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  1. Hi, I am not at home at the moment but as far as I remember, you have to send the axis directly to FS (bypassing FSUIPC) for the ESDG Citation X. It's the second option to select. Rgds Reinhard
  2. Hi, You could define two axis ranges. One in the upper range (e.g. 8000 .. 16383) firing the "GEAR UP" control when entering, and one in the lower range (e.g. -16384 .. -8000) firing the "GEAR DOWN" control when entering this range. You have to use the right side of the dialog box in the axis assignment. Rgds Reinhard
  3. Hi, I have programmed some time ago a small LUA program, which reads for me checklist items. I used the program saystatic.exe , which can be found on GITHUB: https://github.com/albertly/Say/blob/master/SayStatic.exe With the following function I read text, which I provide as parameterto th function: -- read string via sound device function readItem(lvString) ext.run("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\WideFS\\SayStatic.exe", lvString, EXT_HIDE) end Maybe this helps you. Rgds Reinhard
  4. Hi, Sorry for answering late but I was skiing in the Alps. Assigning LUA routines to buttons by assigning them via the button tab is not very efficient. If you do it like that, every time you activate one of your buttons, the LUA code must be loaded, compiled and then be executed. You really should look for the event library in the LUA library document. Using that method you only have to load the LUA modules once (maybe via the autoload functionality built into FSUIPC). Then these routines are waiting for the trigger events you have defined and execute the referenced function. Much more efficient to do it that way. Rgds Reinhard
  5. Hi, I made the experience, that having more smaller scripts with only a few event routines performs better than having all of the code in one single LUA file. While you would not see this effect on simple buttons, you will see it on rotaries. Maybe this helps you. And a smaller code segment is easier to debug than a big one - at least for me. Rgds Reinhard
  6. aua668

    Mouse Macros procedure

    Hi, If you try to map something to the speedbrake at the Aerosoft A3XX professional, why aren't you using the spoiler axis. I have assigned one of my GoFlight levers to the spoiler axis. In addition I was able to implement the speedbrake arm function for a special area of the axis. As reference here the entries in my profile. [Axes] : 5=GX,256,D,22,0,0,0 -{ DIRECT: Spoilers }- 6=GX,B,12518,16383,66066,0,66067,0 -{ DIRECT: SpoilersEntering=SPOILERS_ARM_ON, Leaving=SPOILERS_ARM_OFF }- 7=GX,B,8836,11413,66065,0 -{ Entering=SPOILERS_OFF }- : The entry no 6 is the zone above a detent. Entering this zone will arm the speedbrake. The entry no 7 is the detent on the throttle panel. Entering this zone will set the speedbrake off. Below the detent is the normal spoiler axis activating the speedbrake according to the position of the lever. Maybe this helps you to solve your problem. Rgds Reinhard
  7. aua668

    WideFS buttons via Android

    Hi, Check these options: https://techwiser.com/use-your-android-as-second-monitor/ Rgds Reinhard
  8. Hi, Just two things to add: First: FSUIPC is the most valuable add-on for the simulator and it's absolutely worth the price, if you seriously work with external hardware. Second: The support is outstanding in the community. Every single question/problem is handled by Pete and brought to a solution. And all enhancements are free of charge Think about that. Reinhard
  9. aua668

    Active Window

    Hi, ext.focus() without a parameter sets the focus back to FSX/P3D Rgds Reinhard
  10. Hi, Reading the code provided, I assume Barlow just used code out of LINDA. The used functions like DspShw make me thinking in this direction. Barlow also wrote, that he found some code on the internet. So the provided code never will run, if he references other functions which are not defined. Rgds Reinhard
  11. Hi, This is a problem on your side. Many pilots like me are flying this plane without the problems you have. I assume, you have some double assignments ( simulator and FSUIPC). Rgds Reinhard
  12. aua668

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Ahh - interesting to know. I am currently still on V3.4. But in two weeks, when I will have moved to my new flat, I will upgrade my system to V4. And then lets see, if this works now also for XML gauges. Thanks for upgrading my knowledge... Rgds Reinhard
  13. aua668

    Help with making Mouse Macro

    Hi, The Blackbox A320 uses XML gauges. They are not compiled with the SDK and therefore mouse macros won't work with that plane. But the BBS A320 uses a lot of Lvars, which you could control via LUA modules. Alternative you can create a macro file setting these Lvars, if you don't want to program LUA modules. Then you could assign these macros to buttons. Anyway it means a little bit reading in the FSUIPC documentation. And you have to understand the meaning of the Lvars, which you can extract via the sample LUA dumping all Lvars used. Rgds Reinhard
  14. Hi, Simulator, aircraft, etc. ?!? Without any information you won't get an answer. Rgds Reinhard
  15. aua668

    Majestic Dash8 tiller assignment

    Hi, The Majestic Q400 tiller control must be configured via the Q400 control panel application. The setting is stored in the INI file, which you find in the aircraft directories. You have several options to define, which axis controls the tiller. Configuration via FSUIPC only is not working. Rgds Reinhard
  16. Pete, A quick question: Are there other event types, where the function is called initially to initialize things? A quick check in the documentation did not show other types? This would be good to know, to identify and possibly ignore such initial calls when starting up the LUA modules. Thanks in advance. Reinhard
  17. Hi, If you have the PRO version of the Q400, you might have enabled the 125Hz control of axis in the Q400.ini file. Check, if you have assigned there some axis values. You should assign the axis via that mechanism instead of FSUIPC for the Q400, as it works much better for the Q400. But: This is only, if you use the PRO. Rgds Reinhard
  18. aua668

    Macro Mouse Code

    Hi, A small hint, how to do this efficiently. If you have assigned macros to buttons, they reference the macros via their number. So if you create a new version of the mouse macros, they must get the same numbers as before. How to achieve this? I typically record the new mouse macros to a new temporary macro file. The I copy the recorded values over to the old file. By that you are just replacing the entry points generated b the mouse macro utility without losing your assignments. At the end I delete the temporary macro file and delete the reference to it in the FSUIPC.INI file. I hope this helps to recreate the macros for the new version. Rgds Reinhard
  19. Hi, You could also check LINDA on AVSIM for the Q400. There you will see, how they connected the Q400 to buttons via these XML functions. It's a bit tricky, as you have to calculate some hash codes for their functions via a provided tool. Maybe this solution ist the best for you, if you are not experienced in LUA coding. Rgds Reinhard
  20. Hi, For the Q400 you should use the XML Interface via LUA code published by Majestic (the forum is down at the moment - so you have to wait until they are online again to search for details). That works perfectly. For some buttons you might assign them directly in the Q400.ini file (see 125Hz interface). I assume, you have the PRO version. Rgds Reinhard
  21. Hi, A clear rule, which I follow strictly: If you work with FSUIPC, then configure things only via FSUIPC. If you want to use the own software, then stay with that software. Any mix of assignments, software components, etc. complicate things. And failures are not clear, where they have been created. I did everything via FSUIPC and LUA programming. No need for specific Saitelk or GoFlight software. Rgds Reinhard
  22. aua668

    Tecnam p2006t

    Hi, Check the "Advanced User Guide" for the chapter "Macros to change Lvars". You can increment/decrement Lvars via macros. And then assign these macros to buttons. Pete built so many goodies into his product - it's always astonishing, what you can do with that fine piece of software. Rgds Reinhard
  23. Hi, The SDK allows to us for standard windows (like GPS) to use names (like GPS_PANEL). Behind them there are nubers coded. Here is the list of the corresponding numbers to the names: MAIN_PANEL 0 MAIN_PANEL_ALT1 1 MAIN_PANEL_ALT2 2 MAIN_PANEL_ALT3 3 MAIN_PANEL_ALT4 4 MAIN_PANEL_ALT5 5 MAIN_PANEL_ALT6 6 MAIN_PANEL_ALT7 7 MAIN_PANEL_ALT8 8 MAIN_PANEL_ALT9 9 THROTTLE_PANEL 10 RADIO_STACK_PANEL 50 COMPASS_PANEL 75 MINI_CONTROLS_PANEL 100 ANNUNCIATOR_PANEL 125 ANNUNCIATOR2_PANEL 150 IFR_MAIN_PANEL 175 COLLECTIVE_PANEL 200 GPS_PANEL 225 OVERHEAD_PANEL 250 PARKING_BRAKE_PANEL 251 FLAPS_TRIM_PANEL 252 FUEL_PANEL 253 ELECTRICAL_PANEL 254 TRIM_PANEL 255 LANDING_GEAR_PANEL 256 MISC_POPUP_1 260 MISC_POPUP_2 261 MISC_POPUP_3 262 MISC_POPUP_4 263 MISC_POPUP_5 264 MISC_POPUP_6 265 MISC_POPUP_7 266 MISC_POPUP_8 267 MISC_POPUP_9 268 MISC_POPUP_10 269 So for GPS_PANEL you use the parameter 225. User defined windows typically have numbers. Rgds Reinhard
  24. Hi, On page 26 in the User Guide you see the screenshot for assigning buttons. On the right side you select for FS control. Then you select "Panel Id Open" as control sent when the button is pressed. And in the parameter field you enter the window ident. Rgds Reinhard
  25. Hi, You could use these FSX controls: PANEL ID OPEN 66507 PANEL ID CLOSE 66508 Use the window ident (e.g. 500 or whatever is assigned to the window) as the parameter for this control. Rgds Reinhard

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