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Prop Sync, FS2Crew, and Push to Talk issue.

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I hope someone has an answer to my question...........


I have a paid version of FSUIPC, but I'm a little slow in understanding how to make it work for me in this scenario.


I fly the PMDG Jetstream 41, with FS2Crew. It works fine when I want to push and talk with my joystick to VoxATC or VATSIM, while at the same time I can soft mute the FS2Crew so that the co-pilot doesn't answer or get confuse when I'm talking to ATC. This part is not the problem, but what is working for me just fine.


The problem is that if I use another aircraft that has the "prop sync" function mapped out in the prop sync controller, such as the Flight1 Super King Air B200, or the RealAir Turbo Duke, every time I press the push to talk button on my joystick to talk to VoxATC or VATSIM, the propeller sync switch on the aircraft moves and goes haywire, and on my King Air the caution light come on. 


FS2Crew program has only mapped its soft mute function to FSX prop sync controller, and there is no way for me to tap into their program and change it. So my question is, can or is there a way to assign in FSUIPC the function that will over ride the prop sync switch in the aircraft, without disrupting the FS2Crew soft mute function?

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Hi Johnny,


Have you tried creating a profile specific to aircraft you use with FS2Crew and only assigning the function to that profile, thus meaning it will not be applied to other aircraft? If not, then you might like to scan the "profile" sections of the docs...




Ian P.

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