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[MOVED from "User Contributions" subforum where it was wrongly posted!]



In order to have my Irisdynamic Yoke working with Autopilot and Force Feedback, it needs FSX + FS-Force.

I would like to have the Saitek Rudder Pedal completetly controlled by FSUIPC4 only.



Following the documentation I need to:



Start FSX and go to “SETTINGS\Controls\Calibration\Controller”

UNTICK “oEnable Controllers"




Is there a way I can control my Saitek Rudder Pedal without disabling all controllers in FSX?


Thanks in advanced!



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Please always post support questions here in the Support Forum. The User Contributions subforum is for .... User Contributions!


Is there a way I can control my Saitek Rudder Pedal without disabling all controllers in FSX?


I assume you are talking about assigning in FSUIPC -- because calibration in FSUIPC can be done no matter where you assign.


If controllers are enabled in FSX  but no axes are assigned in FSX, then you can use FSUIPC, but sometimes FSX will automatically re-assign them, so you have to check each time you load FS that this has not happened. Obviously assignment in two places is a very bad idea, leading to conflicts and loss of control.


But surely your main question should be: does the force feedback mechanism require assignment in FSX? If so then your subsidiary question is moot. I'm afraid I've no answer to that main question as I have no experience at all of force feedback.


Have you tried it? I would have thought that would be the quickest way to find out.



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