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Using PFC additional inputs

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Hello Peter,


I have recently made some modifications to my PFC Throttle quadrant console - mainly that I have added some switches and LEDs to the exterior and added an additional 3rd party interface inside to program the switches and LEDS. 


All is working perfectly. I couldn't help but notice that there was what looks like an interface card inside the unit that the throttle quadrant is connected to, along with the various switches (landing gear etc). There are a lot of spare inputs that aren't doing anything.


What I would like to know is  whether or not it is possible to allocate functions to those spare inputs - for example connect some switches to the screw terminals and program them to interact with the offsets used by Eric Marciano's WILCO FSUIPC exporter for the airbus.


I rather suspect it won't be possible without writing a custom C++ app or something like that but thought no harm in checking, as it will potentially give me more inputs without another interface card.

Many thanks for your time, and all your excellent software.




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If its the hardware I'm familiar with, then it isn't as simple as that. The actions which the firmware makes in response to inputs on its connections depends entirely upon the specific firmware chip installed. Every PFC device other than the straight USB-only connected ones has ts own specific firmware chip, but all the controller cards are the same. Any can replace any other, even in a different unit, and the firmware chip dictates which inputs are read and which do what.


Then the results are communicated to the driver using a special proprietary protocol which is not made available by PFC except to their own developers, of which i was an honorary one.


So, in other words, the inputs you think you might be able to connect to are most likely ignored in any case unless you re-program the firmware.


If the hardware is some new type I'm not familiar with, then I have no answer. If it's a standard USB HID device then there might be a way, but their normal USB HID devices still used special firmware and a different proprietary protocol.


My PFCFSX driver handles the older serial-port type, My PFCHID driver deals with known examples of the latter type - known to me, that is. I understand they now do a lot more, mostly aimed at X-Plane and with which I not involved at all.



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