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FSUIPC causing NGX to Freeze

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Below I copy and pasted what I have responded with on this thread: http://www.avsim.com...ausing-freezes/

Anyone with similar issues as I do, check out the link and follow the topic for a chance of a solution. Thanks. 


"Hello all, after frustration and lots of testing, I have come to the conclusion that I am  99% sure it is FSUIPC causing the issue.

Yes, my FSX.cfg is tweaked but I tried building a new one already and nothing worked.

I have tried updating my drivers for my ATI, Intel HD 4000 and Realtek Sound Package. At first, that seemed to work but temporarily. 

Then I checked to see if it truly is the NGX ONLY causing the issue. It turned out to be the case. 

I've read many things about the config file and its tweaks but that wasn't my problem. 

I went into Event Viewer to see if anything was logged and nothing was. 

I tried reinstalling the NGX and after it still didn't work, I tried to repair it. That seemed to work at first but again temporarily. 

Then I went into Steam to check my FSX build and it did fix around 540 files that were "corupted". I suggest doing this but for me it wasn't the winner. 

I read many,many posts of other problems until I came across one thing. It was to take the DLL.xml file and EXE.xml file and place them out of the folder. I found that FSX wouldn't freeze anymore which means something wasn't working nicely with the NGX. I started by placing only the EXE.xml file back and nothing froze still. Then I placed the DLL.xml file back and FSX froze again. After, I started, one by one, to get rid of some entry's and I've found that FSUIPC, once gone, let the NGX run freeze free. The issue is, How do I fix it? Well, sorry to disappoint,but at this time I do not know and I am still researching some things about FSUIPC but I did try one thing and that was to reinstall it. It didn't work for me but I still recommend people to try it. As I test, I encourage people with similar issues to try all the things I did to see what your problem is.Thanks and hope to find the cure soon.




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I do not know and I am still researching some things about FSUIPC but I did try one thing and that was to reinstall it. It didn't work for me


There are very many FSUIPC users also happily using the NGX, so I've no idea what is different on your system I'm afraid.


Reinstalling FSUIPC makes no difference because all that does is replace the DLL and the documentation. Did you delete the INI file so it started with default settings? I think PMDG recommend that. Of course, if you use it for other aircraft that's not the best solution. In that case you should have your NGX settings in a separate Profile.



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Yes, actually before you responded, I went into the .INI file to delete the previous NGX profile. Each different aircraft I have, I make a new profile for such as the Aerosoft Airbus, PMDG 777 and the NGX just like you suggest. So in the Config file of FSUIPC (which I updated today), I deleted my NGX setup to the controls and just created a new one. Right now I am getting ready to descend to EGLL without a freeze so far. So I have figured that out. Is it completely fixed? I don't know for certain but i will be testing more in the future and will be glad to share for other users. 

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Well, I just went back into FSX-SE and it now froze which means it isn't fixed. I'll be seeing what else can be done.


Hmm. Very strange. I'm sure that if it were a general problem there would be a massive thread or multiple threads about it here.


The only usual problem with using FSUIPC with PMDG aircraft is in the area of the Throttles, where calibration in FSUIPC can't be used because their aircraft take the throttle value directly, and FSUIPC has to bypass that in order to calibrate and feed in the modified vales at a different level.


The throttles can still be assigned in FSUIPC, but to the normal FS controls ("Axis throttleN set"), and then not calibrated -- i.e ensure the calibration tab for them says "not processed". This is effectively the same as assigning them in FS itself, but doing it in FSUIPC allows you to turn off controllers in FS so that there are no conflicts for aircraft assignments in other profiles.


Hope you find out what is wrong in your system!



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