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Phenom Load Mgr. reporting BOW=0


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I am trying to do the Introduction Flight with the Phenom, but am thwarted already when trying to set up the payload, and I can't find anything about this on the forum here:


The Load Manager in the Config tools reports the PAX and the cargo weights correctly, but the BOW field (empty weight) is 0 (and can of course not be edited).

So the LM comes up (for 4 PAX and 50% cargo) with a ZFW of 1,196 lbs when it should be (as per Manual) 8,147 lbs.


What am I overlooking?


I am wondering if the Config tool / LM is not properly talking to the aircaft.cfg file.

But, if so, why not?


It is possible (can't remember) that I have renamed the Phenom aircraft folder. It's in the normal location in the default FSX folder structure; I may just have changed the name. Could that be a factor?


What is the default name for this folder?
(I don't want to re-install just to find out, so as to avoid a registration mix-up)


I also had a look at the Phenom.log file, but that seemd to be about the aircraft itself, not the Config tool.

And in Phenom.ini I couldn't find any clues either so far.


The Phenom itself is working perfectly (very nice, too).


Thanks for any tips!





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Two additional observations:


1. I am assuming that the LoadMgr should modify aircraft.cfg (specifically, the [weight_and_balance] section).

This is however not happening either, in my case: Whatever PAX and cargo load I enter into the LM, the default numbers in aircraft.cfg (see below) remain unchanged (corresponding to 2 PAX and about 41% cargo).


2. When looking into the original aircraft.cfg (immediately after installation, no changes whatsoever made), the load entries in [weight_and_balance] look like this:

station_load.0=   202.00,  12.00,  0.00,  2.00,  Pilot
station_load.1="360, 0.0,  0.0, 0.0, Passengers"
station_load.2="475, 0.0,  0.0, 0.0, Cargo"    

Two things seem strange:


--  the "label" as a fifth parameter of station_load.X (according to the SDK it should be in a separate property station_name.X)

    Perhaps this is an undocumented variant, but can anyone confirm this?


-- Why the quotes for the station 1 and 2 entries, but not for station 0 ?







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Hmm, not a single reply in one week??

Am I asking in the wrong place?


Could someone please let me know at least what the default folder name is for the Phenom aircraft installation, i.e. the NNN in




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don't know if the loader needs a specific file path.  one of the programmers will need to respond.\


have you tried uninstalling your 'custom mod of the folder name' and reinstalling the plane?


the other thing here is the lack of writing to the aircraft.cfg smells like window's UAC is not allowing you to make any modifications.

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Thanks for the reply!

have you tried uninstalling your 'custom mod of the folder name' and reinstalling the plane?

I had thought of that, but would prefer to avoid it, for fear of ending up in some "repeated registration" hassles...
May be this is not a problem in this case, but ...  :???:


smells like window's UAC is not allowing you to make any modifications.


All done under an Admin account, and with "Run as Administrator", etc.

Moreover, no problems with other planes using external Load/Fuel Managers etc. which also write across files.

So it rather looks as if writing is not even attempted.


But I'll double-check anyway. Thanks for the tips!




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Hello again,


problem solved*


For the benefit of the generations googling after us:


It was indeed the aircraft's folder name (under ...FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes), which I had renamed (mainly because I hate spaces in filenames).


After I have changed it back to its default name "feelThere Phenom 100" (two spaces!), the LoadManager now works as advertised: it shows the proper empty weight (BOW), calculates the correct ZFW, and changes aircraft.cfg accordingly.


And how did I find out the default folder name after all* ?

By poking around in the uninstaller EXE with an editor, never mind it's hex code...


Thanks again to D.Scobie who did try to help ;-)






* all by myself, I might add, as no one else seemed to be able to tell me the default name...  B) 

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