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I was about to reply to a post about E-Jets v2 and include a couple of screenshots, but this doesn't seem possible.


I see in the forum rules you suggest we include screenshots where appropriate, but the add attachment button includes a warning that the total file size is limited to 20 KB.


Even a single low resolution picture reduced to around 50mm square comes in around 40KB.  Is there a way around this, other than uploading  to some image hosting site,  

and linking to it.



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The file size was set to that because some of the better programmed spambots unfortunately post large amounts of large images and they quickly overloaded the server. Because this happened every time a new spambot is written that bypasses the forum's then current protection, the file size was set very small as the only working protection.


It's not so much of an issue any more, because eventually we had to switch to a manual authorisation system anyway (we still get a couple of hundred spambots signing up every day - they just can't post!), but the attachment file size is set by management and I can't change it. Sorry.


Ian P. 

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Thanks for the explanations. 


I always wondered why there were so few pictures on the various Simflight forums. I hadn't appreciated the scale of the spambot problem.

Isn't it a pity that people have to get their kicks by being destructive towards useful websites.


I'll certainly have a look at the Facebook page. I had no idea there was one.



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Hi Biggles,


I use http://www.picresize.com/to resize my picture to acceptable forum limits.


1. Go to the link.

2. Click the Browse button to upload your original picture.

3. Click the yellow Contine (resize,crop & special effects) button

4. Leave all settings alone and scroll down to the bottom part that says 4. Save As and chancge the Max filesize to 18-19 kilobytes

5.Click the yellow Im Done Resize My Picture

6. Save to disk - place it on your pc where you'll find it again !

7. Upload the new resized file (called rsz_xxxx) to your photo uploader (Flickr, Photobucket etc) and click the link once uploaded to paste it in the forum.


Hope this helps...Glenn

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Hi Glenn,

Thanks for that, but I have very good image processing software installed, so resizing is not a problem.

I was just enquiring if there was a way to include larger images in a post, uploaded directly to this website.

As this is not possible, the only option is using links to an image hosting site, like those you suggest.


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