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Got myself in a mess...help to get out

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Hi, I have been using FSUIPC to set up my warthog for the VRS superbug. After spending an hour  or so doing all the programming including setting the axis's and calibrating etc, I was trying it out and I had made a couple of mistakes, added multiple functions to some buttons....I got the error message saying I needed to edit the ini to correct, but could not see any intuitive way to do this - I found the entry for button 14 ( the offending button) and deleted it, it made no difference..and now, all my other assignements seem to be wrong. 


My hamfisted meddlings have obviously mucked something up, I was just about to uninstall the module (BTW, how do you do this, simply delete the folder? ) and start again from scratch, but thought posting here first might save me some time and trouble...


Thanks Mark

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Oh, thanks a lot for the answer. I also got myself into a mess and after hours of frustration, headache etc, I was lost... So now I have my sim back (without using fsuipc) and can fly a bit and maybe start all over again another time with a fresher mind.

I still believe this is something for me, but its not that easy and I´ve read manuals, tutorials and videos and untill now it doesnt work for me. I will maybe try again and come back here if i continue having problems. 

Now at least, I know how to get rid of my own mistakes and that will make next attempt a lot more relaxing. 

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