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I have recently got a x55 Rhino and when I started using it the throttles would not move in any of the  Airbus's, So I figured I would try FSUIPC and yes they moved but could not get them to reverse thrust that when I read online about Lua scripts for the Airbus.

I have copied and pasted some Lua scripts (sorry if wrong word to use for them) but I am not sure how to save them as Lua or LUA or lua, please advise me.


Thanks for any help that I may receive



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Lua scripts are just text files saved with filetype .lua, that's all. They go into the FS Modules folder, and can then be assigned to keys, buttons or axes in FSUIPC, or if event-driven, run using an [Auto] section in the FSUIPC4.INI file.


You'd get more appropriate help from folks who know about your aircraft if you put the main question subject as the title of your thread. "Newbie" is just a non-title altogether.  You also need to state  which Airbus is it -- Aerosoft or default or what?


Please also always post support questions here, in the Support Forum. I moved it from the "User Contributions" subforum -- that place is a repository for solutions found by users, not questions posed.




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