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Offset for anti skid switch

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Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to sense whether or not the anti-skid switch is turned on so I can send a message to my EICAS.


Ah. Well I'm pretty sure FSUIPC can actually detect that. I'll have to find an offset to put a flag in for you. No one had asked before (most things FSUIPC provides got there by request! ;-) ).


I'll add it into the next interim release, probably 4.938f. Not sure when. This week for sure though.


If I find it and add it, then the same offset, when written, will operate the switch too, so a non-toggle action could be implemented.



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Aha! I was about to put the code in for the Anti Skid Brake offset, when I saw it was already there! Loks like it was added a long time ago, but just didn't get into the Offsets List!!! I shall remedy that, but meanwhile, the details are:


Offset 0BFD, 1 byte, Non-zero = Anti skid brake active. Can be written to change it.


Oddly, it isn't even recorded in the History document of changes. I must have had an off-day!



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