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Schedule Creator 15 V3 Real Flight Numbers Released


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You can find it here:  http://forum.simflight.com/topic/76191-tower-schedule-creator-15-including-gatwick-released/?p=464452


This version uses the same flight data as SC 15 V1 but now includes the real flight numbers as listed on FlightAware when the data was collected.  As a result, you will no longer be asked to enter the maximum flight number while running the program.  And, I cannot guarantee that the flight numbers are currently correct so if you just flew from LAX to EWR on United 1557 that flight might not be in my database.  I think I have solved the potential identical flight numbers problem but am not 100% sure--let me know if you encounter this.  This could be a problem at less-traveled airports, such as RDU, if you create a large number of flights in your schedule.  RDU has 244 unique flights in my dataset so if you create a 1000-flight schedule each flight will be selected about four times.  Tower 2011! does not do well when flights have identical flight numbers but I think I have that fixed.


I will be working toward updating all of the 15 flight schedules to reflect 2015 data but changes occur quite rapidly as airlines add/delete flights, change flight numbers, and even stop service at some airports.


Let me know if you have any issues with Schecule Creator 15 V2 RFN.  Thanks for your past feedback.



     As you know, I program custom schedules and I can attest to the challenges that doing such a thing presents.  I just wanted to say Thank You for your hard work.  If you need any help with programming Flight Schedules, let me know.  I just finished a fresh set of schedules for KBOS, KPHL, KSAN, KJFK & KLAX.  Brought them up to date as of Late Nov. and early Dec.  This includes all Cargo Flights including Airline Cargo Flights. Private Jet Charter Services and General Aviation.  This takes a huge amount of time since many Jet Charter and Airline Cargo Services don't have an IATA.  I have to program my own.

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Thanks.  Once I get the FlightAware data, I have the process pretty automated.  I do not include as many types as you do because that would require users to modify their Tower 2011! files and not many seem to be willing or able to do that.  I am setting up for a new set of schedules for January 2015.

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First of all, thanks for all your hard work.


You mention that for RDU you have a dataset with 244 unique flights. Would it be possible if you could post the number of unique flight in each of your datasets. That way when creating a schedule we could have the exact schedule and flight numbers, making an even more real life experience?



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The number of unique flights at each airport is listed when you run the program, just before you are asked if you want to choose a file path for your schedule.  However, using RDU as an example, if you would choose 244 flights for your schedule, this is no certainty that each of the 244 flights will be included in the schedule.  The flight data is selected by a random number generator and it is very likely that there will be several duplicates chosen--that is why I stressed that the program avoids duplicate flight numbers.  I will take a look at the possibility of making sure that each flight in the set is chosen at least once.  You can see the problem if you decided to build a 1000-flight schedule over 24 hours at RDU.


Thanks for the suggestion.


Added later:  It looks like you would have to pick about four times the number of unique flights in order to be sure to include them all.

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