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Good Morning Paul.


First off great DLL, fabulous work on it.


My question is related to the FlightSim Enum you have which includes FSX_SE. I am using your DLL v 3.0.5534.8.  The issue I am having is that when you call FSUIPCConnection.FlightSimVersionConnected it will not return FSX_SE while running FSX:SE v 10.0.62608.0 which as of today is the latest I believe.  I am curious why this is?


Its not the end of the world if it doesnt work as I can go pull Offset 3308 and 3124 to find out myself if needed but I was hoping your method would return the answer.  It is essential to know which FlightSim is running in the application I am making.



Eamonn Watson

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Hi Eamonn,


The FSX:SE value in the enum should not be there. When FSX:SE first came out there was some confusion about what product ID FSUIPC should use. For a short time it was reporting as a different product (or maybe even erroneously as ESP). However, Pete decided that FSUIPC should report it as FSX, so that's what my dll will now say. It's just relaying what's in offset 3308. I forgot to remove the enum value.


If you want to narrow the version down further then the correct way is to do an additional check of 3124 as you've mentioned.


I will be improving the way products and versions are handled by the dll in a future version.



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