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Ch throttle Qaud Levers

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I am having problems operating my Control levers for the first time ever.All of a sudden things are going wrong,The aircraft i am flying is the majestic Q 400.The problem at the moment some of the levers will not move forward and backwards at all. Power levers 1 & 2 will move back and forward with the exception get different dente readings as per attached.The rest of the levers will simply not move forward or backward.I tried setting the dente for CL 3&4 which would become the condtion levers thru FSupic but nothing happens.I am at a lost of to remedie this problem and would appreciate your help.........Regards robin

I am trying to attach the log file but get knocked back saying you are not allowed to send this fle


Fsupic log.pdf

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I'm not sure how you are identifying this as an FSUIPC problem? Are you assigning in FS or in FSUIPC? You don't say. Are you using the CH control manager? If so I'd check thst,  and maybe stop using it -- others say it gives problems.


If you have assigned in FSUIPC, then it simply acts on values received from the connected device. Have you checked that Windows itself responds correctly, eg, in the Windows game controllers where you should first calibrate them?


You supplied a log which was made without enabling any axis logging or stating what you were doing that the log is supposed to represent. The only interesting thing it contains is these three lines:


83367 ***** HID USB device reconnected: re-initialising FSUIPC connections

85832 ***** HID USB device reconnected: re-initialising FSUIPC connections

88406 ***** HID USB device reconnected: re-initialising FSUIPC connections


showing devices which were presumably disconnected before this time (83 seconds into the session) reconnecting. Did you disconnect them? If not, and you have turned off USB power management in Windows, then I suspect you have a faulty device, or USB hub, or wiring.


Please check whether the levers are actually working. Please also distinguish between assignments made in FSUIPC and in FSX -- you don't actually say what you are using FSUIPC for, and I cannot guess.


Oh, please don't post pictures which are barely readable and don't really tell me anything -- especially with no explanation about what they purport to show, and rather than attach files it is best to simply paste their content into your message. Use the <> button above the edit area to enclose them.




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