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MouseClicks + Keyboard-Keys automatic execution


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First of all, with MouseClicks you can solve many common problems.

Just try with a Lua-Script to Start or Close Engines for the PMDG NGX 737 plane.
or try to open the Terrain Map + Terrain Height on the ND Instrument in automatic.

With MouseClicks you can do it.


It is left to your necessity and fantasy. With one Joy-Button or KBD-Key you execute what a human would do. In fact you can select any position of any single or multi_switch.


This example is switching:

-  from any actual view into the Cockpit

-  selecting the Overhead Panel + executing all single movements a Pilot would do.

   example: Start / Close engines

-  selecting the 2D panel + executing all movements (EFIS panel) a Pilot would do in order to open the

   Terrain-Map and the Terrain height-distance that is then shown on the ND Instruments.


Maybe also a help for some Cockpit Pilot.



MouseClicks will be available very soon.


When the MouseClicks Hook-System is activ (intercepting Keyboard)
you can still use the Keyboard for other functions that are not assigned to a Click-File.


MouseClicks is NOT connected to any Game or else. You can use it for any Game or else.


MouseClicks is including a "Key.txt" file with 47 special Keys/char you can change for different Keyboards.



Create MouseClicks Files


This example is a ClickFile for PMDG NGX 737

doing the Pilot movements for inserting the Terrain data on the ND-Panel



1. We create the MouseClickFile or only a Keyboard File


--- From any actual View switch to the 2D-Panel {F10}
--- execute Keyboard keys
--- MouseClicks are executed on the EFIS control Panel
--- The ND Panel is showing the Terrain Display with the
    Terrain-Map and the Terrain-Height if both are selected/included.



2. - We add (View 1) a Joystick-Nr or any Joystick Button Combination.
    - We add (View 1) 1 or several Keyboard Keys or Key-Combinations; normally we use Joystick or Keyboard.






3. With View (2) we can execute any File using the Mouse > click on Filename.
   If a File is connected to the Joystick or Keyboard we can execute the File
   with View (2) - Joystick and Keyboard.





Joystick connection 262144 - Terrain_On_Off is executed.





Using a pure Keyboard File without Mouseclicks included.

In this example the 2. Door is opened.
1. Door opened (Shift + e)
2. Door is using (Shift + e) then, the delayed key {2}




Just select the Keyboard Keys and save with VIEW (1)
Execute as separate File or within another File.
Execute via Joystick or Keyboard-Key(just one)
or click on FileName View (2)



Engine + Lights on Panel Shift+6
- ENGINE Start - ENGINE Stop
- Overhead Panel is Fixed.
- Execute each Mouseclick x Start or Close Engines.
  (Mouseclicks open Switch Covers, click on Switch, close Switch cover)


Lights on Panel: Shift+8
Lights on Panel: Shift+6 (Overhead)



FMC opening
FMC > AutoFlight Keyboard Configuration
Example: <VOR LOC Switch  = CTRL+A
Example: <APP Switch   = CTRL+Z
Example: <A/P Disengage Switch  (set a Kbd-Key-Combination)


Theorically you could use the FMC with Mouse-Clicks x several functions.
Open FMC > execute Mouseclicks in automatic.





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The MouseClicks Test Program is ready for download.


You can download here: (x avoiding web-scanning pls. use the Pwd)




User: Test

Pwd: MouseClicks54321



The MouseClicks Manual:









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