIP in in the FSUIPC_SDK. It has not been changed for many years. All of the files in the SDK are contributions from others, programmers in the respective languages.


If you want a more up-to-date interface facility you may wish to look at Paul Henty's .Net interface package -- see the separate SubForum dedicated to this, above.



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