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Displaying ADF frequency (offsets 02D4 and 02D6)

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Since on aircraft I'm flying the ADF frequency is barely visible, especially the fractions part, I've written this piece of "dirty" code to display it on the screen:

-- Converts decimal values stored at offsets 02D4 & 02D6 to hex
function dec2hex(num)

    local a = {}
    local b = {}
    local i = 0
    num = tonumber(num)
    while num > 0 do
         local q = math.floor(num / 16)  -->> find quotient
	 local r = num - q * 16          -->> find remainder

	 if r == 10 then r = "A"                -->> this IF part is not required anyway due to offset limits but it makes the converter sort of complete!
	    elseif r == 11 then r = "B"
	    elseif r == 12 then r = "C"
	    elseif r == 13 then r = "D"
	    elseif r == 14 then r = "E"
	    elseif r == 15 then r = "F"

         num = q
         i = i + 1
         a[i] = r

   -- reverse the array elements
   for j = 1,i do
      b[j] = a[i]
      i = i - 1

   -- join the array elements to a string
   return table.concat(b,"")


adf = ipc.readUW(0x02D4)
adf_f = ipc.readUW(0x02D6)

if adf_f == 0 then                             -->> Do I need to modify this IF part?!
   adf = dec2hex(adf)
elseif adf_f == 256 then
   adf = dec2hex(adf) + 1000
elseif adf_f > 256 then
   adf = dec2hex(adf) + 1000 + (adf_f - 256)/10
elseif adf_f > 0 and adf_f < 256 then
   adf = dec2hex(adf) + adf_f/10

ipc.display("ADF = "..adf.." kHz")

The code goes into a WHILE loop and so far works ok. What I really wonder is how I can modify the IF section indicated above to read hi / low bytes at offset 02D6 properly (instead of doing this "dirty" hex / decimal addition) and amend to the value of offset 02D4 converted to hex?


I'm sure the answer is really simple but I can't figure the better approach yet...


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Maybe this will help - referring to THIS post & then splitting the upper and fractions into their own variable by reading them as byte, per offset,  instead of word. This will help in reading ADF1 at offsets 0x034C & 0x0356 - not contiguous.  


Quick & dirty, not tested at all. The formatting may be off due to not testing.

adf2_main = ipc.readUW(0x02D4)
adf2_frac = ipc.readUB(0x02D6)
adf2_upper = ipc.readUB(0x02D7)

adf2_main = string.format("%3X", adf2_main)
adf2_frac = string.format("%01X", adf2_frac)
adf2_upper = string.format("%1X", adf2_upper)

ipc.display("ADF2 = " .. adf2_upper .. adf2_main .. "." .. adf2_frac .. " kHz")
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The power of C libraries... :) Amazing solution, thanks a million!!!
I took the liberty to slightly modify your code - otherwise I see a blank spot instead of a zero:

adf2_main = string.format("%03X", adf2_main) 

Thanks again, Roman!!!

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