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FSUIPC let EZCA freeze over Europe

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I am new to the forums, and I hope, you can help me!


First of all: Like the Title says, my problem is very, very strange... 


Some weeks ago, I switched from FSX to P3D v2.5.

The first week everything was fine, but then EZCA stop working, I couldn't change the views.

I have reinstalled Windows and P3D and everything was fine again.


That happend now 4 times.

Today I had this problem again and I startet again to search for the origin of this problem.


I did the following:

1) deleted the Prepar3d.cfg

2) deleted the controls (standard.xml)

3) deleted FSUIPC

4) deleted my custom default flight


and... It worked again...


Then I installed FSUIPC again... And it still worked! ... But not when I am flying in Europe.


I tried it at the following airports:

Where it works: Norfolk, Washington DC, Montreal, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow

Where it doesn't work: London, Bergen, Frankfurt, Zurich, Vienna, Nurnberg, Munich, Salzburg


When I delete the FSUIPC4.dll, everything is fine... But I can't control my aircraft, because I have configured my controls over FSUIPC... 

I reinstalled, FSUIPC, deleted, the FSUIPC.ini and so on... But I can't get EZCA, FSUIPC in Europe running.


I don't know, what I can do...


I hope you can help me!


Thank you very much in advance (and sorry for my strange problem!)





Now I found out, that this problem appears not only when flying on a european airport.

Here I have uploaded a .kmz, where you can see a polyogon in Google Earth.

Inside this polygon the problem appears, outside not.




You're my last hope...


Thank you!




Ok, now I tried some different things, and I deleted FSUIPC. The problem appears, too, but some time later then if FSUIPC is installed...


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Ok, now I tried some different things, and I deleted FSUIPC. The problem appears, too, but some time later then if FSUIPC is installed...


You need to ask EZCA support. Make sure you are using a P3D compatible version.  It s evidently some sort of timing problem,and with FSUIPC installed the timing is different.



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