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E Jets 2.0 FMS not able to enter information


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i have just installed this program and when i try and interface with the fms I can not add anything. When i click on the letters and numbers nothing happens at all. I can click on the softkeys on the right and left and and the top two rows and it works perfect.


I also try and set the postion and it says loaded but the NO PRESENT POSITION never goes away.

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I have another issue to find solution/answer.

Cannot enter custom waypoint that do not change the route, are only for information. [marked red]

According to ERJ manual:

Waypoints are entered in the following ways:

• identifier (e.g KARPU or NTS),

• bearing and distance from a reference point (e.g from NTS, on radial 223 for 9 miles is entered NTS/228/9)

• geographic position (e.g N3343,2/W11122,3)

• using two points and two radials (e.g. NTS/228/KAR/180.

• and along-plan waypoints that do not change the route but add an intermediate point (e.g. NTS//20)

trying to enter "XXX//20" always get "invalid entry"

Someone tried this?


One more thing: is it possible enter/display on FMC VOR radials like in PMDG 737NGX


Specs: feelthere ERJ 175, FSX, Win7.64

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