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Wilco Tilt Rotor Observations/ Issues

Drew Bolton

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Hello Wilco folks. I hope this is the right place to post this...


First off, thank you for making the Bell/Agusta 609 Tilt Rotor. I recently purchased it after eyeing it for months now, and I have to say overall I am very pleased with it. It is rapidly becoming my favorite craft, and I am most likely going to do a video on youtube about it really soon (belgeode is my channel).


Anyway, I am here today to call attention to a few items, one of which I think I was able to fix, and the others I am looking for advice on how best to address.


1- Fuel Selector.


There is an issue where the Tilt Rotor has 2 fuel tanks that can be selected, but no conceivable way to actually select BOTH tanks. This leads to a situation where your master caution light is on the panel, and you are unable to start either engine. So far my workaround has been to either load up a saved file, then move my craft's position, or if I forget, to load up the default C172 and manually switch it to both  tanks, then load up the 609.


Now I did notice a switch on the overhead panel that does not work- the Interconnect valve. I am not sure if this switch was supposed to be a fuel tank selector, but I would like to know if there is a way to get it to be linked to that function in my panel.cfg, even if I cannot get the switch itself to be thrown. That would resolve this issue for me. Unless of course there is an update that has this fixed, which I may have missed.



2- MFD


The MFD and PFD are superb, but not perfect. I noticed on the pop out MFD (shift+1) that I can turn OFF the terrain map, however I cannot do this on the VC MFD. Normally this would not be an issue except I use ENB series with shade, which makes all the G1000 GPS terrains bright as heck.


I noticed the terrain button on the VC version did not function at all, but I was able to enter the actual XML file for the MFD, and copy over the parameters needed to make it a functional button. It now works on ALL the MFDs in the craft (including the one in the passenger cabin by Miss Leggs-for-days). I did however also notice that the fuel button does not work AT ALL on any of the screens to pop up the fuel gauges. Is there a fix for this, because during my analysis of the xml files I was unable to determine what should be there.




I am surprised no one thought the EICAS needed its own popout. It's awfully small. I have to keep the copilot seat set to 100% zoom and pointed at the dash in order to make sure I can check how much fuel I have. Of course if I could see the fuel gauge on the G1000, this would be a non issue here.



4- Paint Kit


Is there one? Preferably non photoshop version? I use paint.net which is freeware, open source, and not photoshop. lol. I tried to mod the executive skins but I noticed that they were somewhat transparent, and I did not want to mess with them too much, lest I break something. But I would like to make my own custom purple accented livery, in addition to changing my "pilot" face to my own real life face (I do this for my videos, I prefer to show a dark skinned face rather than a light skinned one. Makes me feel more like ME.). The copilot can stay, though I may make her into a redhead... I prefer them to blondes.




Ok aside from this small list of things, I am in love with this craft. Easily one of the best flying, best handling, most fun craft in my FSX-SE hangar.


I'll let you all know when I do that video. I intend to talk this sucker up, because it is really cool. I hope you do not mind, I changed some of the default aircraft camera views and added a top of fuselage view. I also added a landing gear view from the other side.



Ok, off to fly through the Shenandoahs... Thanks again!




By the way, if anyone wants my modified xml files, please let me know and I can attach it here.





Bel Geode aka Drew B

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