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  1. Hey Ross! Welcome to the community! Answer: You buy it here http://secure.simmarket.com/pete-dowson-fsuipc4.phtml I've been simming for over 30 years; if you would like to take a flight with me, in my Prepar3d or X-Plane 11 Cockpit via Skype shared screen, I would be pleased to take you up. You may choose whatever Aircraft, over whatever scenery you wish. My Skype name is the same as the one here. I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you may have for a two-hour, exploratory, Q&A, fun, sociable flight. ...check my YouTube channel by
  2. I would say before you delete anything consider this.The code that you currently have in your modules folder, previously worked, and should be kept as "learning code"… and it may well work again. So rather than wholesale deletion ...then re-inventing the wheel, I would save the spokes,hub and rim, with the thought that later, under a different environment and frame of mind, they might be put to back together piece by piece, to allow you to roll again, on a freshly re-surfaced road. ... At least to back up the FSUIPC4.ini file! Just expressing curmudgeonly Old coder thoughts! Chas
  3. I would say before you delete anything consider this. The code that you currently have in your modules folder reference that previously worked should be kept as "learning code"… It worked once and it may well work again under a different environment … So rather than wholesale deletion ...then reinventing the wheel, I would save the spokes,hub and rIm, with the thought that somehow they might be put to back togather piece by piece, to allow you to roll again, on another road. ... At least to back up the FSUIPC4.ini file! Just expressing curmudgeonly Old coder thoughts! Chas
  4. Maybe someone would help you if you quit using that stupid, pretentious ILLEGIBLE, script font. Chas
  5. My direct conntrol P3d via iPad apps ... And I know you said you didn't want to take control of windows but I got to say if you don't have it, you need to check out Splashtop... I use it to control both my once windows 7/now windows10 main flying machine and my support machine which is a multimedia laptop...on which I do LAN connected Aivlasoft EFB, RADAR Contact, working on getting ASN do you work remotely although that is not a wide FS connection rather Simconnect. it's so fast that you can watch movies on your iPad that are running on the client machine. great sound and no find drop
  6. Hey, Welcome back!… Guess I should've bet on the co-incidence of your vacation and the rollout of P3DvIII…grin My understanding was that as long there as there was not a conflict(read duplication), are you could use FSUIPC AND certain non-conflicting P3D or FSX controls. Am I wrong here? Chas
  7. Good question! Perhaps it would help with the reverse throttle situation with the Aerosoft airbus collection.Chas
  8. Try compound(conditional buttons),or buttons that are conditional, afforded you by the paid version of FSUIPC… What I considered to be an absolute must for any serious simmer. In my Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog, using my trigger(it could be any button available on ANY throttle or joystick)as a "shift Key". I now have 64 possibilities per controller, or 128 available with throttle and joystick. Read the FSUIPC4 for Advanced Users manual. Welcome and enjoy! Chas
  9. See http://forum.simflight.com/topic/79718-lets-share-hotas-warthog-buttons-for-ngxet-al/?p=482045 Chas
  10. Let's Share HOTAS WARTHOG Buttons for NGX,et al Greetings all, and welcome back from your visit with your son, Pete! I fly with Prepar3D version 2.5. I started this topic in order to OPTIMIZE my immersion and enjoyment with the resources at hand, mine enumerated below. I think we all, who have the ThrustMaster HOTAS WARTHOG, can greatly learn and benefit from comparing notes and offering suggestions to one another. My controls / pertinent Aircraft 1.Paid version of Pete's incredible FSUIPC. 2. My incomparable and dearly paid for ThrustMaster HOTAS WARTHOG control pair, 3. My belo
  11. Thanks Spokes....I found what was supposed to be a comment but was missing the prefix ";" so seems to a spurious influence...."Rogue...Text"...that confused FSUIPC. I removed the unneeded text and everything seemed to come back to do exactly what the code said it should... To review: 37=CR(-J,0)T,10,C1025,0 ;1025 Heading Bug Inc Fast (+10) 38=CR(-J,0)T,11,C1024,0 ;1024 Heading Bug Dec Fast (+10) 39=CR(+J,0)T,10,C1016,0 ;1016 Ap Alt Var Dec Fast ( 1000) 40=CR(+J,0)T,11,C1017,0 ;1017 Ap Alt Var Inc Fast (+1000) No Trigger Press throttle button fwd/rev heading bug fwd/rev Trigge
  12. Interesting work! you are using two arduino boards...one for input and one for output. While it's cool to utilize the Arduino environment, aren't you wasting time using the Arduino for input rather than something like Leo Bodnar's USB switch converter, or is this just proof of concept? Not pointing out fault here;just curious. Regards, Chas
  13. Pete, Since we all know you suffer fools gladly, and I am one of those fools, I figured you would be pleased to show me the error of my thinking. 1. I recently read that you could create a conditional assignment, the value of a button conditional upon the Press/un-press of another, a topic which I am currently researching in the manual(s), so now your above statement thoroughly confuses me. please clarify. 2. I read here that letter assignments to joysticks can be done by simply changing the AutoAssignLetters=no to a yes I assume this can be done, A. AFTER you have been usin
  14. Paul, Would you give me...errr us, a quick and dirty on how you assign letters to your devices for FSUiPC? That would be a great help! ...I'm struggling through the advanced instructions. Thanks, Chas
  15. Having seen several YouTube demos, I don't think there is any other flightplan on the market allows you to ACTUALLY SEE the why's and wherefores of using a particular SID or Transition or STAR. That being said, I am highly attracted to the notion of flight Sim commander, but it's a bit rich for my wallet right now. Is there any possibility there might be a Christmas sale price for this season?...what ever the answer, Merry Christmas to all and especially to Volker and my condolences on my just today's discovery that Sascha Felix had passed a while back. Chas
  16. I am just curious, you, having such a terrific home cockpit, why you dont fly the NGX? Would you comment on that please? Thanks, Chas
  17. Chas sez" Pete, lighten up!! Your comments are intimidating...we know you are The Lord guru of fsx/p3d connections, and that is greatly appreciated...GREATLY...your contributions to FSn...are legendary...but he is just a poor schlub...like me, trying to get "connected". Comments like the below and many times above have a "shaming tone"... And while I went through Marine corps boot camp, and learned that the drill instructors were harsh for a reason, there are those, more sensitive, that interpret your pejorative and intimidating retorts as attacks...enough to give up the ghost instead of
  18. Chisco, would you mind sending me your FSX FSUIPC PROFILE? I have been a paid up FSIUPC user for years, and after seeing Pete's reply, I was struck with shame that I've never fully utiliized the interface. Perhaps your file will give me a head Re-start. And Pete, while I've never spent the time with your wonderful product I should have, I DO know the HUGH impact you and FSUIPC have had on the sim community. Thank you! chas
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