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esounds not recognizing fs2k2 simulator parameter.


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hi all,

Can someone tell me if the following should work in the lasted esound release while using with fsuipc 3.0.6 and in fs2k2:

2=MACH=>1.00 & MACH < 1.01,1

Bottom line is, I can get a wav file to work when using the joystick but

cannot get valid wav files to work for the other things you will see in

the Trigger section below. I wonder if ESOUND really does not sense

the K Aircraft Event's that we use in FS2K2 correctly.



1=Primary Sound Driver

2=DirectSound (SB Live! Wave Out [CC00])








1=B1:0,1 ------------> THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKS

2=MACH=>1.00 & MACH < 1.01,1





Any helpful feeback would be appreciated.

George (grb)


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2=MACH=>1.00 & MACH < 1.01,1

The => isn't a valid operator, you need >= there. The only other difficulty would be the small window of opportunity to see such a precise value, though as you say increasing the polling should help.

If you want the WAV to sound when passing 1.00 in eiither direction you could use two entries with greater reliability and no change in polling:



This works because the trigger is the CHANGE in the condition being FALSE to the condition being TRUE, not the actual static value of the condition.

However, I would advise some hysteresis be allowed -- i.e. a gap in the change. Otherwise if you maintain "around 1.00" it could be going off all the time as there are minute changes in speed. I would think something like:



Experiment till it works okay.

You can refer direct to values in FSUIPC's range of offsets too, which gives you more to choose from, but you'll need the FSUIPC SDK for a list of those.

BTW, you say you are using the latest version of Esound, but it would be better to quote the Version number, as most folks' view of "latest version" is the last one they saw or downloaded. There was a bug in versions before 2.56 which would have the effect of not checking named token variables which any recent version of FSUIPC. The current version of Esound is 2.57. (And the current version of FSUIPC is 3.08).



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