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TQ Jitter issue

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Hi I am using 4.9 FUSIP and Ifly 737 Pro CBE

The question I have is associated with the Throttles and when you select the Axis Assignment

The range is ruffly between -16000 and 16000    now when you watch these numbers without moving the Trottles the numbers are not fixed they osculate up and down buy a few hundred numbers.

I am using a JetMax Throttle quadrant


This causes the Rev Thrust  to disengage and also the autothrottle  settings to reset to the current throttle setting and then back up to the autothrottle setting  very quickly all the time.


Now this issue I can stop by increasing the Delta from 1 to around 500  and this solves those issue


But this issue has only just started to happen and I am trying to find out whats causing the jitter in the first place


So has anyone got any suggestions as to what may cause this sort of jitter



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Have just Recalibrated the Device and have also select reset to default before calibrating and this seems to have reduced the jitter, however its still got some.


Jitter in axes is due to poor connections, poor power supply, or dirty pots on the device. Large discrepancies would be due to conflicting assignments, but jitter is definitely hardware, not software, related.



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