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Before I started using Project Magenta software I flew the PMDG 747.  There was a setting in that program that would allow the flight to automatically pause at the top of descent in the flight plan.  I was wondering if it would be possible to program that into FSUIPC. Or maybe even choose a waypoint to pause the flight at.  If I was making a long haul flight I would take off and climb to cruise altitude, then go to bed and when I woke up I would finish my flight.  I don't have the patience to sit for the hours it takes to cross the ocean and at my age I would much rather spend the time sleeping.


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FSUIPC is just an interface (a very useful btw) between the simulator and addon programs exposing useful information but doesn't know anything about your flightplans. You can program some timer in LUA, that it fires the Toggle Pause command after a certain time period. But this must be done on your own. 




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