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Conditional buttons ignored...fixed

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 Pete is going to be gone for a few weeks. Not a pro at this but will give a shot. It looks from the log that the J,0 conditions are being set just fine. What I suspect is that you have one or more rogue button entries on T that are both conditional and unconditional from J,0. 


2893429 [buttons] 39=CR(+J,0)T,10,C1016,0  OK
2893429 .... Condition (+J,0) = TRUE OK
2893429 Repeating flag set: bRef=0, Joy=0, Btn=10 (RepeatDelayCtr=11) OK
2893429 FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=1016, Param=0 OK
2893429 Button held, flags=X05, repeat set: bRef=0, Joy=0 (T), Btn=10, (RepeatOk sets 2)
2893429 [buttons] 47=RT,10,C1024,0 LOOKS LIKE A ROGUE ENTRY FOR BUTTON T,10 - UNCONDITIONAL VERSION vs. [buttons] 39 above

2893429 Repeating flag set: bRef=0, Joy=0, Btn=10 (RepeatDelayCtr=11)
2893429 FSUIPC Control Action: Ctrl=1024, Param=0
2893429 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66124 (0x0001024c), Param= 10000 (0x00002710) AP_ALT_VAR_SET_ENGLISH 2 EVENTS HAPPENING AT ONCE FROM T,10
2893429 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 66042 (0x000101fa), Param= 300 (0x0000012c) HEADING_BUG_SET 2 EVENTS HAPPENING AT ONCE FROM T,10


Maybe this will help .... 

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Thanks Spokes....I found what was supposed to be a comment but was missing the prefix ";" so seems to a spurious influence...."Rogue...Text"...that confused FSUIPC.

I removed the unneeded text and everything seemed to come back to do exactly what the code said it should...

To review:

37=CR(-J,0)T,10,C1025,0 ;1025 Heading Bug Inc Fast (+10)

38=CR(-J,0)T,11,C1024,0 ;1024 Heading Bug Dec Fast (+10)

39=CR(+J,0)T,10,C1016,0 ;1016 Ap Alt Var Dec Fast ( 1000)

40=CR(+J,0)T,11,C1017,0 ;1017 Ap Alt Var Inc Fast (+1000)

No Trigger

Press throttle button fwd/rev heading bug fwd/rev


Press button fwd/rev Alt set Inc/Dec

... so I'm going to try to delete this entry and Move On.

... thank you very much for your help


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