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Hi to all!


I'm just starting out with FSUIPC, LUA and LINDA and have a simple question.



I have assigned keys to use the command 'List local panel variables'


And also moved the example log lvars.lua file and assigned that another key.


I have made note of the differences, the first command returns a list of local panel variables (I might have expected that from the name)


The log lvars.lua provides a rolling log (I'm good at this eh?)



OK, so here is the question, is it possible to remove unwanted values that keep streaming from the sim model from the FSUIPC log window when running log lvars.lua so I can concentrate on just the L:VARS for particular switches?


I have read about LINDA and understand from a post by Gunter that LINDA has this functionality.


The reason I ask (even though I know LINDA offers a solution) is that I would like to write a short tutorial on the benefits of each FSUIPC, LUA and LINDA for basic switch assignments and particularly reading L:VARS as I have read very much to get to a point where I might actually be able to program a switch and would like if possible to make this process easier for others who wish to do so.


I would not like to state it is not possible to remove unwanted variables from the FSUIPC log window when running log lvars.lua if it is actually a case that it can be done. I will read again the advanced FSUIPC user manual as I have a nagging feeling the ability to do this was mentioned but I'm struggling to locate where I read it now and am wondering if I simply confused it with information I read about LINDA.


So if someone can give the answer as to whether it is possible to remove unwanted L:VARS from the FSUIPC log window when running log lvars.lua it would be much appreciated.



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